Jacob’s Cabin now in itunes!

Good news, people: Jacob’s Cabin is now available for subscription in itunes! Click here to subscribe or search for “Jacob’s Cabin” in the itunes podcast directory. jc_itunes

Thanks to everyone who has been listening via the Lost Podcasting Network! I am amazed to see how many people have downloaded the first two episodes of Jacob’s Cabin as well as how many hits this blog has gotten. Now…I would just like to hear what YOU are thinking! In the next few days, I’ll make a post specifically about “There’s No Place Like Home part 2”, which will be covered in my next podcast, so be sure to leave your thoughts, whether your write a sentence, a paragraph, or a page!

Leave your comments here on the blog, email me at anna.in.indiana@gmail.com, or call and leave a message at 646-495-9205 extension 35382. (This leaves an mp3 file for me on drop.io…doesn’t get much easier than that!) The more you all write in, the better the podcast can become. I love to hear your thoughts and theories as well as attempt to respond to them.


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  1. djchau

    I have to give it to the crew of Lost of how great and determine they are in giving the viewers a great show to watch. With the whole debacle of the writers strike, they were able to put all this together and made it a two hour finale to make sure they did it right.

    Michael Giacchino’s musical score was great and this had everything to please the viewer action, comedy, mystery where some answers were given and some new questions came up which is good because that is why lost is so good because it makes you want to keep coming back to try to find out whats going on.

    I was disappointed in hows Micheal’s character was used and then ended. I liked the direction where they were going with it of how he basically couldn’t die until his job was done but ending it like that especially not being able to resolve his issues with his son seemed so hollow since it was saving his son that caused him to go the direction he did at the end of season 2. It looked like they just included him as a way to fill in a gap in the story and not really add anything to the mythology to the show. But on the good side of it I think they also included Michael to update viewers on his whole back story because it seemed that the character of Walt will be coming back. Walt’s story was one of the big mysteries that was left open and didn’t get resolved. But now with the show going in the future well for the most part outside of the island enables them to use an older version of Walt.

    I don’t know if this was mentioned yet. But at the end of the season finale of season 3, people were wondering how can Walt appear to Locke as a older child. Maybe this is because at the end of this season finale , Walt tells Hurley that the only person that visited him was Locke and maybe in their meeting Locke tells him everything including what happen at that moment. And Walt using his powers appeared to him from the future to fulfill that event that Locke told him when he appeared to Locke at the pit. I feel bad for what happened to Michaels character but I hope introducing Walt in the finale means we will see him in the next season because there is so much left to the mystery of why he is special.

    Also, Theres been alot of talk about if Jin or Daniel is alive or where they are. One theory I had that I don’t think its been mention but maybe one or both of them got transported like Ben did off the island or to a different time. In the scene where Charlette finds the polar bear , people think the reason why he was wearing a dharma colar is to prove he came from the island but I think the reason why they showed it was that it was hydra colar which we all know the hydra station is on the small island near the main island. Ben himself said that to move the island is unpredictable and maybe when the island was moved before like people have been suggested that people or animals got transported off the island from different locations like the polar bear. Unless for some reason the polar bear was used to turn the frozen donkey wheel instead of an actual donkey or for some reason the dharma iniative was tired of using bunnies in the orchid and actually stuffed a polar bear in that little vault I think that this is how that polar bear was transported off the island. The other theory with the polar bear is I know people have speculated that the reason polar bears are on the island was to use them as guinea pigs to turn the donkey wheel because they can survive the cold and they are strong enough to turn the wheel. So maybe after a few test trials DI knew how to control the energy source and then built the vault over it.

    And last the whole situation with Sun and Widmore. What does she mean that they both have common interests. The most common theory is they both want to get back to the island (Sun wants Jin, Widmore wants the island) Who knows that when the group was on Penny’s boat that Penny told Sun everything about her father and how he is connected to her father. The theory I like is that the common interest she mentions is they both want to get Ben. At the end of her speech she says as you know we aren’t the only ones who got off the island. Locke as it seemed to visit everyone before he so called died so maybe Locked told Sun that it was Ben who killed Keamy and that caused the boat to blow up killing Jin. She said to her father that she blames two people for his death him and someone else. It is easy to believe that its Jack but I think she blames Ben.

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