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Hey, Kenny Rogers!

Jacob’s Cabin episode 3 is now available for download here or through itunes subscriptions! In this episode I take a (rather lengthy) look at “There’s No Place Like Home, pt. 2”, the Lost Season 4 finale, respond to listener comments, and try to place the events around the moving of the island into a clearer timeline (see picture below–I think all this action only takes about 10 minutes, 15 minutes tops in real-time). I also nominate three Losties for this installment’s character award–vote here!

Got feedback? Theories? Ideas? Suggestions? Get in touch with me by leaving a comment, writing to anna.in.indiana@gmail.com, or calling 646-495-9205 ext. 35382. I really would love to hear more from all of you out there, so don’t be shy!



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Episode 2: Click your heels together and repeat after me…

In episode two of Jacob’s Cabin, I discuss episode 4×12 of Lost, “There’s No Place Like Home, part 1”, respond to listener feedback, and discuss Ajira Airways.

As always, your feedback is welcome! Leave feedback, theories, and ideas here on the blog, or shoot me an email at anna.in.indiana@gmail.com. The more you write, the better the podcast can become! I would love to have more comments to address during upcoming episodes, so make your thoughts known!

Don’t forget to vote for the person from this episode that you think is most worthy to be recognized with a character award!

An mp3 file of episode 2 can be downloaded here.


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