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“Follow the Leader” Discussion

I want to see JACOB! NOW! Where will Jacob be, who will he be, and how and why and when is Locke going to kill him? Can Jacob even be killed or is Locke crazy, and what about “Help me…”? How will things work out with Locke as the leader of the Others? Will Ben really follow like he swore to? Is Locke now the originator of the idea that he has to die and has to bring everyone else back to the island? (And following that, will he be told by Jacob/the island/Christian Shepherd that he wasn’t supposed to do that, just as Ben was told he wasn’t the one that was supposed to have turned the wheel?)

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Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham Discussion

What a whirlwind episode! Good thing they gave us those few extra minutes at the end. I have to admit, I am still hoping that all of Ben’s actions will somehow be justified. I can’t help but trust him. It was interesting that when Locke awoke, they showed both of his eyes–fairly close up, but not quite the one-eye-opening that I had been expecting.

Now I am left with these questions:

  • Ultimately, what does Ben want? What does Widmore want?
  • Why did they say repeatedly that Locke would only need to convince one of them, then the rest would return? How could that possibly work? (It seems as though it DID work…)
  • Why DON’T they need Walt? Abaddon’s question cut to the heart of what we have all been wondering, yet Locke dismissed it so easily.
  • How does Abaddon know where to get people to, since his job is “to get people to where they need to go?”
  • Who flashed to the past, and who stayed in the present? Why didn’t Locke go to the 70s? Or Ben? Where did Lapidus and “some other woman” (Sun? Or someone else we didn’t know was on the plane?) go to in one of the boats?
  • Has Widmore spent much of his life focused on John Locke due to his visit from the future? How has this affected his life?

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List of Time Flashes

Here is the list I have been keeping of the time flashes. I believe that it is accurate; it is based entirely on my viewings of the episodes from season 5. Flash #15 is blank because that is where the island Losties should appear next–right after Locke moved the island. I guess I should also note that the events under flash #1 take place after the first flash (Ben moving the island), flash #2 after the second flash, and so on.

Chart of the island's flashes through time

Chart of the island's flashes through time

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1954 – The Year of the Jughead

Jacob’s Cabin wants to hear YOUR thoughts on episode 5×3 of Lost, “Jughead”.

Where did “Jughead” come from? (Country? Sponsor?)
Is “Jughead” still on the island? Do you think we’ll see it in the future?
Who is the young blonde woman, “Ellie”?
What did you think of Locke’s interaction with Richard?
Any thoughts on Widmore’s connection to the island?
Do you think Charlotte’s life can be saved?
What other theories are you working on?

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Please make your thoughts known before noon (EST) on Friday, Jan. 30, to have them included in the next podcast!


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Because You Left/The Lie

What did you think of “Because You Left” and “The Lie”?

How did you feel about seeing Frogurt? Ana Lucia? Ethan?

There are lots of “who” questions…who is Faraday’s mother? Who attacked the beach? Who were those guys that grabbed Sawyer and Juliet (their uniforms looked like they could have been the earliest DI prototypes)? Who is the woman in the butcher shop, and how does she know Ben?

70 hours? Why? Where? How? Why after three years off-island does it all come down to 70 hours? Does it have something to do with Locke’s body in the casket?

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More Timeline Thoughts

So I think I finally found what was bugging me, scratching at the back of my brain, about the timeline of events that unfolds in “There’s No Place Like Home pt. 2”.

  • Ben stabs Keamy
  • Keamy dies –> light turns red –> there should be five minutes of liquid nitrogen left
  • Ben says good bye to Locke and tells him he can find Richard 2 MILES away
  • Locke is somehow talking with Richard at the Others camp when the island moves

I guess my issue is, how did Locke travel two miles in five minutes…ten minutes, tops? I suppose the battery would have taken a few minutes to thaw, even after the liquid nitrogen ran out. However, those on the freighter sure acted as though they only had five minutes; when the chopper landed, they knew they had only a short time, and the chopper only just left in time, so their guess was pretty accurate. An Olympic athlete couldn’t even run two miles in five minutes, so how did Locke do it? Something about this had been bothering me for a while, but I just figured it out last night while I was listening to Donald is Lost’s review of Season 4.

Now that I’ve figured this out, I can go into Season 5 with peace of mind. Only one more week!

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Discussion of “Cabin Fever”

Given that this podcast is named Jacob’s Cabin, I felt that it would be appropriate to start with the episode “Cabin Fever” from season four and then work through the season finale. This will provide a good review of the end of season four before season five begins on January 21! (I would also like to get in a few “practice” podcasts before the new season!)

Cabin Fever Questions to ponder…

  • Who is in control? Who seems to be in control at the beginning of the episode, and who seems to be in control at the end? What wants to be in control?
  • Why was Locke’s mother, Emily, so suddenly adamant about naming him John?
  • Why did Alpert run from age 7/8 Locke, but then try to recruit him to Mittelos “science camp” while he was in high school?
  • Is Claire dead? Is Claire dead yet?

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