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Miles made a bacon reference!

Join Anna and Denise in taking a look at Lost 6×10 “The Package”. We touch on topics such as Widmore saying everything they know will “cease to be”, what Desmond’s purpose on the island could be, how the electromagnetic energy could play a role, and Locke’s plans to leave the island. As always, we respond to listener comments and voicemails and nominate a few characters for the weekly character award.

Runtime 1:07:15

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List of Time Flashes

Here is the list I have been keeping of the time flashes. I believe that it is accurate; it is based entirely on my viewings of the episodes from season 5. Flash #15 is blank because that is where the island Losties should appear next–right after Locke moved the island. I guess I should also note that the events under flash #1 take place after the first flash (Ben moving the island), flash #2 after the second flash, and so on.

Chart of the island's flashes through time

Chart of the island's flashes through time

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