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Holiday Wishes from Anna and Denise!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Anna and Denise!

We’re really looking forward to the beginning of season 6 of Lost…in just a little over a month! Having Lost season 5 on DVD has been great, and we are enjoying re-watching and reliving all the great moments from the past season. We hope that you get that opportunity as well during the holiday season! Our next podcast should be coming out right around New Years’, so we’ll talk to you all then!


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LOSTies intro and a Lost musical!

Hey everyone! Did you see the cool intro Jed made for his vidcast? I got to be included in it along with other Lost podcasting friends…

Also, I contributed a few songs to the Donald is Lost musical episode that came out this week. Be sure to check that out if you haven’t already!

Download the musical

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Anna visits Losties with Jed and Cara!

Recently I had the opportunity to record a vidcast with Jed and Cara, the Lost Podcasting Network’s one and only regular vidcast! To watch the vidcast, check out their blog or subscribe to Losties with Jed and Cara in itunes! A big thanks to Jed and Cara for inviting me onto their show–it was tons of fun!



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Tell us what Lost means to you!

Hey everyone! Here’s a fun and easy way to participate in the next episode of Jacob’s Cabin, due out late next week…tell us what Lost means to you! WLM_blue_2 We decided to dedicate an entire episode to people’s stories of what Lost has meant to them: how it has been significant in your life, how/when/why you started watching Lost, how you got into Lost podcasts/forums/blogs, anything and everything that has been important or meaningful to you! And we want EVERYONE to participate! If you have been watching Lost since the beginning or only just started watching in season 5, then you are exactly the person we want!

Voice comments are much preferred so that you can tell the story your own way! (And so that we can hear your voices…and so that we don’t have to read a bunch of emails! Hehe.)
–Call our voicemail line at 646-495-9205 ext. 353582
–Record an mp3 and email it to (All it takes is a microphone and the free program Audacity)
–If all else fails…email us or leave a comment on this post!

This will be a podcast for the history books…make sure you get involved! There will be many contributions from fellow Lost fans, listeners, and podcasters, so please take a second or two to send in your thoughts and stories! We look forward to hearing from you!

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Forthcoming: Hiatuscast 2

Hey guys, we’ll be recording our second podcast of the hiatus on Tuesday (6/23) and we’d love some feedback! We have some theories already as well as a few “little” questions–the small yet unresolved issues from the show. If you have any ideas or a few questions to throw into the mix, let us know however you prefer:
Leave a comment below
Voicemail: 646-495-9205 ext. 35382

Also, be sure to check out Heath’s Film List podcast, on which both Denise and I have made appearances.
And if you’re in a silly mood, download the Hawthorne Initial Reaction podcast from itunes!


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Wednesday: Initial Reaction Call (EST/CST)

Are you all looking forward to Wednesday night?!?! Remember to join us fifteen minutes after the season finale ends for a quick discussion!

Search for Jacob’s Cabin on Talkshoe or follow this link to join us. Everyone is welcome to call in!

Creating a Talkshoe ID is easy, but not necessary. To participate in the call, dial (724)444-7444 and enter call ID# 50040. Enter your cell phone number for the pin (if you create a profile on Talkshoe and set the pin to be your cell phone number, it will automatically recognize who is calling).


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That’s no moon…

Hey guys! If you’re bored due to the hiatus this week, then check out the list of LOST mysteries that Robin from made, listed by episode, along with the probability for each mystery to be answered! Plans are in the works via the LPN to base a roundtable podcast on this information. (Many Bothams died to bring us this information…)

Also, you guys have been leaving some great comments and sending in more great emails this week, so Denise and I will probably record a short podcast on Thursday at our usual time. It won’t be much, but it’ll be something to help hold you over until the next new episode of Lost!

And don’t forget about the next Ramble-On Cast, hosted by The Lost Revisited Now with Heath and Ms. Wendy! Anyone and everyone is welcome to call in and talk, question, theorize, and otherwise pick Lost apart. This will begin at 8pm EST on the TLRNow Talkshoe page.


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