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“The End” Discussion

Tell us what you thought of The End! Leave a comment below, call us at 646-495-9205 ext 35382, or email



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6×16 What They Died For discussion and IR

An amazing episode! Feel free to discuss below, but because the finale is coming up so soon, we will not have time to record our regular weekly episode this week, so please understand that your comments may not make it onto a podcast until days after the finale airs.

Send questions for the Darlton interview this Thursday that will be broadcast in theaters to:

Initial reaction podcast:

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The Candidate (Lost 6×14)

Aren’t we all pretty much speechless after that episode? Once you can form coherent sentences again, feel free to comment below, email me at, or call 646-495-9205 ext 35382.

Initial reaction to The Candidate which we recorded directly after the episode aired. Runtime 21:41.
Download the mp3


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6×13 The Last Recruit

What an excellent episode! Jack jumps from the boat–what will this mean? Widmore renegs on his deal? Sawyer calling Kate “Freckles” on a regular basis? Did Sun have flashes and recognize Locke? Desmond’s not really dead…right? Right!? Will Sayid come back to the good side, like Anakin? Is Claire trustworthy? And, am I missing something, but–who is the last recruit?! Claire, Jack?

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6×12 Everybody Loves Hugo

WOW! Answers, explosions, everything we love about Lost! Leave your comments below, email, or call 646-495-9205 ext 35382!


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6×11 Happily Ever After

We did a live initial reaction–just over a half hour in length–for Happily Ever After. Joined by Donald from Donald is Lost, we gave our impressions and theories from the episode right after it aired. We’ll still have our regular episode on Friday, so be sure to send in some feedback!

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6×10 The Package discussion

Poor Sayid doesn’t feel anything! It was great to see Mikhail again (and Room 23), and it seems that Sun and Jin are not married…and Sun really doesn’t speak English. Locke can’t travel over water, but we didn’t get to see the outrigger scene that we’ve been waiting for?! And the final reveal…the package…what did you think? What is his purpose there? The war is coming, but what will it consist of? And if Smokey Locke leaves the island…everything will cease to exist?! What would Smokey even do if the world ceased to exist??


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