Finale Feedback, pt. 2 (Supersize box o’ redemption)

This week we go through the second half of the feedback we received for the finale. We also share some listener’s descriptions of the whole series of Lost in two sentences. Feel free to send in more of those, or feedback on anything you like! 646-495-9205 ext 35382
Runtime 1:21:59.

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3 responses to “Finale Feedback, pt. 2 (Supersize box o’ redemption)

  1. Guinevere

    Good podcast but I missed having bloopers at the end! It’s one of my favorite things about the podcast.

  2. JayJay

    When Richard said, “we’re all dead”, I never knew he meant it literally, but he was referring to the sideways world. Why did we never pick up on this?

    Also when Locke stepped out of the wheelchair, he did so because he had his awakening. If this side-ways world is just an illusion, he could have walked out of his wheelchair at anytime, because he was never a cripple. Just like Jack never had a son.

  3. JayJay

    I can’t summarize LOST in two sentences, but I thought I would leave these closing remarks:

    It’s a long road to redemptions from transgression. Sin is where our souls are lost, but redemptions takes our souls out of darkness into the light; to be found again. Just like the song “Amazing Grace”. Most of us need to be broken down and made maliable to be able to molded into our true potential. Like steel in a furnance, a blacksmith can shape steel to what ever shape he needs but it needs to be maliable enough to do that. Through circumstances unknown we all go through trials whether they are contributed to our choices or transgressions, it all points us into the direction we need to be placed to find our direction in life. All the characters have been broken down, Locke had been a broken man before he even got the to island, some meant going off the island to be broken down, and Sawyer and Juliet experienced that feeling in the the season 5 finale. As you submit to destiny’s will, you will be able to find your true potential and find whatever purpose life has install for you

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