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Hiatuscast 4

Well, we forgot to mention the line from “Mysteries of the Universe” about a fleet of submarines, but join us as we discuss the three videos we’ve seen so far, Lord of the Flies, and a diverse offering of feedback emails! Just a few more months left in this hiatus…!

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Here’s a screenshot of the list of questions we tried to answer from one of the Mysteries of the Universe videos. What would your answers be? Do you think the Dharma Initiative would hire you?



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Appearances on other podcasts

Last night I had the extreme privilege of participating in the Bunny Awards, hosted by Heath and Ms. Wendy of the Lost Revisited Now podcast! It was a wonderful couple of hours spent talking over the highlights of the season two finale, Live Together, Die Alone. Thanks, Heath and Wendy!

LRNow on Talkshoe

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Two weeks ago I also have the honor of participating in an episode of Rethinking Lost, hosted by Scott and Elton. We discussed whether or not we thought any episodes were merely “filler” and other related topics that arose. Thanks to those guys for having me on the show!

Rethinking Lost’s blog

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Jacob’s Keys to Alex’s Lost Hiatus Cabin podcast

Hopefully you can tell from the title of this post…this episode was a joint effort between myself (Anna), Matt from Keys to Lost, and Alex from Alex’s Hiatus Cast! We spent almost two hours discussing the questions that we would most like to see answered in season 6 and making (spoiler free) predictions for the upcoming season.

Download the mp3 (part 1)

Download the mp3 (part 2)


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That’s no moon…

Hey guys! If you’re bored due to the hiatus this week, then check out the list of LOST mysteries that Robin from thetvcritic.org made, listed by episode, along with the probability for each mystery to be answered! Plans are in the works via the LPN to base a roundtable podcast on this information. (Many Bothams died to bring us this information…)

Also, you guys have been leaving some great comments and sending in more great emails this week, so Denise and I will probably record a short podcast on Thursday at our usual time. It won’t be much, but it’ll be something to help hold you over until the next new episode of Lost!

And don’t forget about the next Ramble-On Cast, hosted by The Lost Revisited Now with Heath and Ms. Wendy! Anyone and everyone is welcome to call in and talk, question, theorize, and otherwise pick Lost apart. This will begin at 8pm EST on the TLRNow Talkshoe page.


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Jin speaks English! Charlotte speaks Klingon!

In the seventh episode of Jacob’s Cabin, I give the island’s perspective on the events of “This Place Is Death”, respond to a large volume of listener feedback, have a nice talk with Denise about the episode, and nominate two new characters for this week’s character award.

Download the mp3

Also, for those who don’t use itunes, there is a new link on the right sidebar to access the RSS feed of the mp3s.


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Jugheadius Maximus

In episode 5 of Jacob’s Cabin, I give my list of “Top Ten Reasons I Would Not Want to be a Character in This Episode”, give my thoughts on the episode, respond to listener feedback, discuss elements of the episode further with Denise, and suggest three character for this week’s character award. Visit the polls page or click here to vote!

Download the mp3

As always, I appreciate your feedback!
Email: anna.in.indiana@gmail.com
Call the voicemail line: 646-495-9205 ext. 35382


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Hey, Kenny Rogers!

Jacob’s Cabin episode 3 is now available for download here or through itunes subscriptions! In this episode I take a (rather lengthy) look at “There’s No Place Like Home, pt. 2”, the Lost Season 4 finale, respond to listener comments, and try to place the events around the moving of the island into a clearer timeline (see picture below–I think all this action only takes about 10 minutes, 15 minutes tops in real-time). I also nominate three Losties for this installment’s character award–vote here!

Got feedback? Theories? Ideas? Suggestions? Get in touch with me by leaving a comment, writing to anna.in.indiana@gmail.com, or calling 646-495-9205 ext. 35382. I really would love to hear more from all of you out there, so don’t be shy!


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