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11 responses to “Contact

  1. stacy

    I just listened to your podcast that included the discussion about Ajira airline. i checked out the website- pretty cool! what i thought they meant by ‘your living room has grown wings’ was referring to the size and roominess of the cabin. from the photo it looks like the seats are luxurious and that you have heaps of space- just my thoughts.

    also, from the list of destinations, i recognized all as having some significance to the show in the past- with the exceptions of; Guam and Wellington (and Tokyo maybe??). i can’t think of anyone from those places or any references in the show yet…which means perhaps those places will have significance this upcoming season? perhaps some of the off island hatches are in these spots?

  2. Philip Green

    Dear Anna,

    Just wanted to give you feedback on your podcasts, as I know you relatively new, but please keep it up. I think your review and analysis is the most concise and thought provoking of all the podcasts, and has become the first that I play after an episode (we get Lost screened on a Sunday night, rather than midweek like you guys). I think that the 5th season has started well, but becomes a little bit of a get out of jail for the Damon and Carlton if the island / Losties jump too often, I’m a little confused how come the oceanic 6 and Ben have been off the island for 3 years in all, but the point that they pick the story up they only have 70 hours to retrieve and return the missing people? What makes it so important at that point? Also, if the imbalance occurs ‘because they left’, why did Ben allow it in the final episode of season 4? The other inconsistency is that Ben advised nobody could return to the island having turned the wheel, but yet Ben is looking to return? And surely Locke must have also turned it to leave the island, but he can go back?

    Sun is definitely double bluffing both Widmore and Kate, I’m guessing having formed an alliance with Ben, – assuming he has dangled the carrot that Jin is still alive. I did originally think at the end of season 4 that she was out to get Ben. This was driven in the belief that she was also visited off the island by Locke, who advised that Ben has beaten Keamy to death, knowing that all passengers on the freight would have died, but caring none the less about this and disreguarding the lives of the Oceanic survivors. This may still prove to be the case, she has become a ruthless, single minded individual who I believe only has her, and Jin’s best interests at heart.

    Of course, they must know how to explain these issues, I guess all we can do is second quesss how, and sit back and enjoy the ride!

    Again, loving your work! Keep it up, and I will share any other theories thoughts as they occur.

    Philip (London, England)

  3. Michael Dodson

    Hi Anna,
    Just wanted to let you know that I thought your show was much better without the plot recap. Having just watched each episode, I don’t want to have to listen to the whole plot over again – I’d much rather hear more of your thoughts and theories. Great idea to have that Top 10 at the beginning, I look forward to hearing other Top 10s in the future.
    Michael (Southampton, England)

  4. John

    Hey Anna, i just wanted to say congratulations for your podcast, i’ve been listening to a lot of Lost podcasts ever since season 5 started and i have to say that yours is one of the best there is. Also i’m pretty sure i’m the first person from Puerto Rico to leave you a comment on your page (woooooooot)

    On a random note, have you listened to the song “Rumored Nights” by The Academy is? that song reminds me of Lost, because of some lines. You should listen to it sometime if you haven’t already.

    Here are some lines that remind me of lost. haha.

    ” I never heard the words that were spoken,
    with the rumored nights, with the rendezvous.
    I never thought the whispers were true ‘til now…


    I saw things that I shouldn’t have tonight, tonight.
    I know now what I couldn’t have,
    I’ve gone too far to turn it back
    I’ve gone too far to turn it back

    oh and i hope you don’t mind, i added you to Twitter as well. (Johnny2432)

    Hope you continue with the great work, later.

  5. martin

    Just a few thoughts for you.
    There is an definite connection of Lost to the plays of Shakespeare. Any many ways it is a modern lift of that history an dramatic telling. personally, I believe Lost is the best use of the the television media in story telling, nothing else comes close. It has created awareness for important literature and asked it’s audience to think about good, bad and just think about what they are watching.
    Here’s my thought, everyone is now taking a side Ben or Whidmore as they go to the WAR so they are determined to fight.

    Is it the War of the “Roses”? Where is the cancer surviving Rose? Is it the task of a few special characters mission to prevent the war from ever happening?

    The blogs and podcasts are really determined to expound about the details of the stories, they really at times don’t care about the human drama. They seem to be missing the real story. This creative telling of love, loss, failure, self healing, discovery, reinvention and that list does go on.
    Everyone one on a side that goes to war thinks they are right.
    That is why I think the mission of the Oceanic 6, without their awareness is on a mission to prevent a calamity from taking place.

    PS: the “Donkey Wheel” it is an anchor, not a steering wheel!

  6. martin

    Please excuse the “Any” should have been “In”

  7. After I watched the episode “What ever happened, happened” it occurred to me that Kate may have violated her parole . The agreement was for Kate to say in the state of California for 10 years following her trial. When she visited Cassidy, I believe she had to travel to the state of New Mexico. In the season 3 episode “Everyman for himself”, Cassidy visits Sawyer in prison and mentions that she and her daughter are living New Mexico. It is very possible that they could have moved after Sawyer made arrangements for the $10,000 to be given to Clementine. However, it is also possible that Cassidy did not move to California and that she was still living in the state of New Mexico. After all we all saw Kate violate her parole by flying out of the country in the episode, “316” What do you think??

  8. Great blog & podcast. I just recently discovered it 🙂

  9. anthony from Trinidad

    after reviewing the first act of the lost final season, it is my belief that the reason we are not being told the fake locke name(in fact some times they seem to be deliberately concealing it) is that he is also Jacob, it beleive that the two men we met on the beach in season five finale is jacob light and jacob dark, , together they make up the jacob that protects the island, we all have manifestation of light and dark that makes up our personalities , i think what we are seeing is the conflict between the dark side and the light side but instead of jacob being one person, jacob is physically seperated into two

  10. BeachBuminSC

    It seems to me that everyone is overlooking the obvious solution to Smokey/Flocke leaving the island via the plane. They don’t have to destroy the plane – Frank is the only pilot and he just needs to be incapacitated or hidden somewhere. I doubt that Smokey can pilot a jet aircraft.

  11. Hispanic Chris

    I really enjoy your pod cast. You catch so much that I miss, thanks. Oh and Anna I really liked your acting on Donaldislost Mytharc, “Everybody Loves Anna.”

    Locke: Do you think the “real” Locke will come back after Jack operates on him? I think maybe so. I believe that the alt time line is a conscience/subconscious or spirit world type reality and Smoky is panicking because he knows that it is possible for a spirit to jump into another body, i.e. MIB/Smoky. Your thoughts?

    Desmond: Is a JEDI!!!

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