Losties won’t know it’s not BACON!

Yes, bacon is a major topic in this podcast. And Lost, too, of course…this is our last regularly scheduled podcast for Lost, though we do plan to say a special goodbye in a couple weeks, so keep an eye out for that. You can still email, call the voicemail line, or leave comments here anytime. Follow us on Twitter too: Anna is echobase77 and Denise is sharpcheddar.

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6 responses to “Losties won’t know it’s not BACON!

  1. While Jacob’s Cabin is an iconic podcast name I would totally have listened to “the Numbers are Good” podcast. Thanks for all the hard work on the show – it has been fun to listen and participate.

    P.S. If you’ve never hear Jim Gaffigan’s rant on bacon it is worth watching. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaK9bjLy3v4

  2. annainindiana

    Thanks, Carl. If we’d chosen “the Numbers are Good”, I guess it could have turned out to be prophetic about the sideways! And that was before season 5. 🙂 I love Jim Gaffigan’s rant about bacon. Thanks for reminding me about that!

  3. Robert

    Anna and Denise,

    I was listening to your last podcast and about 10:15 minutes in I heard my name.

    Thanks for reading my blog comment and thanks for your doing your podcast. I’ve really enjoyed listening to Jacob’s Cabin. Your podcast was one of the podcasts I listened to every week.

  4. annainindiana

    Thanks for listening and leaving a comment, Robert. We’ve had so much fun doing this and getting to meet all of you folks out there. Take care!

  5. HispanicChris

    I like “Their numbers are good” But who’s numbers?

    :0) Chris

  6. annainindiana

    Ummm…good question. 🙂 Not sure whose numbers they would have been. I don’t even remember what I was thinking when I came up with that.

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