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Jin speaks English! Charlotte speaks Klingon!

In the seventh episode of Jacob’s Cabin, I give the island’s perspective on the events of “This Place Is Death”, respond to a large volume of listener feedback, have a nice talk with Denise about the episode, and nominate two new characters for this week’s character award.

Download the mp3

Also, for those who don’t use itunes, there is a new link on the right sidebar to access the RSS feed of the mp3s.



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Jugheadius Maximus

In episode 5 of Jacob’s Cabin, I give my list of “Top Ten Reasons I Would Not Want to be a Character in This Episode”, give my thoughts on the episode, respond to listener feedback, discuss elements of the episode further with Denise, and suggest three character for this week’s character award. Visit the polls page or click here to vote!

Download the mp3

As always, I appreciate your feedback!
Email: anna.in.indiana@gmail.com
Call the voicemail line: 646-495-9205 ext. 35382


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Hey, Kenny Rogers!

Jacob’s Cabin episode 3 is now available for download here or through itunes subscriptions! In this episode I take a (rather lengthy) look at “There’s No Place Like Home, pt. 2”, the Lost Season 4 finale, respond to listener comments, and try to place the events around the moving of the island into a clearer timeline (see picture below–I think all this action only takes about 10 minutes, 15 minutes tops in real-time). I also nominate three Losties for this installment’s character award–vote here!

Got feedback? Theories? Ideas? Suggestions? Get in touch with me by leaving a comment, writing to anna.in.indiana@gmail.com, or calling 646-495-9205 ext. 35382. I really would love to hear more from all of you out there, so don’t be shy!


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“There’s No Place Like Home” part 2 of 2 Discussion

“There’s No Place Like Home” part 2 was the season 4 finale. And what a finale! I laughed, I cried, and all that good stuff. I’ll be discussing this episode early next week on the next installment of Jacob’s Cabin, but first I want to know what all of you out there think about it! (I know you’re out there–this blog gives me stats on how many people visit here–so I know you’re reading this! Why not take a second or two to leave your thoughts and theories?)

Think in particular about the following questions:

  • Ben lets Sayid and Kate go so easily due to their arrangement with Richard; do you think he even cared about stopping them at this point?
  • What is Charlotte’s history? (Miles: “I’m surprised you want to leave, after all the time you spent trying to get back here…hmm, what do I mean?”)
  • Is there any point to having time-traveling bunnies if all they can do is flicker to a point mere milliseconds forward in time? Do you think that there is any greater application of this experiment?
  • We know Sayid is working with Ben. We know that Ben visits Jack to tell him that they all have to go back to the island. But when Sayid visits Hurley to break him out of Santa Rosa, he specifically tells Hurley that they’re not going back to the island, but rather to someplace safe — why? Doesn’t Sayid know that they have to go back?
  • When Ben says to Locke, “Sorry I made your life so miserable,” is he only referring to Locke’s life while on the island (which seems to be an improvement in Locke’s mind–no more wheelchair, freedom from his unpleasant past) or is he implying that he has had influence over other parts of Locke’s life, pre-island?
  • Why does Claire tell Kate not to bring Aaron back to the island? Is this just a dream, or is it a vision from the island?


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Jacob’s Cabin now in itunes!

Good news, people: Jacob’s Cabin is now available for subscription in itunes! Click here to subscribe or search for “Jacob’s Cabin” in the itunes podcast directory. jc_itunes

Thanks to everyone who has been listening via the Lost Podcasting Network! I am amazed to see how many people have downloaded the first two episodes of Jacob’s Cabin as well as how many hits this blog has gotten. Now…I would just like to hear what YOU are thinking! In the next few days, I’ll make a post specifically about “There’s No Place Like Home part 2”, which will be covered in my next podcast, so be sure to leave your thoughts, whether your write a sentence, a paragraph, or a page!

Leave your comments here on the blog, email me at anna.in.indiana@gmail.com, or call and leave a message at 646-495-9205 extension 35382. (This leaves an mp3 file for me on drop.io…doesn’t get much easier than that!) The more you all write in, the better the podcast can become. I love to hear your thoughts and theories as well as attempt to respond to them.

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Episode 2: Click your heels together and repeat after me…

In episode two of Jacob’s Cabin, I discuss episode 4×12 of Lost, “There’s No Place Like Home, part 1”, respond to listener feedback, and discuss Ajira Airways.

As always, your feedback is welcome! Leave feedback, theories, and ideas here on the blog, or shoot me an email at anna.in.indiana@gmail.com. The more you write, the better the podcast can become! I would love to have more comments to address during upcoming episodes, so make your thoughts known!

Don’t forget to vote for the person from this episode that you think is most worthy to be recognized with a character award!

An mp3 file of episode 2 can be downloaded here.


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All the Best Podcasts Have Distribution Issues

Hey everyone! A new podcast will be coming soon! jc_logo_small1 However, before that can happen, a few changes have to take place. I have discovered that drop.io, while a great idea, is not sufficient for the needs of this podcast. The inability to link directly to the mp3 file meant that you guys could not download the file directly from the Lost Podcasting Network. In order to make access as easy as possible for you all, I will be hosting my podcast at LibSyn effective immediately. This will also provide reliable access to the podcast through itunes.Within the next few days, you should be able to search for Jacob’s Cabin within itunes’ podcast directory.

For now, you can find all available podcasts on this Talkshoe page or download the mp3 file here.

Sorry for the inconvenience! It seems best to make this change as soon as possible, in the youthful days of Jacob’s Cabin.

Thanks to all those who have left feedback and comments! I am still very new at this and I appreciate your contributions. Happy New Year!

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