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Discussion of “Cabin Fever”

Given that this podcast is named Jacob’s Cabin, I felt that it would be appropriate to start with the episode “Cabin Fever” from season four and then work through the season finale. This will provide a good review of the end of season four before season five begins on January 21! (I would also like to get in a few “practice” podcasts before the new season!)

Cabin Fever Questions to ponder…

  • Who is in control? Who seems to be in control at the beginning of the episode, and who seems to be in control at the end? What wants to be in control?
  • Why was Locke’s mother, Emily, so suddenly adamant about naming him John?
  • Why did Alpert run from age 7/8 Locke, but then try to recruit him to Mittelos “science camp” while he was in high school?
  • Is Claire dead? Is Claire dead yet?

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