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What LOST means to us!

Jacob’s Cabin proudly presents: What LOST means to us, a special edition episode of the podcast! Get ready for over an hour and a half of Lost fans, podcast listeners, and podcasters pouring their hearts out about Lost–what it means to them, how they got hooked on the show, how they got started podcasting, what the Lost community means to them…

Thanks so much to everyone who participated! A million thanks to you all; you made this episode awesome!

In order of appearance:

Matt from the Keys to Lost podcast
Wayne from LOSTcasting with Wayne and Dan
Donald from Donald is Lost
the JDman
Karen and Anil from The ODI Lost podcast, The ODI, and Karen’s Lost Notebook
Ryan and Jen from The Transmission
Cliff from the GSPN Lost podcast
Alex from Alex’s Hiatus Cast
Nancy Drew from Lostaholics, The Black Rock, and the Lostaholics Rewatching Lost podcast
Children of Nancy Drew
Jed and Cara from LOSTies with Jed and Cara
Matteo from MKLost
Mr. Bill from the Behind the Cutting Edge Lost podcast
Heath from the Lost Revisited Now podcast
Ms. Wendy from the Lost Revisited Now podcast and the It’s About Bunnies blog
Erik from Lost Chatter
Jay and Jack from the Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack
Matt from The Smoke Hatch
Denise from Jacob’s Cabin
Anna from Jacob’s Cabin

Run time 1:41
Download the mp3



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