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Episode 29: How the laundry feels in the dryer

A great line from Bernard–and also an accurate description of how we were feeling after that premiere! Wow! This is out initial reaction to the two-parter first episode of the long-awaited season six. Anna and Denise are joined by Denise’s husband Colin immediately following the airing of LA X for initial observations and questions. Our regular weekly podcast will be recorded on Friday afternoon, so get in touch!

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Colin, Denise, Anna



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“Follow the Leader” Discussion

I want to see JACOB! NOW! Where will Jacob be, who will he be, and how and why and when is Locke going to kill him? Can Jacob even be killed or is Locke crazy, and what about “Help me…”? How will things work out with Locke as the leader of the Others? Will Ben really follow like he swore to? Is Locke now the originator of the idea that he has to die and has to bring everyone else back to the island? (And following that, will he be told by Jacob/the island/Christian Shepherd that he wasn’t supposed to do that, just as Ben was told he wasn’t the one that was supposed to have turned the wheel?)

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Jin speaks English! Charlotte speaks Klingon!

In the seventh episode of Jacob’s Cabin, I give the island’s perspective on the events of “This Place Is Death”, respond to a large volume of listener feedback, have a nice talk with Denise about the episode, and nominate two new characters for this week’s character award.

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Also, for those who don’t use itunes, there is a new link on the right sidebar to access the RSS feed of the mp3s.


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Jugheadius Maximus

In episode 5 of Jacob’s Cabin, I give my list of “Top Ten Reasons I Would Not Want to be a Character in This Episode”, give my thoughts on the episode, respond to listener feedback, discuss elements of the episode further with Denise, and suggest three character for this week’s character award. Visit the polls page or click here to vote!

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As always, I appreciate your feedback!
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1954 – The Year of the Jughead

Jacob’s Cabin wants to hear YOUR thoughts on episode 5×3 of Lost, “Jughead”.

Where did “Jughead” come from? (Country? Sponsor?)
Is “Jughead” still on the island? Do you think we’ll see it in the future?
Who is the young blonde woman, “Ellie”?
What did you think of Locke’s interaction with Richard?
Any thoughts on Widmore’s connection to the island?
Do you think Charlotte’s life can be saved?
What other theories are you working on?

Get in touch with the Jacob’s Cabin podcast:
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Please make your thoughts known before noon (EST) on Friday, Jan. 30, to have them included in the next podcast!


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It’s Almost Here!

Wow, are you guys ready? Season 5 is beginning in a matter of HOURS! Will you be watching on TV, or on the web? I, for one, have to watch it on the web, because I work every evening. I will be watching the premiere as soon as I wake up tomorrow–it’ll be like Christmas morning!!

What are you all hoping to see this season? What are you expecting from the premiere?
I hope to find out who Jacob is, or at least get some more substantial clues.
I hope to see Walt more. countdown
I want to find out why the Oceanic 6 are so integral to the island that leaving was such a bad idea: they didn’t really have anything to do with actually moving the island, so what ties them to the island in such a way that they have to go back?

Leave your feedback, email me at anna.in.indiana@gmail.com, or call and leave a message at 646-495-9205 ext. 35382. I’m very excited and can’t wait to make a podcast discussing the season premiere!


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Hey, Kenny Rogers!

Jacob’s Cabin episode 3 is now available for download here or through itunes subscriptions! In this episode I take a (rather lengthy) look at “There’s No Place Like Home, pt. 2”, the Lost Season 4 finale, respond to listener comments, and try to place the events around the moving of the island into a clearer timeline (see picture below–I think all this action only takes about 10 minutes, 15 minutes tops in real-time). I also nominate three Losties for this installment’s character award–vote here!

Got feedback? Theories? Ideas? Suggestions? Get in touch with me by leaving a comment, writing to anna.in.indiana@gmail.com, or calling 646-495-9205 ext. 35382. I really would love to hear more from all of you out there, so don’t be shy!


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