“There’s No Place Like Home” part 2 of 2 Discussion

“There’s No Place Like Home” part 2 was the season 4 finale. And what a finale! I laughed, I cried, and all that good stuff. I’ll be discussing this episode early next week on the next installment of Jacob’s Cabin, but first I want to know what all of you out there think about it! (I know you’re out there–this blog gives me stats on how many people visit here–so I know you’re reading this! Why not take a second or two to leave your thoughts and theories?)

Think in particular about the following questions:

  • Ben lets Sayid and Kate go so easily due to their arrangement with Richard; do you think he even cared about stopping them at this point?
  • What is Charlotte’s history? (Miles: “I’m surprised you want to leave, after all the time you spent trying to get back here…hmm, what do I mean?”)
  • Is there any point to having time-traveling bunnies if all they can do is flicker to a point mere milliseconds forward in time? Do you think that there is any greater application of this experiment?
  • We know Sayid is working with Ben. We know that Ben visits Jack to tell him that they all have to go back to the island. But when Sayid visits Hurley to break him out of Santa Rosa, he specifically tells Hurley that they’re not going back to the island, but rather to someplace safe — why? Doesn’t Sayid know that they have to go back?
  • When Ben says to Locke, “Sorry I made your life so miserable,” is he only referring to Locke’s life while on the island (which seems to be an improvement in Locke’s mind–no more wheelchair, freedom from his unpleasant past) or is he implying that he has had influence over other parts of Locke’s life, pre-island?
  • Why does Claire tell Kate not to bring Aaron back to the island? Is this just a dream, or is it a vision from the island?


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2 responses to ““There’s No Place Like Home” part 2 of 2 Discussion

  1. Wow, I am really getting into the podcast. I love it when a new Lost podcast arises especially when its a good one! Keep up the good work!

  2. Denise

    I don’t think that Ben cared about stopping Kate and Sayid at that point. He didn’t figure that they would succeed I don’t think, so letting them go probably didn’t really matter to him.

    I think that Charlotte and Annie are connected somehow. Possibly Charlotte is Annie’s daughter.

    Maybe the ability to flicker just 100 milliseconds in time was a starting off point. Possibly over the years, they got better at the technology and were able to perform the experiment enough times that it caused the island to shift in time, as Faraday was able to discover.

    I think Ben and the island probably affected Locke’s whole life. Since the island has the power to not let Michael die until it’s ready to release him, perhaps all of the bad things that happened in Locke’s whole life, including his birth even were influenced directly because of the island. So because of this, I think that Ben is probably apologizing for Locke’s whole life.

    I think that Claire might have been a manifestation of the island in Kate’s dream. I don’t have a really good answer for this one though.

    I just re-watched the whole season this week and I’m so excited for the new one! It was so heartbreaking watching Sun screaming on the boat for Jin. I really hope that he’s alive out there somewhere. I think the stuff with Sun buying her dad’s company and then dealing with Whidmore in London is going to be key in getting them back to the island. She’s going to become like kickass Sun and she’s going to be the key to getting them all back there I think.

    Looking forward to your next podcast Anna! 🙂

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