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The Candidate (Lost 6×14)

Aren’t we all pretty much speechless after that episode? Once you can form coherent sentences again, feel free to comment below, email me at anna.in.indiana@gmail.com, or call 646-495-9205 ext 35382.

Initial reaction to The Candidate which we recorded directly after the episode aired. Runtime 21:41.
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6×13 The Last Recruit

What an excellent episode! Jack jumps from the boat–what will this mean? Widmore renegs on his deal? Sawyer calling Kate “Freckles” on a regular basis? Did Sun have flashes and recognize Locke? Desmond’s not really dead…right? Right!? Will Sayid come back to the good side, like Anakin? Is Claire trustworthy? And, am I missing something, but–who is the last recruit?! Claire, Jack?

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Miles made a bacon reference!

Join Anna and Denise in taking a look at Lost 6×10 “The Package”. We touch on topics such as Widmore saying everything they know will “cease to be”, what Desmond’s purpose on the island could be, how the electromagnetic energy could play a role, and Locke’s plans to leave the island. As always, we respond to listener comments and voicemails and nominate a few characters for the weekly character award.

Runtime 1:07:15

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Recon podcast: Colin gets more feedback than we do…

Welcome to our regular weekly episode in which we discuss Lost 6×8 “Recon”. After discussing some more thoughts on the episode, we respond to feedback (yes, a few were comments to Colin, who joined us on our special edition initial reaction podcast Tuesday night) and make a few announcements…

Jay and Jack’s 30 hour podcast is coming up this weekend, and we’ll be appearing at 6:45am EST Sunday the 21st.

Alex from Audibly Lost came to town last week and hung out with us – keep an eye on his site in the coming months for updates!

If you’re interested in winning a promo code to receive a free Lost Answers iPhone app designed by Big-O, remember to leave a comment below with your favorite scene or line from season 6 by next Thursday, and we’ll do a random drawing for three winners!

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In which we keep a tally of the responses to the episode

The episode “Dr. Linus” received both favorable and unfavorable reactions from Denise and Anna, respectively, so during the feedback section we kept a running tally of who fell on which side. In this episode we discuss the sideways timeline first, then the island events, and round off the podcast with calls and comments from our listeners, as well as the weekly character award poll and nominations. Runtime 1:28:56.

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“Dr. Linus” Discussion

Well, we were so close to learning so much about Richard! What did you think about the little bits and pieces that we did get? Will Ilana ever change her mind about Jacob? I was excited to see one of my favorite books, The Chosen by Chaim Potok, show up this week! Any thoughts on similar themes across the real and parallel timelines? And any suggestions for this week’s character award? Feel free to make nominations!

Miles eats green beans, Denise-style...who knew?

Email anna.in.indiana@gmail.com

Call 646-495-9205 ext 35382

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Suicide by Sayid, and other stories

This week we dive into Lost 6×6 “Sundown”, touching on topics that include Claire, Dogen, the ash, evil, eggs, and much more! Be sure to stay tuned to the very end to hear the bloopers…Denise had an ant crawling on her hand in the middle of the episode! Runtime 1:26:38.

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