Episode 53 – Random Feedback – We Still Love Ben

Join us for a journey through the loose ends of season 6 feedback. Our next episode is our last planned full-length podcast for Lost, so if you have additional thoughts and comments, please send them in before July 5th!

646-495-9205 ext 35382

Download mp3

Check out Beth’s great Lost finale cake! Thanks for showing us, Beth!


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One response to “Episode 53 – Random Feedback – We Still Love Ben

  1. arturo

    Hello Anna and Denise!

    Love the cake, nice design!

    After almost 2 months of being Lost free, I finally rewatched the season finale and realized that this is indeed the best possible ending for the best show ever.

    Just like the whole show, this ending left us with new questions, and this is all what its about, we cannot really explain life, so what should the show have a definite explanation, especially Lost. I came to terms with the ending, I didn’t like the first time I saw it back in May, because they didn’t show who built the damn statue.

    But I realized that we don’t really need that specific answered about who built the stuff and how it works, it is all about the cycle, the new candidates, and the protection of cave light. The light that makes afterlife possible, I guess.

    I heard somewhere that they are planning on making a feature film “LOST”, maybe just a spam rumor, but that could be very interesting!

    Thanks for still doing podcasts and good luck!

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