Finale Feedback, Part 1 (Like a prayer…)

Join us for a voyage through the depths of listener feedback! We finally get a chance to go through some (about half?) of the feedback we received for the finale, so don’t worry, another episode will be forthcoming next week.

Remember to send in a comment regarding how you would describe Lost, in two average-length sentences, to someone who has never seen the show?

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3 responses to “Finale Feedback, Part 1 (Like a prayer…)

  1. Robert

    I was listening to your show and heard the discussion about why certain characters were not at the church. Here’s my thoughts:

    On several podcasts there have been discussions about why certain characters were not in the church. For example, Anna Lucia was not in the church because she was not ready as the writers showed in the episode where Desmond told that to Hurley as he was breaking Sayid out of jail.

    However, Christian told Jack in the church that time did not exist at the church. If the church exists outside of time, then it would mean that everybody that was going to be at the church would appear there simultaneously. Existing outside of time would not allow a character to show up at the church and wait for a period of time for some other character to show up. The waiting would have occurred before the church. Either in real life or possibly in the sideways world.

    So if Anna Lucia was not at the church when the other characters were there, that would mean that she would never be at the church with this group of characters. Possibly she could show up with a different group of people, but not the Losties that we know.

  2. Charley

    I hear a lot of people talking about Anna Lucia and Eko why they were not at the church,there are all sorts of theories like “they where not there as long as any body else” but Libby was there and she died the same time as Anna Lucia my theory is:
    Maybe you need to have that “special some one” that you bond with on the island for example Sawyer & Juliet, Desmond & Charlie, Clair & Kate, Clair & Charlie, Sayid & Shannon, Hurley & Libby and Jack & John

  3. Hello Ladies,

    My two sentences to describe LOST, trying to be as spoiler -free as possible…

    It is about a group of strangers whose plane crashes on an even stranger island. However, it turns out that these people, as well as the place they’ve just landed on, are tied to each other in ways that they, or we, could never have imagined.

    Here’s hoping that would be a vague yet still intriguing enough description for someone to want to watch the show. šŸ™‚

    Ms. Wendy

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