The End (but not the end of our podcast)

Anna and Denise finally get a chance to discuss the finale together! Get ready for an hour and a half of the two of us trying to sort out our thoughts on the finale. We still want feedback for our finale feedback episode next week, so keep the comments and voicemails coming! Runtime 1:33:21.

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4 responses to “The End (but not the end of our podcast)

  1. paul

    Hi Anna & Denise
    first of all i feel i should say that i really enjoy lost, love the feel of the show, the music, cinematography, acting, etc but I do feel let down by the finale. There were some great moments (every time a character had a realisation that there was another life outside of the sideways, it was definitely emotional and a bit teary) but the realisations, which I hoped were building to something momentous, ultimately meant nothing. The whole flash-sideways was just a limbo-waiting-room and they were all dead. It may as well have just been a Bobby-Ewing dream. It all happened in their own conscious’s so wasn’t really, well, real!

    At least everything that happened on the island actually happened but NONE of that was explained. Ok, we have the light of existence that, should it go out, everything will end. Well it got reset and everyone was fine except we learnt NOTHING about Dharmas experiments, the electro magnetism, the time-jumping, the popping-up-in-tunisia, that was all left hanging. Hate to say it, but I feel the writers were just throwing mystery on top of mystery at us each season to hook us in to the show with no final way to explain it. There’s a big hole left with the finale.

    Character-wise there was resolution (for Jack anyway and perhaps Hurley & Number 2 Ben, but what happened with the Aljeera 6, Desmond?) but all the science, experiments, time-travel, electromagnetism, came to nothing. Are we to just accept that the magic light in the centre of the island caused all that because it just did?

    I did enjoy the finale, particularly on a character level (especially at moments such as Sawyer & Juliet touching hands, Kate taking control and shooting Locke) but after mulling it over, I feel there’s a big piece of the overall puzzle still missing, and it feels as if the writers never had a way to explain it.

    In a small way I feel conned as they laid out one mysterious phenomena after another just to hook us in, but they knew they could offer no explanation when it came to “the end”. Like I said, I’ve still enjoyed watching lost, the acting, cinematography, locations, music, everything, was superb and several notches above anything else that’s ever been on TV, but I really wouldn’t be able to recommend it to someone who’s never seen it as the pay-off never comes.

  2. timmyfetchmemytools

    Hi Anna & Denise.

    I have just listened to the latest podcast
    I thought it was good rather than great. (The Finale I mean – your podcast is always great!)

    To me, it was more about the mystery & mythology of the Island, rather than the Characters themselves- maybe that’s why I’m so dissatisfied with the quasi-religious happy ending.

    I hear the comments that ‘It was all about the characters’
    Well, they didn’t treat a lot of those beloved characters particularly well did they?! Rousseau & Alex? Libby?
    They didn’t deserve what they got, & perhaps those who did – mass murderers such as Ben – didn’t get what they deserved, in fact they received redemption.

    With regard to my biggest gripe; the lack of mythology resolution, you could always give the ‘Mitichlorian defence’ i.e. you don’t want to know some answers because the explanation is fairly mundane or disappointing (Numbers, Whispers etc).
    Again I hope some of that may be answered by a Comic series or TV spin-off down the line.

    Looking forward to the first LOSTCON, organised by Anna!

  3. Liam Neville

    Hi guys its liam again i was wondering is there a chance to do a podcast with you guys any time?

  4. Bryan

    You need to update your logo for Jacob’s Cabin…that bomb watch thing is sortof a downer since it was made by evil Mr. Smokey. How about an open door with the light shining through….or anything else!

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