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7 responses to ““The End” Discussion

  1. And so begins the permanent hiatus.I have to quote Dr.Seuss on here “Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy it happened.”

  2. timmyfetchmemytools

    Still don’t quite know what happened!

  3. timmyfetchmemytools

    Ok, so the flash-sideways was an elaborate after-life holding pattern until they all ‘understood’ and could move on?
    I realise they said there would be many unanswered questions, but I didnt think there would be so many!
    What was that strange plug-thing? It had writings on but I couldnt quite make them out – they didnt immediately jump out as Heiroglyphics.
    I suppose I’ll have to wait for the spin-off series ‘Dharma’ and the comic book of the roman/egyptian time-period story!

  4. Joe Spears

    I do not understand all the confusion going on with the ending. Nor how so many people are getting it confused. Ive read a lot of blogs that that people are saying that oh they died since the start and then they died during the bomb. Its pretty straight forward was happened. The entire 6 seasons actually happen, and the collective souls of everyone created the sideways view. Since after death time has no meaning obviously it would seem like everyone was there already. When your dead a a second can pass or a millions years can pass, it makes no difference. That is why people like; Charlie, Boon, and Shannon are there along with the survivors, along with Hugo and Ben (who for all we know protected the islands for thousands of years afterwords). and it makes perfect sense as well as to why many of the other cast members didn’t show up or come to the church. I.E. Michael and his son, both of who were never happy on the island so obviously Michael would go somewhere else to a point he was happiest probably before his son was born and his wife left him. and Walt had an entire life to live and he probably changed forgot and lived on after all he was only like 12 in the show. Other people like Faraday and his mother didn’t go cause they too were not happiest on the island. Instead Faraday got to live the life he had always wanted since being a child, playing professional piano, and his mother got to raise him and not see him die by her hands. Even though they were able to remember the island they had unfinished business if you will so they were not ready to leave. Other people, like Ana and Ecko it seemed obviously they were only on the island for such a small amount of time they would have went else were like Ecko going back to a time with his brother, and Ana having and raising a child. The afterlife is what u make of it, and many believe its a return to when u were the happiest or at your best as a living person, and that’s exactly what we saw in the end. The cast going to the afterlife surrounded by friends and loved ones, to be together for all eternity. I don’t understand what got so many people confused about that aspect.

    The only thing that stuck out of my mind honestly and that kept me off balanced was Jack’s son. Was he Juliet’s sisters child,and adopted by jack and Juliet? Her sister would not have survived cancer and therefor never lived to raise her own child, remember the only reason she got better was cause Juliet agreed to Ben to stay on the island. Or was the son part of the elaborate sideways world story in which Jack got to find pure happiness by having his own son to raise. After all, Locke got to have an actual relationship with his father, and Sawyer got to make the right decision to better himself and protect people instead of hurting them, which by the end of the show that’s who he had become. I will say its obviously why Kate was still a fugitive, after all her step father was a bad person and if given a second chance she would have still killed him.

    That’s my peace..time to re watch it all one more time .

  5. Unless some jokes start coming to me soon, all I can say is thank you for reading my topical humor on the podcast. I really enjoyed listening to both your thoughts, and lets face it: you both absolutely loved my jokes about “wells”, am I right? Aren’t “wells” just hilarious?…No? They’re not? They are just a source for ground water and imprisoning Scottish men? OK, moving on – but not moving on to the great white light outside of the church, I’m like Richard Alpert (I enjoy living).

    Best of luck to both of you in the future. I’ll look for you on Twitter, and realize if you ever read my tweets I take everything 100% seriously and refuse to make anything light-hearted. There is no room for funny business in any world (physical or crazy sideways flashy worlds).

    “Well” jokes to BDD are like “Ankh” jokes to Nan C. Drew,


  6. annainindiana

    Big Daddy Dez, I actually thought of a BDD-type-comment last night and thought of you as it went through my mind:

    At the very end, in this last episode, they finally revealed who wears eyeliner: not Richard Alpert, but Charlie Pace! And to think, they had us fooled all that time.

  7. Kelli

    Hello Anna and Denise,
    I was really moved by The End. Tissues were in short supply after it was all over. Thank goodness for Jimmy Kimmel to ground us all. On The Cutting Edge podcast, one of the guys called this finale a “dial-a-cry” which was very appropriate. Hey, I even cried when Sayid and Shannon had their moment. Listening to the two of you hash out The End from the sacred and secular point of view was quite refreshing and thought provoking. I think a lot of podcasters try to step around the elephant in the room in order to be politically correct, but you two stepped right in there and were open about it all. Thank you for that.

    I want to thank you for your podcast and your wonderful contribution to this great journey of Lost. It’s doubtful that another show will inspire such dialogue and camaraderie for a long time. All the best to you both.

    from California

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