The End…but only the beginning of our ramblings!

Join Anna and Ms. Wendy for an initial reaction to The End, trying to make sense of our thoughts and feelings on the finale! Runtime 1:02:01.

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13 responses to “The End…but only the beginning of our ramblings!

  1. Joe Spears

    First time hearing your pod cast…sad it was the last episode that i hear it on. That being said, I do not understand all the confusion going on with the ending. Nor how so many people are getting it confused. Ive read a lot of blogs that that people are saying that oh they died since the start and then they died during the bomb. Its pretty straight forward was happened. The entire 6 seasons actually happen, and the collective souls of everyone created the sideways view. Since after death time has no meaning obviously it would seem like everyone was there already. When your dead a a second can pass or a millions years can pass, it makes no difference. That is why people like; Charlie, Boon, and Shannon are there along with the survivors, along with Hugo and Ben (who for all we know protected the islands for thousands of years afterwords). and it makes perfect sense as well as to why many of the other cast members didn’t show up or come to the church. I.E. Michael and his son, both of who were never happy on the island so obviously Michael would go somewhere else to a point he was happiest probably before his son was born and his wife left him. and Walt had an entire life to live and he probably changed forgot and lived on after all he was only like 12 in the show. Other people like Faraday and his mother didn’t go cause they too were not happiest on the island. Instead Faraday got to live the life he had always wanted since being a child, playing professional piano, and his mother got to raise him and not see him die by her hands. Even though they were able to remember the island they had unfinished business if you will so they were not ready to leave. Other people, like Ana and Ecko it seemed obviously they were only on the island for such a small amount of time they would have went else were like Ecko going back to a time with his brother, and Ana having and raising a child. The afterlife is what u make of it, and many believe its a return to when u were the happiest or at your best as a living person, and that’s exactly what we saw in the end. The cast going to the afterlife surrounded by friends and loved ones, to be together for all eternity. I don’t understand what got so many people confused about that aspect.

    The only thing that stuck out of my mind honestly and that kept me off balanced was Jack’s son. Was he Juliet’s sisters child,and adopted by jack and Juliet? Her sister would not have survived cancer and therefor never lived to raise her own child, remember the only reason she got better was cause Juliet agreed to Ben to stay on the island. Or was the son part of the elaborate sideways world story in which Jack got to find pure happiness by having his own son to raise. After all, Locke got to have an actual relationship with his father, and Sawyer got to make the right decision to better himself and protect people instead of hurting them, which by the end of the show that’s who he had become. I will say its obviously why Kate was still a fugitive, after all her step father was a bad person and if given a second chance she would have still killed him.

    That’s my peace..time to re watch it all one more time .

  2. timmyfetchmemytools

    I enjoy the various character evolution over the seasons, particularly liking Josh Holloway & Horge Garcia, but wasn’t the entire series all about ‘The Island?’ Weren’t we led to believe the Island itself is an entity unto itself? This seems to have been side-stepped for the resolution of the alter-verse timeline.

  3. arturo

    It finally all came together, the island and the alte-verse, it is probably the best possible ending for the show and I really enjoyed watching the whole finale and the whole series.

    However, deep inside, I feel disappointed with the finale, because all we have gone thru with the statues, the temples and all the scientific stuff; they even managed to show us whats inside the light cave, which looked like an ancient techno machine. I feel like we’ve been cheated with an extremely easy final ending, like a fairy tale came to an end!

    The one thing I really wanted to see is whats with all that Egyptian influence, who build all this stuff, and perhaps the most fascinating thing is who build the smokey’a lair, where smokey comes out to judge people, how did they know that?! There are so many things I need to see, and they kept showing us all those mysterious things and we never even go to see all that stuff, its really disappointing.

    Somehow, it feels rather pointless now, because all along it was just a fairy tale, with a semi-happy, semi-satisfying ending…


  4. arturo

    One more thing doesn’t make sense, when Jacob said it only ends once, did he mean that the smokey ends once? or the island? or what else could it be?

    And when smokey said they come and destroy and corrupt things, did he mean that they come to the island to destroy things? or do they wake up in alte-verse and corrupt others to wake up as well, and destroy things in alte-verse?

  5. misserose

    I find the ending extremely tragic and a bit inconsistent. As far as inconsistency goes: If the sideways was an after-life, why would the characters have such a history that they had– Desmond was lonely, Jack’s ex-wife was Juliet, Aaron wasn’t born yet, Locke was in a wheelchair, etc. I mean, the idea that they constructed “the perfect life” for themselves only works for a few characters… maybe Faraday, Eloise, and Widmore. Why didn’t the island shift in time when the cork was taken out? Why didn’t Jack become a smokey? I think it was tragic because EVERY TIME we’ve seen someone die on the show, they really died. We were under the impression that there was an alternate timeline going on where our friends were still alive and thriving. I guess that’s why the writers kept telling us it wasn’t “alternate.” Because the main timeline was the only timeline. But no, they’re all DEAD. And all the happy reunions we saw throughout this season in the sideways? Those all happened in some purgatory. There was no redemption in their lives, just after. I guess some people are cool with that, but to think that all our characters that we loved, and especially the hero of the show (Jack), just died– ARGH. Just gives me a sick feeling.

  6. djchau

    Well Well, the end of the show and they still didn’t explain what was the deal with Jacobs Cabin. Whats up with that.

    For me, they did a decent job wrapping the show up. Did it please the inner geek in me? No.

    Heres the thing I know alot of people especially the sci fi people out there are going to comment about it that for the last show it didn’t give answers oto alot of the mysteries. The last show was pretty much all about wrapping things up especially all the character stories. It is a character driven show where the mysteries were just icing on the cake.

    For the flash sideways, either you loved it or hate it. It had nothing to do with the on island drama and if it wasn’t included wouldn’t changed anything. It was mainly there as a treat to the fans essentially. It was the only way to get all the characters both past and present together. The scene in the church at the end was like literally a reunion tribute to the fans of the show who stayed with it from beginning to the end. (Although I was disappointed that Michael and Walt weren’t there) I know using the producers logic of Michael is trapped on the island because he can’t move on because of the things he did but I thought he redeem himself with the freighter bomb. I mean Sayid killed tons of people and somehow he redeemed himself I guess)

    The thing is they could have not shown the flash sideways and use all the time to give us all the answers to the mysteries we wanted but then again it would then be like season 2 and 3 where we would see the same characters having to deal with drama on the island all season long. You have to admit the flash sideways was a way to pull people in because people were interested in seeing how the lives of these people are different.

    Yes, would I liked to have more answers probably but I think they did an awesome job in finishing the series. Near the end of the flash sideways I kept thinking why in the hell would they want to return to the other reality where its so bad for them.

    The end shot of Jack in the same place as he started in the pilot episode was awesome and I vow that there will be no show that has a better ending than that. Seeing the plane leave above and the closing eye was awesome. This is probably the money shot the creaters of the show knew from the very beginning what they wanted to end with. And they weren’t lying when they said you would see Vincent in the last scene of the show. Although it would have been great to see Vincent in the church in the flash sideways. All dogs go to heaven. Maybe Hurley before he died made Vincent the protector of the island.

    Inside the cave of wonder , it seemed it was built with the tunnels and the cork in the center that was pulled out was made and not a rock. You can see up close there are carvings on the stone cork. I’m guessing the dead skeletons were other people in the past who were greedy and tried to harness the light for themselves.

    I feel real bad for the creaters of the show in that yes they will be forever known as the creaters of one of the most awesome shows that will be now used as the cult classic in tv history but anything they do from now on people will expect will it be the next lost of them. Because seriously how can you top lost. But pretty much like James Cameron after avatar the creaters of lost has pretty much a free ticket to work on anything they want and I’m sure the networks would give them a blank check to create something for them. If I was NBC, I would be doing all they can to bring those guys over to them to create anything. Although I was hoping they would work on the Stephen King dark towers series which is very similar in lost because I don’t think Ron Howard is going to do it justice.

    I hope you girls keep doing a podcast becuase you are awesome. Hopefully there will be another show you can tag team on.

    If you need ideas for future shows , I’m thinking you should make a list of all the mysteries and events of lost that they didn’t get a answer and you give your final thoughts from your perspective on what you think the answers should be. Like what was the deal with Jacob’s Cabin?

    Top Moments of why the episode rocked and no other show can beat an ending like they did.
    1. Hurley was made protector of the island and he made Ben his new Richard
    2. The death of smokey was done not cheaply and actually made sense and was awesome fist fight with smokey and jack.
    3. Money shot of Jack at the end with Vincent seeing the plane leave and the eye closing.

    Top Mysteries not answered but hopefully will be in the dvd
    1. What was the deal with Jacobs cabin and the ash
    2. What was the deal with Walt? Was he just special like Hurley and Miles and born that way?
    3. Did the purge totally wipeout dharma or only dharma on the island and who ordered the purge? Widmore?, Ms. Hawkings?, Jacob, Smokey?

  7. Mike

    I believe Jacks “son” was Jack. It was Jack that had to undo the unhealthy relationship with Christian and I thought it was brilliant. What a wonderful way for Jack to learn what a healthy happy relationship is.

    Also, the writers were dropping hints that it was Jack for some time (he looks just like you).

    Just my thoughts

  8. Ms Wright

    Okay,I was wrong about them being on the spaceship. 😉
    I am still processing the very end, but over all I really loved it! I wasn’t able to re-watch it today b/c I am still too emotional I guess. I hope to give you more feedback before your pod cast. Thanks girls!

  9. timmyfetchmemytools

    Hey, I even theorised the island’s power was from a quantum singulariy powered engine of a crashed spaceship, so we weren’t thinking too far apart! Either that or they were all simulations of a Super Brain Computer ™.

  10. bob in montreal

    Well, it’s over. *Deep sigh*

    The only thing I managed to predict about the finale, and I’m darned proud of it, was Vincent finding Desmond down the well. When I saw that little paw-print I was gleeful and a little smug.

    The finale was 2 and a half hours of some of the finest television I’ve seen, even though the story as a whole didn’t go where I wanted it to. I would have preferred a more science-fiction approach with a light spiritual frosting, but it was clear early on in the season that the show wasn’t going that way. Still, a fantastic show that I will miss greatly.

    I’ll be starting a re-watch soon, not only to see the show again through season six eyes, but to avoid feeling completely empty and despondent now that it’s over.

    Thanks for all your work on the podcast. I’ve only started commenting recently, but I’ve been listening for a long time. See you in another life, sisters!

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  12. Ms. Wright

    After processing the last 15 minutes of The End for a few days & re-watching it… I Love it! I think that the unity of all of the main LOSTies at the end was beautiful! I also liked how some of them where not there in the church, like Michael, Anna Lucia & Ben. It showed a balance that I feel mirrors real life well.
    I am excited to go back and re-watch all of LOST to see the mirror images in season 6 to the rest of the show. I also feel that the mysteries of the island are a mute point now & I don’t care too much about them in hindsight to the finales ending. It would be nice to know some of the answers, but in the over all picture they are much less important. It is just like when you are mad at a loved one for some petty argument you get in one day & the next day when they are in a car accident & in the hospital, it doesn’t matter what you where mad about the day before, it doesn’t matter anymore when their life is in the balance.
    Another thing is that we want answers, but are not happy when we get them I think it is better to leave it up to our imaginations, it is more fun that way & we have more to talk about for years to come. 🙂
    I am SO excited that I got to be even a small part of this amazing show through the LOST community!

    Thank you for being there to be the first LOST Podcast I listened to! You girls rock!

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