Immediate reaction for “The End”

Denise and Colin discuss their thoughts about the ending of Lost immediately after the episode ends. It’s very strange podcasting without Anna, but she’s having fun at the Cincinnati party tonight.

Anna and I will be back soon with at least a few more episodes to discuss the finale.

Download the mp3

– Denise



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2 responses to “Immediate reaction for “The End”

  1. Marlon

    I still don’t understand anyone’s confusion with the ending. They were pretty definitive about what the flashsideways was. It was where all of the survivors ended up after life to reunite with one another. And at the end they all moved on.

  2. sharpcheddarblog

    I was confused because I guess I was just about 10 minutes slower on comprehending things than most people. When Colin was explaining things to me in the IR podcast, that was truly the first time I was beginning to grasp what had just happened. I guess I was just in such a state of shock that my mind wasn’t processing the whole thing as it was happening, and that’s why I was confused by the ending 🙂

    – Denise

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