6×16 What They Died For discussion and IR

An amazing episode! Feel free to discuss below, but because the finale is coming up so soon, we will not have time to record our regular weekly episode this week, so please understand that your comments may not make it onto a podcast until days after the finale airs.

Send questions for the Darlton interview this Thursday that will be broadcast in theaters to: timestalks@nytimes.com

Initial reaction podcast:

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10 responses to “6×16 What They Died For discussion and IR

  1. djchau

    I loved this episode. I know alot of people are going to say it felt rushed and things really moved fast but remember that there is only one episode left after this which is the final episode. So I’m on board in how they structured this episode.

    Widmore and maybe even Richard gone I won’t complain because they gave us enough of their background story to know where they came from but anymore than that probably has nothing to do with the main plot line. So those people out there who wants to know all the dirty details of the hatred that Widmore and Ben have with one another is just going to have make up their own story. I do find it odd that off island when Ben met with Widmore in his bedroom he said he couldn’t kill him but it was just too easy for this episode. So I don’t know if the writers forgot about that conversation or it was just words at the time.

    For Ben, say what you want you all know that good or bad we love when Ben gets how you say crafty and sneaky. But I believe from the episode of Dr. Linus that the writers put to much into his redemption to just make him take a u-turn back to his normal ways. I’m betting he’s playing a con on Smokey just waiting to see how he can do it. Killing Widmore was just probably a bonus.

    Jack being the one to take over was sweet to see. It looks like that if things don’t go the right way that Smokey is going to destroy the island and maybe leading us to the scene in the flash sideways seeing it underwaters but it also looks like the flash sideways is also setting up to somehow reverse it maybe somehow and Desmond is truly going to be a big key in both realities.

  2. Noel

    Enjoyable podcast, guys. Love the IR discussions.

    Any chance you can post the actual names of the songs you used as your music this week? The “Morning Sunshine” vocal was very catchy but when I went to the web site you mentioned, it’s almost impossible to find.


  3. arturo

    Nice IR!

    I have final prediction how Lost will end:

    They are all going to a concert, all the losties will be there in the audience, and Daniel Farrady will be performing his masterpiece. Meanwhile, back on the island, Jack has a big battle with Flocke, and Desmond is accidently thrown into the cave of light, there is a big bright light and everything starts to shake, the island sinks!

    Back in the concert, all the losties receive huge flashback simultanously, and look at each other remembering things and stuff. Then they all get up and look at the camera and say “The End”. And everybody lives happily ever after in the alt-verse!

    What do you think?

    I hope this is how it will play out because I already made $100 bet with my friend!!

  4. Thought some of you would enjoy this also…

    The ¡MAYDAY! crew felt inspired to leak the title song from their upcoming album “Stuck On An Island” to celebrate the LOST series finale. Take a look back at the season that started it all with the sounds of ¡MAYDAY!’s “Stuck On An Island.”

    Word to John Locke!



    Stay tuned for more ¡MAYDAY! treats before the new album drops on 9/7/2010.

  5. Dave in Detroit

    Great episode just about perfect. It’s good seeing the old Ben is back. So much for Widmore even though I thought Ben couldn’t kill him but anyways I’m pretty fired up for the finale!

  6. Manuel in Ohio

    A solid set up episode for sure. However, I doubt that Richard is dead and I’m not sure Widmore is either (they didn’t show any blood or bullet wounds…maybe a ruse?)

  7. bob in montreal

    Another episode of lost awesomeness! Maybe we need a new word – there’s awesome, and then there’s lostsome! Maybe not. Whatever. Anyway…

    I tend to always have theories, but I just have no idea how Lost will end.

    One thing I would like to see is Vincent running up to Rose & Bernard, Lassie-style, and leading them to Desmond in the well. Assuming they somehow survived the whole Jughead incident. Vincent saving Desmond would just be incredibly lostsome…

  8. bob in montreal

    Oh, one more thing. It wouldn’t surprise me if Widmore is alive. Maybe it’s true that Ben & Widmore can’t kill each other, and this was Ben’s way of actually saving Widmore. Either way, I think Ben is playing Locke.

  9. RED514

    great podcast! and i like the one you did with LostRevisitedNow, very entertaining!!

    just one prediction, the flash sideways is the imaginary reality where they get their hearts desire. Right now it’s what they think they want and not what they really want deep in their hearts. I predict they “win” the battle and cross over to their imaginary timeline with all their memories form the real time line, becoming the real time line. (look at the quantum physics diagram Daniel shows to desmond, drew when he woke up after seeing Charlotte) it explains the time travel and alternate reality.

    The memories take time to come back that’s why when Desmond switched (when he shakes Pennys hand they switch) he only has some memories (he remembers john lock, not smoke monster). look at his eyes, they tell everything

  10. timmyfetchmemytools

    And now..The End is near…
    Well,it’s a beautiful day in the south of England, clear azure-blue skies & 27c/81f, the chirp of birds & buzz of bumble-bees.

    My alarm is set for 4.30 in the morning for the finale at 5am local time.

    As usual I have more questions than theories. As of now, pre-finale, I would like to know;

    The whole time-line thing; not the alter-verse strand, but the mechanism of how Jacob can jump around in time & when did he discover he could do it?
    It time actually repeating itself in a loop until the ‘game’ is resolved?
    Ironically, does Jacob use MIB’s frozen donkey wheel to time travel, or use the Lighthouse somehow?

    Where did the fake mother come from? & where did she get her powers? How does she know that entering the light is a ‘fate worse than death’;
    Had she in fact experienced it herself, and is now destined to stay on the island forever; immortal, but besowed with superhuman powers.
    That would explain the massacre at the village & filling in the excavation;
    Only convincing someone to willingly take over & pass the powers to them will set you free.

    A lot would have happened that we don’t yet know about from the time of the creation of Smokey to the crash of The Black Rock (certainly nearly 2000 years), and also from 1977-2007.
    In that time-span did Jacob co-opt Eloise Hawking with the promise that she could save her son? although this seems to be more of a MIB tactic.

    From the start, MIB didn’t seek power & dominion – he just wanted to leave.
    From his perspective, his real mother was murdered by his fake mother who then went on to destroy all his efforts to leave & massacre all those who could have helped him.
    You could even argue that, despite MIBs current ruthless behaviour, he has killed less people than Jacob & his cohorts.
    Here is the tally;
    MIB – Fake Mother, The Pilot of Flight 815, Eko, A few dozen Temple dwellers, Zoe, Miscellaneous Widmore flunkies. Have I missed anybody?
    Jacob – The entire Dharma initiative (30+?) via Ben, Most of Flight 815 (80+?), the 1950’s American Army base that brought Jughead (20+?)
    I think Jacob is waaay ahead with the bodycount.

    Admittedly I wouldn’t follow MIB now, but you could say he was a victim of his upbringing!

    Will the Volcano make a final appearance?

    If Desmond is being used as a failsafe as he is EM proof, is he going to enter the glowy light tunnel?

    Lastly, after Zoe’s method of death, could the mark appearing on Jack’s neck be a manifestation of the upcoming battle bewteen Jack & throat-slashing MIB?

    Although it’s sad that some Podcasters are stopping after The End, many are continuing long after which I happy to hear.
    I was there at the beginning; It has been a long road through interesting scenery with many an intriguing landmark, may diversions, the occasional dead-end and works-in progress.

    Top 5 Favourite Episodes
    Some like it Hoth
    The Pilot
    The Constant
    The Incident

    Top 5 disappointing Reveals;
    The Whispers (Meh)
    The Numbers (oh)
    The Destruction of the Taweret Statue (Boat in face)
    How MIB became Smokey (whaaa?)
    MIB was Christian at the crash site (really?)

    Top 5 unsatisfying deaths
    Alpert (But are they still alive?)

    Top 5 surprising reveals
    Adam & Eve’s Identity
    Jacob’s Lighthouse
    The Ankh in the Guitar Case
    Who was in the flight-case/coffin
    The existence of the Alcatraz Island

    Top 5 worst Episodes
    Stranger in a strange land (Cringe-worthy ‘you taste salty’ nooo – take it away!)
    Ab Aeterno – (Horrificly tragic mills&boon costume-drama fabio horse-riding monstrosity!)
    He’s Our You – (eh?)
    Eggtown (Why?)
    Collision (Ana-Lucia’ds Flashback ep)

    Top 5 greatest scenes
    Sawyers scenes in The Brig
    Desmond throwing the Failsafe Switch
    The first ‘Flashforward’ at the end of Season 3
    ‘Not Penny’s Boat’ message by Charlie
    ‘The Udders!’ by Jin

    see you after the Finale!


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