6×15 Across the Sea discussion and initial reaction

Backstory! We’ve finally been able to witness it. So, what do you think? Who do you sympathize with more, Jacob or MIB?

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Check out our initial reaction to this episode!

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15 responses to “6×15 Across the Sea discussion and initial reaction

  1. arturo

    This is incredible episode, it is probably one of the best I’ve seen in Lost series!

    So much going on, they managed to answer many questions for us, especially the origins of Jacob, however, we still don’t know the MIB’s name!

    This episode also created so many more questions:

    1) Who is this woman, why does she know so much about the island, why does she want to protect the cave?

    2) Did Jacob accidently kill his brother before he reached the cave of light, and thus the smoke of death was born? Or was the smoke trapped in there for long time, waiting for fresh corpse?

    3) How does MIB know about things, is he the original man of science? And Jacob is the man of faith?

    One more thing, I think Fake mom wanted to be killed, she was tired to be immortal (she didn’t age, didn’t she?), thats why she said MIB was special, and he manipulated him to kill her at the end. Her last words were “Thank you”.

  2. bob in montreal

    That episode left me in a bit of a Zen state, but a couple of quick thoughts:

    When Crazy Island Mother gave Jacob the wine & said, “You & I are now the same,” it seemed like that was the voice of the island. So whoever takes on the Jacob roll essentially *is* the island.

    Given the qualities of the Mother, it seems like those qualities are now divided among Jacob & MIB. So, the island itself is divided.

    I wonder if the task of our Losties is to repair the divide.

  3. Carl

    I am a tad disappointed with this episode.

    Since the introduction of The Others we have been beaten over the head with the idea that The Island has to be protected. It has been the driving motivation and justification for everything Jacob and The Others have done so far. Committing mass murder, crashing planes, abducting children are acceptable because the ends justify the means.

    I thought this episode was the perfect opportunity to let us know exactly why The Island needs protection. Who does it needs protection from and what are the consequences of failure?

    Fake Mom said that magic light is in all of us and if its tampered with it will go out everywhere. I guess that’s bad. Wish we knew why. If people shouldn’t mess with the light why let them hangout digging holes for decades?

    I think Jacob and MIB don’t themselves have a full understanding of whats going on. That makes me worry that we wont find out either.

    Hope I don’t sound like a giant Lost hater. Its still my favorite show of all-time. I have a good feeling by the end it will all make sense.

  4. Ben

    Not sure what to think after seeing that, totally out of left field.

    Great to see they answered how smokie came to be, as well as who the skellitons in the cave were.

    But I would still like to know why the island is important, and why they need to protect it.

    This better not end with aliens…

  5. Ms Wright

    Hey girls,
    I need to process this ep. some more. I will send feed back on it tonight.
    In the mean time, I am wondering how many people took the day off work on May 24th. Also, are they taking a vacation day or the day off with out pay? Can you please do a poll for this?

    Ms Wright

  6. kellicraftstudio

    This period episode has left more ambiguity which I guess you can say is the basis for Lost. With that aside, this episode being presented right after the crushing The Candidate has left me feeling confused. In the last episode it was plain to see that MIB was a bad, bad man. In this episode you start to sympathize with him because we begin to understand his motivation for going home. It’s pretty heartbreaking. But then he killed his “mother”…and we’re forced to believing he is evil again. Then Jacob appears to be an unwilling patsy to something he doesn’t seem to truly understand. Not very leader like. Maddening. The reveal of Adam and Eve was pretty anti-climatic.

  7. djchau

    Okay this episode is what I call a lost smoothie. So many things in it that blended together to give me something yummy and good to satisfy me but having no idea why.

    The sci-fi nerd in me would love this episode for all that it gave watching it with a open mind to anything however I can’t help put aside the fact how this episode makes the viewer take a leap of faith and just believe what the makers of the show have gave you. At the end of the episode I got the feeling which I hope they don’t end up doing like the end of battlestar galactica where as entertaining as it was you just had to either accept it or not.

    So this is my theory so I guess everyone has a little of the light that is shown at the center of the island. And I’m guessing the manipulation of that energy can cause someone to lets just say have gifts. So maybe people in the show who couldn’t die like Richard and some of the candidates the light energy in them is different. Maybe that why Walt is so special with his powers that he has somehow a variation of the power within him. I’m guessing when the mother transfer ownership of the island to Jacob she transferred the light that was in her to him and thats why she was able to die and now Jacob was who he was before he died.

    And also how come in the beginning the mom said Smokey could never leave the island. Was it because she thought he was the one to guard the island because as shown in previous season Jacob was able to leave the island and come back.

    One thing I loved was with all the science fiction aside, the back story was really good in explain why Smokey and Jacob act like who they are. Can you blame Smokey for growing up the way he did with his mom murdered and this old lady telling him he can’t do things and never explaining why. And poor Jacob grew up second fiddle to Smokey. I’m surprised that Jacob didn’t get jealous and turned on the mother. I can see why he grew up with the philosophy of not interfering with people who came to the island and letting them make their own choices.

    So I’m guessing Smokey end game is after eliminating all the candidates using the donkey wheel to get off the island.

    Top things that seemed to hold me back in just loving this episode:
    – They so went out of thier way to not to mention the name of smokey. (Really two episodes left and you still want us to wait)
    – I swear they better somehow explain or mention what was up with Jacobs Cabin and the ash circle.

    Top highlights of the episode:
    – The creation of the donkey wheel
    – Creation of Smokey

  8. Guinevere

    This one took a while for me to absorb. Between ordering my thoughts and reading some theories that makes sense to me, here are my thoughts.
    Mother was both the Protector and Destroyer for the Island and it doesn’t look like she had had a choice in being the Protector. She did have a choice, albeit an uninformed choice, to become the Protector (or as we like to call it – Smokey). There’s only reason she would know the properties of the Cave of Light – she had been in it!
    She thought that Brother was going to be the ONE or she decided that her job needed to be divided between the two boys. She had even told Jacob that she was tired and he seemed to think that was unusual.
    Brother invented the Donkey Wheel and it wasn’t frozen down where the wheel was going to be placed either! He was the Man of Science.
    Jacob was a deeper thinker but, because he couldn’t lie and chose to stay with Mother, it seemed that he was simpler and maybe even slightly dumb. But he had faith in the woman who raised him and it ended up that he was the Man of Faith.
    From Claudia being washed ashore and delivering twins to Claire crashing on the Island right before her due date to the purge of the shipwreck survivors to the Dharma purge, it seems that one of the biggest things we’re being told is that history definitely repeats itself.
    I think that when Jacob sent Brother into the Cave of Light, his soul was ripped from his human body and that’s what MIB was talking about to Richard. In the ripping away, it seems that Brother’s soul was twisted and, therefore, Smokey is more evil than we ever saw Brother be.

  9. Guinevere

    Oh yeah, after reading djchau’s comment, it reminded me about the piece of light in us all. Man, being what they are, will always want more of a “good thing” but, like Doan’s liver pills, it’s not “if one or two will do ya good, four or five will do ya better!” But, it’s hard for us as humans to really get that through our thick skulls. Someone’s always going to want to harness power like that for themselves and here is where I think we will see that Widmore will come into the picture. Why he didn’t learn the lesson earlier on the Island is beyond me but I think that’s what all the warnings about him have been about.

  10. Ms Wright

    That comment from MIB to Jacob: “Looking down on us from above.” Reminds me of God looking down on us. Or, maybe someone looking down from a…. wait for it….. SPACESHIP! lol 😉

    Thanks ladies!

  11. Seth

    Loved the episode and especially loved that we still don’t have a name for the man in black. At this point, I hope they never reveal his name, as no matter what name we’re provided, it would be a letdown. I prefer to think of the MIB as a nameless, malevolent force, forever trapped on the Island. As always, every question the show answers just raises a dozen more questions, and to be honest, thats part of why I think alot of us love Lost. The answers are not never nearly as satisfying as the questions they raise.

    As always, I have a theory –

    “Mother” told Jacob that entering into the light was a fate worse than death. What is worse than death? – being transformed into a smoke monster, immortal, but never able to leave the Island. Mother knew this because she, herself, once entered the light and emerged a smoke monster. Everything Mother did in the episode, from bring Claudia to the Island to developing a rivalry between young Jacob and MIB, to murdering the “other people” was done with one goal in mind – manipulating the MIB into killing her, allowing her to finally die. As a Smoke Monster, Mother also had the ability to appear as someone who died on the Island. “Ghost Claudia” was not boy in blacks deceased mother. It was just Mother planting a seed of hatred in her adopted son, so that he start on a path that would ultimately lead to his killing her. I think that, ultimately, MIB has the same goal. He, like his mother, is tired of being trapped on the Island as a Smoke Monster and the Islands supposed protector. However, I don’t think that he wants to die. I think MIB beleives he has found a loophole – one that will allow him to become a man again and leave the Island. However, there’s just one small side-effect: that entire reality, along with everyone in it, will be destroyed. Somehow, the Flash-Sideways will play into it, but I haven’t quite figured that out yet and I don’t think we’ll get that answer until the Finale.

  12. Dave in Detroit

    This episode leaves alot to be desired I mean we were told and shown stuff but wasn’t really explained the how or why. The mom that raised them character is just another character that tells us stuff & does things without explanation & now she needs an origin episode. Also I never felt MIB deep motivation for leaving the island…to go where? Somewhere he’s never been to live with people he doesn’t know. Finally the over the top explanation of who was Adam & Eve was cheesey. Hopin next week is better.

  13. JayJay

    During your initial reactions podcast you spoke about Claire and how Aaron wasn’t supposed to be raised by another. I think that Aaron was not supposed to be raised by an “Other”. So having Claire back from Ethan was significant.

  14. Ms Wright

    You are one of my faveorite LOSTies, but: YOU ARE WRONG! I did NOT/NEVER DID said that I think they are aliens! I only said that I think they are in outer space, like Avarta, or Star Wars… I think they are people, in outer space, NOT aliens! Will you please correct that on the pod cast if you have time?

    Thanks girl! 🙂

  15. annainindiana

    Ms Wright–sorry for the misunderstanding there! My brain goes straight from spaceships to aliens, plus I’ve got my dad and my coworker telling me every other day that it’s going to be aliens, so that tends to be on the edge of my thoughts! I see what you mean about people on a spaceship; definitely gives a very different interpretation to the situation.

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