Hispanic Chris’s Challenge!

The gauntlet has been thrown! The challenge has been delivered! Whose side do YOU fall on? Vote below–and let HispanicChris know what you think on twitter!



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2 responses to “Hispanic Chris’s Challenge!

  1. I was all for Jacob until tonight’s episode. I am unsure now. MIB just wants to go “home” with his people, but the island & crazy foster mom want to force him to stay. I don’t really understand why. He doesn’t seem like evil incarnate. He did kill his “mother” but she has killed someone herself. many people in fact. Jacob has also brought people to the island and because of this, most have died prematurely. Some have died in the travel to the island alone, i.e. the 815 crash, blackrock crash, etc. Who is really good here? I say no one.

  2. annainindiana

    Who is really good here…I guess we’re going to have to settle for “best” at this point, which I’m now hoping will be one of the Losties!

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