Further thoughts on The Candidate

Join Anna and Denise for our second look this week at The Candidate. We discuss our further observations, respond to listener feedback plus a special challenge from Hispanic Chris, and pit two beloved characters against each other in the character awards.

Download the mp3

Also, be sure to check out the special podcaster roundtable podcast from Andrew of the After Lost podcast:

Part A and Part B


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One response to “Further thoughts on The Candidate

  1. Mallory

    This whole thing, is bigger than Jacob or Man in Black. I believe the story will end with the revelation that our Losties, have been the original “others” the entire time.
    Ok so, Eloise told our losties, that the island was only visible for certain moments, and there were only small windows of time when the “door would be open” for the island to be..reachable.
    So wth that in mind, I think that, in the alternate timeline, when 815 was flying over the island, the window was closed. So, flight 815 passed right on over the island and landed safe and sound. But as our losties begin to remember certain things here and there about the island, we will also see, as a result of Desmond’s, push (ie. Jacob Everybody needs a little push) that the losties will come to the revelation, just as they did in the original timeline, that they are supposed to be on the island.
    They will all board another flight. Eloise (who seems to know more than she lets on) will help them find one which crosses over a “doorway” to the island. I am guessing it will again be flight 316 to Guam. And Frank Lapedis will be the pilot. They will flash onto the island, much the same as they did in the original timeline going back to the 70’s. Only this time, they will flash to a much, much earlier time. A time even before Jacob, or Man in Black. They will become the original others.
    Then the Circle begins again. Jacob and MIB come to the Island, then Richard.. then more and more, continuing the circle.

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