The Candidate (Lost 6×14)

Aren’t we all pretty much speechless after that episode? Once you can form coherent sentences again, feel free to comment below, email me at, or call 646-495-9205 ext 35382.

Initial reaction to The Candidate which we recorded directly after the episode aired. Runtime 21:41.
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21 responses to “The Candidate (Lost 6×14)

  1. bob in montreal

    Hello Anna & Denise,

    About halfway through the episode, I noticed that my mouth was really dry and my eyes were stinging. The reason? My jaw was on the floor and I hadn’t blinked for unnaturally long time.

    Easily the best episode of the season so far.

    A couple of things I noticed:

    -Smokey Locke seems to have some knowledge of the future. He takes the watch from Widmore’s red-shirt *before* he goes into the plane & gets the c4. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

    -Jack now knows that Locke can’t kill them, which makes me wonder if he’s going to have to convince his surviving friends of that fact. I wouldn’t be surprised if Locke keeps trying to manipulate them into turning against one another. The whole situation brings “live together, die alone” to a new level.

    Love your podcast!

  2. Nathan

    Didn’t Rousseau have a music box like Claire’s? Or am I way off? Any connection?
    Ha, and you might’ve mentioned it in the podcast; in that case, I missed it.

  3. Well, Well, Well…pun intended as my alter is still inside of a well.

    Any coincidence that once MIB was wet and pushed in the water he did not convert into smoke to kill Widmore’s men?

    BTW, isn’t Bernard a bit too happy go lucky to the man who was “hitting” on his wife on the airplane? Maybe he’s been inhaling a little to much of the Nitrous Oxide in his dentist office because I sure don’t remember Jack hitting on Rose.

    Last tidbit – MIB in the Flash Sideways is obviously Walker Texas Ranger. Who else could run around snapping necks, emerge from the water with guns blazing, and totally beat down anyone named Richard they come into contact with on the beach? Walker, that’s who.


  4. djchau

    Wow, great episode from start to finish. Body count was high and you would have to be like a robot not to shed a tear for the death of Jin and Sun.

    As all deaths of the show this was done perfectly. When Jin was blown up with the freighter I thought wow if he died that would have been cheap but his death with Sun was done with great emotion and to top it off showed the last part with their hands departing away to make sure to the viewers that there were no presumptions they dies they really died and it was a great symbol of their love of staying together literally until the very end.

    Jack has turned into the man of faith and boy Sawyer must of felt like crap when he thought he saved the day and then the clock sped up on the bomb. I hope that Jack can use the knowledge of how smokey can’t kill them directly against him.

    And for those people who were surprised at what happened with the bomb really because did people really think that smokey wanted to get on the plane with the others and leave the island just like that. The scene where smokey tells Jacob that in order to leave he would have to kill Jacob and anyone who replaces him you knew his master plan was to kill all the remaining candidates.

    I honestly think that Widmore despite his actions was trying to protect the remaining candidates and the bomb in the plane was another way to stop or slow smokey down. The missile attack before I honestly don’t think they intended to try to kill smokey. I think they already know normal conventional weapons won’t effect him but probably was using the missiles to kill or injure anybody helping smokey. The lesser people he has helping him will probably make it harder for smokey to accomplish his goals.

    It’s going to be interesting now with Jack’s group knowing that smokey can’t kill them directly. He is going to have to either use Claire and whats left of the others to kill them or somehow turn them against each other.

  5. Mallory

    Hey guys! Its been a while and glad to be back in the swing of things.. but that episode, speachless.
    Anywhoooo, quick theory.

    Desmond is essentially playing the “Jacob” role off island, in the alter-verse… right? Well I think that he is obviously playing the same role on island now, as well.

    Fake Locke, pushed Des down the well, which did not kill him. He CAN NOT kill him, just as he was not able to kill Jacob. He has to set someone else to kill him.. enter.. Sayid.

    Jacob, seemed to have this persuasive nature about him, jsut as the man in black did. If he speaks to you, it is already too late.. It seemed like what ever Desmond said to Sayid, set him back on the “right path” becuse he did in fact sacrifice himself for our losties…

    To make a Long story even longer, I feel like, Jacob, and MIB are one in the same. Originally, there was not a case where there were these two random guys chillin on an island trying to murder one another.. I believe it was more along these lines..

    “Jacob” is a representation of mankind, each man, woman and child, has two sides. One good, one Evil.

    “Jacob” is on this island to play out the everlasting struggle between the two. “Jacob” is not a man but a personification of humanity as a whole.
    The island, is seen as the “puppet master” playing out this experiment over and over and over on a loop. The Island is bringing people to the island, one at a time, to fulfill their purpose as vessels for “jacob” to hold. For a long time it is jsut the original form of MIB and Jacob. Then when those “vessels” are destroyed, other ones come and take the place. IE Locke and Desmond. The whole idea and the whole purpose of the Losties as Candidates, is to see which has the capacity to demonstrate to the island, that good is essentially more powerful than evil. At this point, evil will be conquered. The island, or the “cork” will no longer be needed to keep the wine in the bottle. Or the evil contained in the human spirit. Because it has seen that it is possiblle to contain and conquer it. The island is the puppet mster, its purpose, to see which direction the moral compass of humanity will ultimately point, after an eternity of spinning needles.

    On a side note, this is also why “Jacob” can not kill MIB and Vise versa, because evil can exist without good. And since they are one in the same, killing one would ultimately be destroying the other.

  6. Roar 11

    WOW, did that all just happen, I’m in shock!!!

    Widmore was with Man in Black all along that devious barstard!!! He did this to them arrrgh

    This was the best, but also saddest episode of the season (and maybe of all the episodes).

    Long live Sayid, Sun & Jin!!!

  7. Roar 11

    Also… is Frank dead??

    I guess so… kept him around long enough to think that they could fly the plane off then WHAM!

    My anger toward MiB has never been higher…

    (this episode is why I love LOST, the mind-games after the episode finishes)

  8. JayJay

    For a guy who doesn’t like technology, he did an awesome job rigging a time-bomb. Where did he learn that? Or the whole anti-technology is just dumb.

    And when the Losties were caged, I thought Kate was going to escape through the top like she did in season 3. Maybe she put on some weight since she’s been off island and been in Dharmaville. That would make it difficult to fit through a second time.

  9. Hi Anna & Denise, what can I say? Just wow!!!!

    What a fantastic episode. Sayid went Ka-blamo!, Sun & Jin awesome scene. Could even be described as beautiful.

    Frank – meh. And to top it off, I thought all the Flash sideways was wicked too.


  10. arturo

    Great episode!!

    MIB’s masterplan is brilliant, all along I believed he really wanted to use the plane to escape, but turns out he just needed it to get the bomb.

    Did you see those intricate stairs connecting to the airplane, this is some real hardcore craftsmanship by Widmore’s team A+!

    Can’t wait for next week episode, I couldn’t resist promos and snick peeks, looks awesome!!

  11. jimi0riji

    I thought this episode was good, I agree with the statement that Sayid’s glory was stolen but Sun and Jin dying was sad on an epic level.. But will this mean their sideways selves will remember something? Or will they just realize how much they love each other, and apreciate each other even more.. We saw Jin in the background taking flowers to Sun.
    There is a definately sense as well that even though Desmond is MIA, Jack is steping in and making connections for himself.. Just a nudge and he is contact Bernard, taking Clair in, and realizing he needs to let go.. A lot was implied when Jack bought the Apollo bar from the vending machine.. And his faith on island is what makes him the candidate on island and off..

  12. Seth

    Like everyone else, I was devestated by the deaths of Jin, Sun and Sayid. However, Sayid died redeeming himself and Jin and Sun, who seemed like they were apart for 90% of the entire series, died together – so the manner of their deaths seemed somewhat fitting. My only gripe is that Kate and Claire, two of the most annoying characters in the entire series, managed to outlive Jin and Sun, but oh well.

    There were a couple of things that didn’t really make sense to me about the episode, so maybe you guys have some ideas to clear things up – first, how did jack and sayid get through the sonic fences to shut off the power? Why wasn’t Widmore trying harder to protect both the plane and the sub? If “Locke” wanted to kill all the candidates on the plane, why not just let them all get in the plane and blow up? That seems like it would have been much easier way to kill the candidates. If Kate had not gotten shot, Jack would not have gotten in the sub and everyone would have escaped, leaving jack on the island alive. Too many random things had to transpire for Locke’s plan to work – it just seems a bit contrived to me.

    However, I can forgive all of that because this episode cleared up about a hundered perceived inconsistencies from previous episodes by revealing that the MIBs true goal all along has not been to leave the island, but to kill the candidates. Since this is the case, its safe to say that the MIB can leave the island any time he wants, just like Jacob. If this is the case, then its likely that every “ghost” we have seen, both on and off the island, has been the MIB. The Whispers are not voices of the dead on the island. Like Miles said, “dead is dead.” When Hurley talked to “Michael” and “Isabella,” he was really talking to MIB. I would even venture to say that Ghost Jacob is not Jacob either, but just the Man in Black. Looking back, everything “Ghost Jacob” told Hurley only futhered the MIBs agenda.

  13. Seth

    Just one comment about the sideways universe – it seems more and more like the sideways universe really is the epilogue of the series. As such, i think its interesting that only Losties who’ve died on the island seem to be intuitively aware that something is “not right” in the sideways universe. That doesn’t bode well for Jack in future episodes.

    Also is it just me or do Rose and Bernard, like Eloise seem to be “in” on whats going on?

  14. djchau

    Just wanted to write something on some of the comments that are being given on how Smokey knew about the bomb or how he was able to Magyver the bomb with a stopwatch.

    I believe when Smokey takes over a body of a dead person he retains all their memories but probably also their skills. The real Locke was capable of all the things we saw in the episode. I’m sure real Locke would have never done it but I’m sure he can kill people the way Smokey did in the episode and for rigging a bomb to explode remember real Locke was able to take modify a C4 he took from the flame station to blow up the sub. All of all the dead people to take over, I think we all can agree with the skills Locke had that he was a perfect candidate to accomplish his goal of winning the war and getting off the island.

  15. Seth

    I agree with djchau. I think smokey has the complete memories, knowledge, and skills of every person who has ever died on the island (atleast those whom he “scanned.”)

    Regarding how the timer just happened to be approaching zero in the sub when smokey had set it hours before… i think Smokey set the timer to count down to zero and then reset (to 5 minutes or wherever it starts) in a continuous cycle. However, since the bomb was always near smokey or one of the candidates, the bomb would never go off, since Smokey could not kill the candidates directly. Presumably, he can’t kill himself either.

  16. paul

    wow! is it heartless of me to feel more sad that lapidus is dead than sun & jin? the 3 year build up to jin & sun being reunited wore thin. (“i’m looking for my husband!” “Where’s Sun?” blah blah) Will miss Captain Frank and his wisecracks. Who else can make “uh-oh” sound sassy!?

    Guess Widmore’s a good guy and had the Losties backs after all. He locked them up to keep them safe from Smokey who wanted to blow them all up in the sub.

  17. Seth

    …or he locked them up to ensure they went along with smokey when he “rescued” them.

  18. arturo

    did anybody notice a timing error, it was day time when they got into the sub, and like 10 minutes later it was night… wierd.

  19. Daryl

    Love your show Anna! I am posting for the first time because I was amazed at how people can expect that the average person knows how to blow ballast in a submarine. That’s like expecting a person to know how to deploy the flaps in a aircraft. Sheesh, I think most of us have trouble driving someone else’s car, and we KNOW all those control mechanisms; I guess people are expecting a “blow ballast” label, you know, like the “ignition label” in you car. Wait, nope, don’t have one of those.

  20. Barbara

    Hi Anna and Denise,
    I just finished listening to your podcasts for “The Candidate” and I just had one comment about the episode. I couldn’t figure out why Jin and Sun’s scenes bothered me so much, until I realized that they were speaking privately in ENGLISH! They’re Korean, for pete’s sake! It wasn’t until the last scene when they reverted to their native tongue. It just seemed so out of place and distracting to me; it took away from their reunion, the cage conversation, and their good-bye. Perhaps nit-picking, but I’ve come to expect more from the writers…

  21. annainindiana

    Barbara, I wondered the same thing. I felt that their reunion at least should have taken place in Korean since Sun hasn’t seen him for three years–and wouldn’t have known that he could speak English!

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