6×13 The Last Recruit

What an excellent episode! Jack jumps from the boat–what will this mean? Widmore renegs on his deal? Sawyer calling Kate “Freckles” on a regular basis? Did Sun have flashes and recognize Locke? Desmond’s not really dead…right? Right!? Will Sayid come back to the good side, like Anakin? Is Claire trustworthy? And, am I missing something, but–who is the last recruit?! Claire, Jack?

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8 responses to “6×13 The Last Recruit

  1. arturo

    The show is definitely wrapping up, all the candidates starting to come together, but the title of this episode was a bit misleading in my opinion.

    At first I thought, the last recruit would be Claire because Desmond came to her in the alternative timeline, but then on the boat Jack was saying that it is wrong to leave the island, so it feels like those two are the last recruits.

    However, it doesn’t make sense, because they are already the candidates, so the last recruit should be somebody who probably wasn’t a candidate, I was hopping it would be Lapiddes, because he didn’t say a word for the past 8 episodes or so.

    And whats up with Widmore? Does he only care about Desmond now?

  2. Ms. Wright

    I really loved this episode! It was exciting & kept you on your toes the whole time. Lost of good jokes like the Burt Reynolds move reference & Sayid is a Jaboni.
    Did you notice that Jack has more gray hair on island then in the sideways time?
    Also, in Ilana’s last name of Verdansky… Nancy Drew from the Black Rock found a reference to Larry Verdansky, a character in an Isaac Asimov short story. He was a scientist in a station investigating an alien. His capsule had a set of numbers on it and it was thought that they were coordinates. (This fits in with my theory that the are all in outer space, just stickin to it. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks ladies!

  3. lopedog33

    Alright two episodes in a row with the show on the gas pedal another mystery solved this what the final season should’ve been along.Its gonna be a long two weeks.

  4. djchau

    Great Episode

    So my question is with Smokey admitting that he was Christian not really a surprise but was he Christian only on the island? What about when Christian appears to Jack of island and when he appeared to Micheal on the freighter telling him he can go now.

    Alot of people are wondering if Widmore is on Jacobs or Smokey’s side. And I think he’s only on his own side. Yes, he’s against Smokey but thats probably because if Smokey succeeds it won’t be good for him. And is it really a surprise he turn the tables around on Sawyer because one they lost Desmond supposedly the key in the operation against Smokey and Sawyer was going to hijack the sub anyway.

    So when Sawyer said to Lapidus that the submarine was the only way Dharma was able to travel from and to the island so does that mean underwater makes traveling okay but by above water or in the air you need special circumstances. Oceanic six had to set up all the right conditions to get to the island but Widmore just strolls in in his submarine which I bet you the writers will never explain how he was able to do it even though being rich and knowledge of the dharma initiative he couldn’t figure out how they did it.

    Top 3 Moments of the Show
    1. Sawyer tripping Sayid with the hose.
    2. Jack being smart and saying that if smokey want them to go with him off island then maybe staying on the island is the best way. (Is it me or was Jack the only person worrying about Smokey while the others only care was leaving the island.)
    3. Jack saving the life of Lock in one timeline and Lock saving the life of Jack in the other timeline.

  5. No need to worry, my Flash Sideways alter-ego is still alive in the well. One reason I know is because I feel extra hydrated in this alternate reality, you know being in a well and all.

    Also, I think the real reason Sawyer wanted Jack “off [his] boat” is just because there weren’t enough life vests on board. If they would have been pulled over by Dharma Coast Guard, that would be one serious monetary fine!

  6. Guinevere

    Gwen Hobbs I loved this episode. I think it’s my second favorite of the season. We finally got to see Sun and Jin find each other. I was just worried because I didn’t hear the order to shut off the pylons.
    It will be interesting to see what Jack does because Flocke seems to think they’re on the same side. Not likely! I thought Jack was the candidate but now think maybe Des is. I know Jack was supposed to be the last recruit to Flocke be we know better now. I also realize that Des hasn’t been assigned one of the numbers but, like Daniel Faraday said, he’s speicial and the rules don’t apply to him.
    I loved the Jack and James scenes and could see where both were coming from. It’s sometimes hard to remember that it’s only been a few days since Juliet died which goes a long way to explaining James’ hostility towards everyone.
    Claire – I’m still confused why she told Jin that she had only her father and her friend to keep her company all those years but then tells Jack that MIB came to her as their father. Maybe there wll be some exposition about that later. Loved Hurley’s line about her looking great. πŸ˜€ The scene at the boat with Kate was a long time coming and both actresses played it well.
    I’m beginning to think that time away from Flocke lessens his influence on Claire and Sayid. Both seem to be more themselves the longer they were away from him. …
    See More

    Hope I got this in in tiem. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!!

    2 seconds ago Β·

  7. Baron

    I think the last recruit is Jack because he is the last recruit to be with Mib. All the other recruits are away on the other island so Jack is the last of Jacob’s recruits Mib has. He isn’t the last to be recruited just last of these recruits to be stuck with Mib.

  8. arturo

    Ohhhh, that makes sense!
    The recruits are for Flocke and candidates are for Jacob, thanks for clarifying in the podcast, somehow I missed that, pretty sure it was mentioned many times before!

    I think, me having nervous breakdown because no Lost this week 😦

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