Everybody Loves…a reference to cheese!

Join Anna and Denise for a look at Everybody Loves Hugo. Together we discuss questions raised by the episode and answers received, respond to listener feedback, and nominate three characters for this episode’s character awards.

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6 responses to “Everybody Loves…a reference to cheese!

  1. Ben Mc

    Jacob told Richard the island was the cork in the wine bottle. That’s what he was trying to get Hugo to say.

  2. Anna and Denise,

    Thanks for including my voice mail in the show. I wanted to respond to your response. I mentioned that Hurley might go after Desmond in the flash sideways and you guys wondered how Hurley would know to do that.

    I think that when a character in the flash sideways gets island memories, what happens is the consciousness merges leaving one mind in control of two bodies (one in each time line). People who have died–Locke, Libby, Faraday, etc.–only get the consciousness, not the control because they are dead. Desmond was responding to Locke throwing him down the well because he’s got the same mind in both bodies. So, as soon as Hurley kisses Libby his consciousnesses integrated and he knew everything. He may even know everything that ever happens to him. That’s a kind of slaughterhouse five thing. Pretty sure this has happened to Eloise.

    Anyway, could be wrong there. I’m trying to think about what the writers are up to, and a final battle taking place in two time lines with all the candidates fully aware is irresistible.

    Thanks again,

    Jay in Gainesville

  3. annainindiana

    Ben — ahh, you are absolutely right! The analogy didn’t even cross my mind, but now it makes perfect sense. I guess I wanted bigger answers than what Richard was referring to. πŸ™‚

    Jay — that is a great theory. Makes we wonder how/if this ever happened with Charlie? And are their 2004 alt consciousnesses merging with their 2007 island consciousness…how does that line up?

  4. I think that the pool of consciousness includes their entire lives in both time lines. I feel like this has broader applications. How did Jacob weave? I think those threads are entire lives like threads in the pattern–Wheel of Time style. I think Hurley and Desmond have transcended 3-dimensional perception. They can see up and down their own timelines in two worlds and use that information to make decisions that can alter what they see. Seems like Eloise does this. Everyone else who has memories from both timelines, Charlie included, have died on the island, so they wouldn’t be able to see their entire timelines. So far this only applies to Hurley, Eloise and Desmond.

    Locke and Jack seem on the verge of awakening, but Locke’s properties will be very unique. Jack may try to kill Locke on the operating table based on a massive change in perspective when the consciousness flood happens. Or maybe he;ll know the difference between Locke/MIB.

    What I can’t work out is whether Desmond ran Locke over because he is uninformed about Locke, and thinks that the Lockes are the same person in both timelines or if Des knows that Flash Sideways Locke is not MIB, but also knows that hurting this Locke’s body hurts MIB.

    Desmond’s morality is kind of on the line here. If he knows he ran over an innocent man to hurt the Devil, how does that sort out ethically?

    Sorry I got so ramble-y there. πŸ™‚

  5. annainindiana

    To add to your beyond-3-dimensional idea, what if it goes even further to include allowing them to see their own potential actions? For example, if Ms. Hawking decided, “I’m going to pose as a clerk in a jewelry store the day Desmond comes in”, it would then allow her to see that possible outcome, which is why she says he doesn’t buy the ring and goes on to the race, the island, etc.–and she ends up changing the future to that anyway by her interference.

    I still think Desmond hit Locke to bring back his memories, and in that case, rather than thinking he’s hurting MIB…maybe he thinks this Locke (himself, or by his remembering everything) can somehow help beat MIB.

    Another thing I noticed that reminded me of Wheel of Time, but from Happily Ever After: when Widmore pulled back the cover from the man who died in the box before they put Desmond in there and studied the guy’s face, it immediately made me think of Rand looking at the faces of all the women that died fighting for him and memorizing their names. I don’t know if Widmore was doing that or just checking to make sure the guy was really dead, but thinking that Widmore might have been memorizing the faces of all the casualties he caused made me feel more sympathy for him and think of him as less-evil than I usually tend to.

  6. I like that idea about possible decisions. This is what Jacob does. The show is starting to show us how he does it by putting Hurley and Desmond and probably the other candidates through the same process Jacob went through.

    The old Rand al Thor face memorization technique? Good eye Anna. I think we got these writers nailed as WOT fans.

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