6×12 Everybody Loves Hugo

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19 responses to “6×12 Everybody Loves Hugo

  1. Finally an episode with substance. The sideways was cheesy until Des made roadkill out of Locke.
    So if the whispers are trapped souls then what was Harper? What have they been whispering about all these years?
    Allana’s death was the weakest,lamest thing ever!
    Does anyone believe Des is dead…no of course not.

  2. longlost

    illana=arzt…….lamest death ever

    so now that real Locke is going to see Jack in the hospital, how will they experience their “LOST memories?”

  3. Mallory

    Hey guys!

    A few observations to share.
    The boy we saw again, I honestly believe he is Jacob.
    Think of it as, cutting a lizards tail off. You can cut if off, but it will grow back.

    OR even a phoenix.
    Dying, by bursting flames. Reborn, only to live the same life again from the beginning. Jacob dies, and then starts from youth, to grow to the man who we knew.

    Just a quick, pretty obvious guess, as to what’ll happen next week!

    Locke, will end up at the hospital where Jack works. Jack will “Fix” Locke, much in the same way as he fixed sarah. Then, after he wakes up, Locke will relay to Jack what he saw durring his.. “accident” Something to do with Jack!

    Thanks guys!


  4. arturo


  5. djchau

    Holly Hot pockets of an episode.

    Explosions, guest stars, and a awesome ending.

    Could it be that both Desmond’s are connected somehow. I’m sure what is going to happen is because of the near death experience Locke is going to see the other side but what a way to do it. I guess if you push me down a well in return I should run you over is equal justice. And I believe he didn’t do it just to give him a near death experience because what does that mean he’s going to try to kill everyone else who was on the flight 815. If that was the case he could put them all on a mini bus and drive in the water.

    So this is what I’m thinking. Widmore says Desmond has to make a ultimate sacrifice. It seem Desmond absorbs electromagnetic energy which I’m guessing the smoke monster is made out of too. Maybe in order to defeat him he will become the new smokey and the sacrifice Desmond will have to make is that he can never leave the island. Maybe thats why Smokey saw Desmond as a threat and try to get rid of him.

    So Desmond was able to see the boy. So is he a candidate or is it because Desmond is so special. I find it odd that he didn’t turn into smokey and kill Desmond maybe he knew that in his energy form he could do no harm to him because Desmond can absorb electromagnetic energy.

    Top Three Moments
    1. Richard seeing right through Hurley’s lie by asking him what the island was and knowing Jacob doesn’t tell people what to do.
    2. Desmond taking a nose dive in the well.
    3. Desmond hitting Locke with his car without even a remorse.

  6. Ben

    Just some initial reaction thoughts, my mind is all over the place after some of the big reveals!!

    There has to be some connection between the smoke monster being “trapped” and only able to appear as the dead, and the dead not being able to move on.

    Smokey was around in ancient times if he knew people dug those wells with their bare hands. I’m thinking smokey was the original person who murdered someone (like all the dead who cannot move on).

    Also loved the call back to the pilot with hurley running from the exploding black rock. Everything is truely coming full circle!

  7. First Desmond crashes his car in the lake. Then he hits a man in his wheelchair. I don’t think there is even a prayer he will be saving money on his car insurance, even if he switches to Geico.

  8. arturo

    I had to rewatch this episode again, it was awesome!

    So it appears that Desmond in alternative reality is taking the place of Jacob ( going around touching people and hitting people with cars, to influence their futures). While the island Desmond also has Jacob quality of total zen and relaxation. Perhaps, Desmond is the real candidate, and the candidates are just distractions?

    Do you guys think that Locke will start walking again in alternative reality after the car hit and run?

  9. Just an after thought so Micheal shows up & doesn’t ask one question about WALT!!! Also he only says tell Libby sorry, what about Anna Lucia? Never did like that character.

  10. Ms. Wright

    This episode left me a little frustrated as that it seems for now that Jacobs side is failing, or flailing you could say. I am VERY sad about Ilana blowing up. (Hoping she will come back somehow)
    Did you girls notice the chalk board in the Santa Rosa rec room? Did you pick up any clues or Easter eggs from it? Thanks girls, & congrats on the “A” on your exam Denise. 🙂

  11. Gene in Sacramento

    What will Hugo do with his emerging realization of the island timeline? Will he be content to use this experience to merely explore a relationship with Libby? Or will he feel compelled to use his financial resorces to search for more answers? Can he afford to reclaim the island from the depths of the Pacific?

    They did it again! As the writers have done so often, we’re just about to get an answer to an island mystery when there’s a sudden interruption that prevents the explanation. “That thing is evil, and God help us if it ever leaves the island because … ” – BOOM! No more answers from Ilana.

    Will we find out what’s in that pouch of Ilana’s that Hugo finds so fascinating and feels a need to keep secret? Could it be Nikki and Paulo’s diamonds? Or white and black stones?

    I want to get a meal at “Fajita Field Trip”! Love that name! And why didn’t Rosalita ever show up? Do we still have time for a Rosalita backstory?

  12. Paul Lewes

    loved it! not as good perhaps as Desmonds sideways episode (but much preferred to Ad Nauseum or whatever Riccardo’s bodice-ripping soap opera was called).

    Ilana’s demise made me jump the gasp (did not see that coming). loved it.

    the moment libby kissed hugo and the images started flooding back was magical and emotional.

    desmond acts like he knows exactly what to do and what to say to nudge people in the correct life direction. In fact he acts very much like Jacob when he visited the losties. Is Desmond the Jacob figure in this alternative universe? Will this create another Jacob type character in yet another alternative universe down the line? Jacob said “it only ends once”. has it been a never-ending cycle creating alternative universes and perhaps this is the last go-round?

    my head hurts.

  13. Paul Lewes

    correction *jump then gasp*

  14. Paul Lewes

    sorry one more thing! since the episode where miles came down the stairs and the picture frames had changed, i’ve wondered whether each and every choice and decision the characters make, we’re then moved to the next universe that decision created. Lots of little decisions creating multiple universes. The “only ends once” universe is us watching all the “correct” decisions when a character faces a fork in the road.

  15. timmyfetchmemytools

    Great episode; Des has gone from charismatic to creepy!
    His method of giving Locke a near-death experience is novel – will we now have the inevitable meeting with Jack in the Hospital?

    Elana go bye-bye which was a shame!
    Whispers explanation was a bit a non-event, but acceptable.

    Will Des find a underwater tunnel out of this new Well?
    It made me think about the other Well, & wonder whether MIB is even aware of the frozen dharma-wheel time-chamber?
    I think Des pauses & says ‘excuse me?’ more than anyone on the planet!

  16. Seth

    I have a ton of gripes about this episode and the general cheesiness and uninspired direction the show seems to be going, but i’ll not bore you with those today. Instead, i’ll give you one minor theory. but first, an interesting observation:

    Why does Pierre Chang look exactly the same in 2004 as he did in 1977? Was this a continuity error on the episode’s director’s part or is this a new mystery we’re supposed to question? As intrigued as I am about the possibility of the later, i think its probably just an oversight. Anyway, on to my theory:

    I think we now know why, in the Swan station, a button had to be pushed every 108 minutes to contain the pocket of elctromagnetic energy at that location. More specifically, i think we know why a computer COULDN’T be used. The Dharma Initiative needed to make sure that someone stayed in the hatch right above the electromagnetic energy for years without leaving – so that they could build up a tolerance to the energy and be able to survive a cataclismic electromagnetic event. THAT is why desmond is special. He was exposed to small doses of energy for years – thereby rendering him immune to the effects of the energy. How, exactly, Dharma knew they would need someone with special, I don’t know, but I’m hoping it will be revealed at a later time.

  17. Seth

    ok, two more theories:

    1. Smokie threw Desmond down the well because he realized that Desmond knew the truth about him – Smokie doesnt just LOOK like John Locke, he IS John Locke.

    I feel so stupid for not recognizing this earlier, but there have been hints at this all season long: 1) In the Substitute, Smokie yelled at the boy in the woods, “don’t tell me what I can’t do!,” just like John Locke did. 2) In the same episode, we got POV views of John in his wheelchair and smokie flying through the jungle. The very fact that a Locke-centric episode was also a smokie-centric episode was a strong clue. 3) In Ab Aeterno, the “man in black” told Richard that Jacob tricked him and stole his body. So it opens up the possibility that that is not how he always looked 4) Why did smokie get “trapped” in Locke’s form – because thats the form he was in Jacob died, or because at that point, he reverted back to his “true” form? 5) Why don’t we know Smokies real name yet? – because its someone we already know.

    I don’t fully understand HOW smokie is John Locke, but i think the timeline we’ve known in seasons 1-5 has been in one giant, continuous loop, which makes this possible. Everytime we’ve seen Eloise Hawking in that universe, she’s been wearing a pendant which shows a snake eatings its tail, implying time is caught in a loop. In the LA_X universe, her pendant shows two paralell lines, symbolizing two, paralell universes. If we refer back to Jacob and MIBs conversation in the season 5 finale, they seem to acknowledge that time is stuck in some sort of loop, where an endless cycle is repeating itself.

  18. Seth

    One last observation –

    Right before Jacob died, he told Jacob, “they’re coming” and this seemed to scare Fake Locke to death.

    At the time, I thought he was referring to Illana and the rest of Jacob’s bodyguards. However, that doesnt make sense since Smokey had no reason to fear them – they were very easy to kill. After that, I assumed Jacob was referring to the Candidates, whether it was in 1977 when were about to detonate the nuke or present-day on the Island. However, we now know that Fake Locke isnt afraid of them, either – to the contrary, he WANTS them to come to him because he needs them to get off the island.

    So, who was the “they” Jacob was referring to? While Widmore and his team seem like the most logical possibility, I don’t think so. It just doesn’t feel “right” to me. My guess right now is that its some other group of people we haven’t seen before – the “people” responsible for creating the Island in the first place. Someone had to be responsible for appointing Jacob as guardian of the Island in the first place – whoever they are, I don’t think theyre going to be happy with the MIB.

  19. arturo

    Good point Seth, there must be some group of people who created the island, and who created the smokey’s chamber. They had to build the place first then put smokey in there, so somebody had a clear idea of what they were building. Somebody created this island before smokey, for what purpose, I have no idea…

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