Happily Ever After Character Award poll


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One response to “Happily Ever After Character Award poll

  1. BeachBuminSC

    This was a terrific episode. It was good to see Libby again and her statements confirm my suspicions that the people that are dead on the island are “aware” in the ATL and are able to lead the merging of the two realities – Charlie, Daniel and now Libby. I don’t know what MIB’s motives were for pushing Desmond down the well, but I’m sure he’s safe – the island isn’t finished with him yet. It was also interesting to learn that people have been trying to investigate the issues with the E-M; hence the well. And, in one short conversation, the whispers were answered. Don’t know why they whisper, but we now know who they are. Very good episode. Thanks for all you do.

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