6×11 Happily Ever After

We did a live initial reaction–just over a half hour in length–for Happily Ever After. Joined by Donald from Donald is Lost, we gave our impressions and theories from the episode right after it aired. We’ll still have our regular episode on Friday, so be sure to send in some feedback!

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11 responses to “6×11 Happily Ever After

  1. Becky

    Charlie and Daniel both seem to have knowledge of the island in the alt timeline…and both Charlie and Daniel died on the island in the original timeline.

    Also, wow. That episode was pretty crazy.

  2. djchau

    If you are a Desmond and Penny fan than you probably like the episode but for me I was expecting something incredible like the constant or flashes before your eyes but was kinda bored.

    The whole episode basically was a alt timeline episode but I guess if I actually understood it more I probably would change my mind.

    Daniel and Charlie died in the other timeline so is that why they can see the change. Dos that mean if Charlotte saw Daniel she would experience the same thing. This episode was a little too convenient on what was going on guessing because they are running out of episodes so they got to push the story some how fast. It seemed to react differently to each person. Daniel just had to see Charlotte, Charlie had to literally die, and Desmond was in the water to experience the other timeline.

    Ms. Hawkings I hope they explain why she was like that because it would be really upsetting if they were only screwing with us in how she talked to Desmond like she knew what was going on.

    What was up with Desmond afterwards. For a moment I thought the conscience of the alt timeline Desmond went into him. Maybe he got to see what was going on in the body of the other Desmond. Hurts my head to think about it.

    So this is my guess of the purpose of Desmond. maybe the smoke monster is basically made of of energy very similar to the electromagnetic energy thats around the island. Since that energy seems to have no effect on Desmond the Smoke monster if he attacked Desmond would have no effect either.

  3. Ms. Wright

    Great Episode!! Did you guys notice that painting in Widmore’s office with the justice scales? There was something black on one side & white on the other side. There where a lot of mirror images & I think the two time lines are coming together. I thought this last week with Mikhale getting shot in the eye. I think the time lines are parallel & things are happening at the same time between the two times. Like, Desmond looking at his hand after shaking Penny’s hand like it just happened. Also Sun losing her English last week while in the side time not being able to speak English.
    Also, to stick with my “They are in outer space” theory… Eloise had two Star lapel pins on her jacket. Just saying…

    Thanks Ladies!


  4. Steve in Royal Oak

    My first reaction to this episode of Lost was anger. I was angry they spent so much time in the alternate timeline, Desmond being the perfect employee of Widmore was just too cutesy, and then, when they showed that it was “love” that made the breakthrough, I thought they had jumped the shark. This close to the end, and this is what it’s going to be? (Like with “The Orphanage”; a real good ghost/horror story, with a sappy ending that more or less ruined the movie.)

    I then listened to various initial reaction podcasts, and found I was pretty much alone in this assessment.

    So I watched it again. It was better the second time around, and having had time to think about it, I understand it more.

    So here’s my thoughts:

    – The alternate timeline is the “second bunny” that was created when they “reset” by setting off the nuke.

    – How did Widmore know there was a second timeline created? Desmond knows it now, but how did Charles know?

    – Is Eloise working for the smoke monster in the alternate timeline?

    – What does any of this have to do with Jacob and MIB?

    – Do all the alternate Losties have to go back to the island (maybe just the candidates?)?

    Only six episodes to go…I hope they don’t wimp out on us. This was the first episode that made me think they might.

  5. The Alternate Timeline was explained perfectly, but everyone is conveniently avoiding the REAL question:

    How does Desmond know how to drive a car with a steering wheel on the left side? Does that mean on the island he can only drive cars with steering wheels on the right?

    I guess only time will tell (PUN INTENDED).


  6. arturo

    This episode was okay… I didn’t find it very interesting, especially the ending when the two desmonds kind of smile, so does that mean it is now 1 desmond or both of them know the same thing about the island and the alt-timeline?

    I agree with djchau, whats up with eloise? How come she knows so much? Does she know about Jacob and MIB, has she seen them?

  7. kellicraftstudio

    Hi Anna and Denise. I loved this episode for the simple fact that something seems to be finally happening. Someone besides Man-in-Locke has a plan which is a good thing. There were some things in this episode that were “off”. Besides the car stunt my husband called lame, I find it hard to believe that Desmond, who had a reciprocal love story that lasted years, was unable to feel the “love” while Faraday and Charlie, who were in unrequited love relationships, were able to feel the “love”. I have a feeling that Eloise had found her happily ever after and is trying to prevent Desmond from disrupting it. Can you say bad time cop?

  8. timmyfetchmemytools

    Really enjoyed this episode,
    A big chunk of quality Desmond-time is always welcome, making me think strongly of the great episode ‘Flashes before your eyes’.
    Following on from Kelli, I’m also really beginning to suspect that Eloise is a Timecop or something! Does every version of her know about the impending fate of their universe?
    Penny is Daniel’s half-sister? Hmm.
    I suppose her biological father in the alter-verse timeline is the badly photo-shopped Monk? Otherwise would’nt her surname be Widmore as well?
    It was good to finally see the timelines bleeding through much more prominently, meaning we will be coming to a time-crunch soon.
    The Desmond-in-a-box sequence was reminiscent of that scene in Watchmen when Dr Manhattan was created. Expect superpowers to follow.

  9. Hi Anna and Denise! Just wanted to say that I loved this episode, and I love your podcast as well! I listen every week, but this is my first comment. I guess with only a few episodes left to go, I’m too excited to stay quiet anymore. 🙂

    So, my question is this: what happened to the ring??? So much was made of the fact that Desmond was wearing a wedding band in ‘LA X’ when he had his brief conversation with Jack on the plane, but in this most recent episode they actually went out of their way to state (via Minkowski) that Desmond WASN’T wearing a ring…….so what gives?? He certainly doesn’t seem to be physically time-traveling (or alternate-universe-jumping, or whatever the heck we’re supposed to call it), so why does this one physical detail change, and in such a short span of time, too? Veeeeeery strange. It’s a small detail, but no detail is too small to be important on LOST!!

    Anyway. Keep up the great work, ladies, looking forward to listening to the show later!

  10. Tom Walls

    I thought it was pretty mind-blowing; the connection between the original and alternate timelines was confirmed. It was also revealed that Eloise, and possibly Charles know exactly why things are different.

    That’s an interesting observation about the accents. I still wonder why Alan Dale’s NZ accent is so apparent. He acts with a very convincing American accent in several other shows.

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