Miles made a bacon reference!

Join Anna and Denise in taking a look at Lost 6×10 “The Package”. We touch on topics such as Widmore saying everything they know will “cease to be”, what Desmond’s purpose on the island could be, how the electromagnetic energy could play a role, and Locke’s plans to leave the island. As always, we respond to listener comments and voicemails and nominate a few characters for the weekly character award.

Runtime 1:07:15

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3 responses to “Miles made a bacon reference!

  1. timmyfetchmemytools

    What was the point of Sun’s Aphasia?
    I really hope it isnt going to be a lame ‘mirroring’ device, so that when Sun is reunited with Jin, She will only be able to speak Korean while he can speak English!

  2. timmyfetchmemytools

    Now, you mentioned bacon…..
    I realise this is a Lost Blog & not a Bacon Blog,but..

    Now I only eat stupid animals like chickens & cows!

  3. Oh my, was that really a indoor pig–a pet?!

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