6×10 The Package discussion

Poor Sayid doesn’t feel anything! It was great to see Mikhail again (and Room 23), and it seems that Sun and Jin are not married…and Sun really doesn’t speak English. Locke can’t travel over water, but we didn’t get to see the outrigger scene that we’ve been waiting for?! And the final reveal…the package…what did you think? What is his purpose there? The war is coming, but what will it consist of? And if Smokey Locke leaves the island…everything will cease to exist?! What would Smokey even do if the world ceased to exist??



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13 responses to “6×10 The Package discussion

  1. Ms. Wright

    I liked this episode more then I expected to after last weeks. I liked Sawyer mentioning the thing about traveling across the water…. We knew that but it was nice to hear it from Un-Locke.
    I am glad Desmond was the package. I am sure he will be a big part of the war! I don’t know what it will consist of, but I know the writers will do a great job!
    What does Mikhail getting shot in the eye on the sideways time line & having the patch on regular time line do to the over all time line?? I am really thrown for a loop on that one! The time lines seem alternate to me… How can he be dead in both time lines if not? Maybe Jin didn’t kill him in the sideways, but he looked dead to me!
    WOW, I have to process this some more…

  2. Ms. Wright

    PS… Keamy to Jin: “I going to strap you in here… Just in case you figure out what is about to happen to the island. I can’t have you freaking out!”

    What does this mean???

  3. Jennifer Prilliman

    Rough beginnings of a theory…

    I think the same properties on the Island that give it its healing powers are also the same that would destroy humanity if released. Last week MIB said Jacob took his body and humanity. MIB only still exists by harnessing those electro-magnetic properties. Jacob realizes the harm they would do if released and therefor must keep MIB on the Island. Widmore’s team is going to try and neutralize the magnetic pockets this destroying MIB.

  4. I wonder if Sun died in the flash sideways because of the gun shot wound, would she die while on the island. Sort of a Matrix-type thing. The one problems I see with that is the island timeline is 2007 and the sideways is 2004. We do know that the island time is off, though. Remember the experiment “Twitchy” aka Faraday did with the freighter? With the island moving and all, it could match up somehow.

  5. djchau

    Great episode of Sun and Jin. They haven’t been getting too much air time probably due to the fact the writers want to cover everything else to give us answers but this a really good episode. I was actually more interested in the flash sideways story more than what was happening on the island. The island story was pretty predictable including the package being Desmond. With only a few episodes left unless a tornado like the wizard of oz picked up Desmond and flew him to the island the scenario of Widmore bringing him here was a believable way to get him on the island. There was no way Lost was going to end without the inclusion of Desmond somehow. The only non main character other than Desmond that is so mysterious we want to know is Walt and if he doesn’t get a conclusion thats fine. Walt may have freaky powers but so does Miles and Hurley and I don’t think the writers are ever going to explain why they do.

    I was wondering when Sun looks into the mirror before opening the door to Keamy she looked strange like she saw something weird and it was right after the on island incident when she hits her head running from smokey. It was a quick scene but did she see a bump or mark on her. Is it similar to what Jack saw on the plane with the cut on his neck. Are these two worlds more connected then we thought they were?

    So with the reveal of Desmond being the package and the use of Jin to find pockets of magnetic energy I’m wondering because of the episodes flashes before your eyes and the constant we know how special Desmond is like Fariday said he is special of how the rules don’t apply to him like time. maybe they are going to send desmond or at least his mind through time to change time to prevent smokey into coming to power.

    Top three moments was
    1. Sun yelling at Richard in Korean
    2. Mikheal getting shot in the eye.
    3. That special room 23. (I always wondered if this what they did after the others kidnapped a person who came to the island to make them a follower like Cindy and the kids.

  6. Ms. Wright

    Okay on this: Keamy to Jin: “I going to strap you in here… Just in case you figure out what is about to happen to THE ISLAND. I can’t have you freaking out!”

    Closed Caption says: Keamy to Jin: “I going to strap you in here… Just in case you figure out what is about to happen to YOU. I can’t have you freaking out!”

    However, if you listen to it is sounds s lot more like THE ISLAND & not just YOU!

    What do you think?

  7. I also liked this episode more than I thought I would. So do you think Sun not being able to speak English is the alt timeline bleeding through, she did get wounded in both timelines. What does Widmore mean by “they will cease to exist” & how does he know that?

  8. Gene in Sacramento

    I sent the following email to ABC –

    During the March 30 episode of Lost, there was a countdown bug promoting the show following Lost, which appeared throughout the entire episode. It was not the normal transparent type, but a bright red. It was extremely distracting and irritating, and in places actually obscured some details relevant to the story. This gimmick was a big mistake on your part. Ihad wanted to see that program, but after suffering through this for an hour, I will never watch it again. What an insult to us loyal Lost fans!

  9. Ben

    I really enjoyed the episode, was good to see some screen-time for Sun & Jin.

    I really liked how they showed their relationship in the sideways, also the reveal that the $25k was for Keamy to kill Jin!!! OH NO!

    There were also so many call backs to previous seasons and episodes which i also really liked.

    I think from next week we will really see things ramp up towards the finish, espically with Desmond back on the island!

  10. Seth

    I haven’t had a chance to watch the Package yet, but I wanted to share a theory that would explain the entire mythology of Lost. It has to do with Lilith, the apocryphal first wife of Adam. Traditions vary, but the story as told by C.S. Lewis, whom we know the Lost writers are fond of, goes that Adam and Lilith two had children before the creation of Eve. At some point, Lilith sinned and was cast out with her children… Jacob and the MIB.

    Since they were concieved before she sinned and became imperfect, they are also “perfect” and therefore don’t age and have special powers. The island could either be the garden of eden or it could be the place they were banished to. The “darkness” infecting people on the island is the same thing that infected Lilith, made her crazy, and caused her to sin.

    Its possible Ab Aeterno gave us a clue that this theory will turn out to be true. According to wikipeida, in the Kabbalah version of the myth, Lilith “is listed as one of the Qliphoth, corresponding to the Sephirah Malkuth in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The demon Lilith, the evil woman, is described as a beautiful woman, who transforms into a blue, butterfly-like demon, and it is associated with the power of seduction.” What did we see hovering in the Black Rock right before Richard was tempted by Smokie? A horribly crappy CGI blue butterfly.

  11. He’s baaaaaaaaack! The actual Big Daddy Dez is finally back on the Island!

    I am living Dez’s current Flash Sideways. My accent has turned Scottish from Mid-Western, I have developed a strange craving for Haggis and I refer to the St. Louis Police Department as the St. Louis Yard.

    Also, I noticed that I really need to use some Windex when I looked at myself in the mirror.

    See you in another episode brotha.


  12. Seth

    So i’ve watched the Package and thought it was probably the 2nd best flash-sideways episode yet. Not to totally discredit my previous theory, but I no longer think the island is a cork to keep evil out. In the Package, Widmore said that if the MIB is allowed to leave the island, they would all simply “cease to exist.” In other words, the reality in which they all live would be destroyed. When Jacob told Richard that the island contained “evil,” he was simply explaining this in terms a 19th century catholic peasant could understand and relate to. i mean, something that could destroy an entire reality (including billions of people) would certainly be percieved as “evil” from the point of view of people living in that reality.

    Widmore’s quote was also reminiscent of what Ms. Hawking told Desmond back in the season 3 episode Through the Looking Glass, when Desmond went into her jewlry store to buy a ring for penelope.

    DESMOND: I’ll take it.

    MS. HAWKING: [surprised] I’m sorry?

    DESMOND: It’s perfect. I’ll take it.

    MS. HAWKING: No you won’t. Give me the ring. Give it here.

    DESMOND: I don’t understand.

    MS. HAWKING: This is wrong. You don’t buy the ring. You have second thoughts; you walk right out that door. So, come on, let’s have it.

    DESMOND: I don’t know what you’re on about.

    MS. HAWKING: You don’t buy the ring, Desmond.

    DESMOND: How do you know my name?

    MS. HAWKING: Well, I know your name as well as I know that you that don’t ask Penny to marry you. In fact, you break her heart. Well, breaking her heart is, of course, what drives you in a few short years from now to enter that sailing race — to prove her father wrong — which brings you to the island where you spend the next 3 years of your life entering numbers into the computer until you are forced to turn that failsafe key. And if you don’t do those things, Desmond David Hume, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US IS DEAD. So give me that sodding ring.

    Desmond needed to push the button in the Swan station because the Dharma Initiative punctured the “cork” and made a small hole by which a small fraction of the electromagnetic energy could escape. Essentially, Desmond was doing on a smaller scale, what I think BOTH the Jacob AND THE MIB have been doing for thousands of years… keeping the reality-destroying electromagnetic energy at bay. However, at some point, the MIB stopped caring about his assignment. He had a horrible childhood because of his mothers insanity and, as he told Kate, he wishes things had been different, and has been trying for centuries to leave the island, go back in time and change things. Because he tried to do this before, Jacob tricked him and turned him into a smoke monster, thereby ensuring that both he and the MIB could stay on the island and preserve the present reality. Presently, the MIB has killed Jacob and is in the process of leaving the Island. Will he succeed? Possibly. But I think the Island has a failsafe key of its own – the frozen donkey wheel. And at some point, i think we’re going to see what happens when the wheel is turned the other way. And whatever happens, I think it will result in the cork being submerged at the bottom of the sea, inaccessible to humans, and permanently keeping the electromagnetic energy at bay.

  13. arturo

    What if MIB is from alte-verse, he just wants to go back to his reality. And whatever you bring from alte-verse turns into smoke!

    now I am more confused than ever!

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