Lost 6×9: La historia de Ricardo

We finally saw the whole glorious Richard story! And it was almost an entire episode of flashback! What did you learn about Jacob? About the man in black? If Jacob is the cork holding MIB on the island, and he’s gone, then why can’t MIB leave quite yet? Did you notice any particular phrases that we’d heard before? The one that stands out to be is “good to see you out of those chains”, but there were interesting parallels like, “I looked into his eyes, and all I saw was evil”, as opposed to what Locke said, “I looked into the eye of the island, and what I saw was beautiful.” This episode was quite heavy on philosophy, prayers, talk of hell, etc., so let us know what you thought!

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22 responses to “Lost 6×9: La historia de Ricardo

  1. Mallory

    I am completely convinced now. Jacob and the MIB are the same person. Its the Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hide Scenario.

    He will not let himself unleash his own evil unto the world. Its the duality of man that is at stake here. Jacob is using everyone who comes to the island, to prove that he is not the only one capable of change. He is proving that there is still hope for humanity. That one has choice over his own inner evil, his inner demon. His, MAN IN BLACK.

    The reason Jacob is on the Island in the first place, he is paying his pennance. I believe he was the little boy with blood on his hands. He has killed his crazy mother.. as a punishment, he is forever banished to this island, to pay for his sin.

  2. The Question that still remains I believe is “Why” did Jacob choose to bring the Black Rock to the Island? Was there someone else on board he wanted instead of Richard? Of all the questions left, I really don’t NEED the answer to this, but just curious.

    Richard was also totally rude thinking he could just invite himself into Jacob’s foot-house. He wasn’t even invited! I’m sure Jacob was not expecting visitors and didn’t have time to tidy up, especially for his possible murderer. I think Richard needs to subscribe to the MannersCast and learn a thing or two about calling ahead.

    -El Padre Grande Dez.

  3. Ms. Wright

    I love them actually saying that the devil is on the island! I like them showing Luke 4 from the bible, where Satan tempted Jesus! Jesus also drives out an Evil spirit in Luke 4. I am thinking more & more that they are having Jacob represent God & MIB Satan. (Thought for a few minutes it was going to be the other way around. That would have been a big twist, but I wouldn’t like it.)

    I also want to relent on my prediction that Kate is pregnant. I thought they had been there longer then about 9 to 10 days! I guess she wouldn’t show that early then. Still wouldn’t be surprised if she does show up pregers though. 🙂

  4. djchau

    This was a episode I felt was good but got great until the very end. I guess they really wanted to explain the whole back story of Richard since he is a fan favorite so they took alot of time out of the episode to do it but it seem to drag long. But the end was so juicy with information that I’m sure people are starting to try to figure out.

    I did find it odd that in last seasons finale Smokey and Jacob saw the ship and it was sunny and not a cloud in the sky but then we see that the ship encounters a storm that picks it up and fly it across the island and I guess and the statue breaks.

    So I believe that Smokey goal is before he gets off the island he has to have the remaining candidates killed somehow. To make sure no one takes Jacobs place to keep smokey back on the island. So maybe the cave was Smokey and not Jacobs and the names being crossed off was not because they weren’t worthy of being a candidate but his kill list of people he didn’t have to worry about. Locke is out of the picture and Sayid I believe is taken care of which means Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, and one of the Kwons are left. I’m guessing Smokey is going to kill Sawyer some how and not take him off the island. I’m sure crazy Claire or Sayid might be able to do it for him. Maybe thats is why Smokey was a bit upset seeing Kate knowing she would probably interfere in Sawyers demise.

    I was so glad at the end we find out Richard doesn’t go to Smokey’s side even though the whole episode was basically pointing in that direction of him turning his back on Jacob.

    I usually have a open mind in shows like these that have a science fiction element to the show but Lost was good in trying to connect it with technically explanations of why all the weird things happen to the show so I hope with this episode of bringing up evil and darkness that its not going in the direction of like trying to connect it with the concepts of hell or heaven. Like for Battle Star Galactica , which is one of my favorite shows which ended with angels or spirits of how you want to interpret it which kinda disappointed me so I hope Lost ends with a more realistic explanation of the island.

  5. arturo

    Very interesting what MIB told Richard, correct me if I am wrong but he said something something like that:

    “Jacob stripped away my human side, he turned me into this thing”

    I am starting to suspect more and more now that Jacob is the bad guy! He brought a ship full of people to the island and they all got killed but one guy. He doesn’t really care about people, its like as if he is bringing food for the smokey, or just to keep smokey entertained or something. I get it that he is trying to prove a point to MIB but at what cost? Almost all the people he brought to the island are dead.

    So my conclusion is that Jacob created smokey, he took a man and turned him into smoke monster. He probably killed his all family as well, in order to make the smoke monster more evil. He brings all those people to the island to test smokey, and when smokey is finally ready, he will let him go.

  6. Wray

    First of all the Cork is not Jacob, the cork is the island. MIB is still trapped on the island and although we still don’t know how he plans to escape it surely involves the destruction of the island.

    Just an observation, but many of the arguments for Jacob as the bad guy sound exactly like arguments against the existence of God (i.e. if God exists, then why is there so much suffering in the world?) I am NOT saying that Jacob=God, but I can’t deny the parallel arguments.

  7. Guinevere

    djchau said, “So I believe that Smokey goal is before he gets off the island he has to have the remaining candidates killed somehow. To make sure no one takes Jacobs place to keep smokey back on the island. So maybe the cave was Smokey and not Jacobs and the names being crossed off was not because they weren’t worthy of being a candidate but his kill list of people he didn’t have to worry about. Locke is out of the picture and Sayid I believe is taken care of which means Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, and one of the Kwons are left. ”
    After the conversation between Jacob and MIB, I believe this is exactly what MIB wants to do! By offering the different candidates what he thinks they want, he’s going to put them into a position of being killed either by each other or by Widmore’s bunch.
    I thought it was interesting that MIB gave the same dagger and said that same words to Richard as Dogen did to Sayid. I’m not really sure what to think of that since Dogen was ostensibly “good” and MIB is “bad”.
    Another question I had is for Jacob’s reasons for not helping the survivors of the shpwreck. I can sort of understand him bringing people to the Island but to leave them in chains to get out the best way they can definitely left them open to MIB’s manipulations (loved the Luke 4:23 reference where Satan is tempting Jesus!) even though he took his time getting there as well. I think Richard made a really good point to Jacob about that and it seems something that Jacob hadn’t thought about.
    Fantastic episode and it was great to see Hurley be able to use his gift for something somewhat tangible – saving Richard from himself. Loved that he let Jack know that what was going on didn’t pertain to him.
    It looks to me like MIB intends to “break hell” rather than wait for the cork to pop, doesn’t it?? It also makes me wonder how he heard that conversation between Richard and Jacob unless Jacob and MIB are two sides of the same coin…

  8. Johnny2432

    Saludos Anna y Denise. Quise dejar un comentario acerca del episodio de anoche de Lost, Ab Aeterno. Este episodio fue fantástico! Néstor Carbonell actuó excelente, tuvimos más información acerca de Jacob y el hombre en negro, descubrimos que fue la roca negra la que rompió la estatua, etc. Otra de las cosas que me gusto fue que tuvimos un descanso de los “flash sideways” y fue bueno regresar al formato que tanto amamos “flashbacks”. Otra cosa, no me gusto mucho la manera en que hicieron a Richard inmortal, quería algo más emocionante (Yo pensé que quizás Richard iba a estar herido por la espada y se iba a morir… luego Jacob lo iba a revivir y de ahí en adelante se iba a convertir en el hombre que no envejece.) y no solo un simple toque. (Aunque eso era lo que podíamos esperar ya que Lost nos ha demostrado lo importante que es el toque de Jacob)

    Ahora tengo algunas preguntas para ustedes: ” ¿Que piensan de Flocke al final del episodio cuando observamos que él estaba escuchando la ultima conversación entre Hurley, Isabella y Richard? ¿El hombre en negro tiene habilidades auditivas extraordinarias que no sabíamos? ¿Que piensan de todas las referencias del infierno en este episodio? creen que eso solo era una forma de expresarse? ¿O simplemente Damon y Carlton molestando a los fanáticos? ¿Creen que de verdad hay un chance de que la isla es el infierno? ¿Siguen creyendo que Jacob es el bueno o tienen algunas dudas?

    ps: Hope the message wasn’t too long. If it’s ok maybe i can write some more if you need more messages for the spanish section of the podcast (just twitter me if u need anything) . I have only seen the episode once and i’m sure there’s a lot of stuff that i missed or didn’t even talked about.

    – Johnny

  9. Seth

    I’m sure I am in the minority, but i was completely and utterly disappointed with Ab Aeterno. My disappointment has nothing to do with the excellent direction, cinematography, and acting in the episode. Nestor, Mark, and Titus were all superb. However, I take issue with the extremely ridiculous and cheesy explainations the Lost writers have given us to some of the shows mysteries:

    1. The island is a cork that keeps evil out of the world? I would think that after 6 years, the writers could come up with something more interesting than that.

    2. Jacobs alleged motives and actions don’t make sense. He’ll bring people to the island and then just lets smokey kill them off? The ones that surive are given a “clean slate” on life, but they arent told of this – so how would they act any differently than they would have if they’d not come to the Island? If Jacob wants to prove a point to the MIB, why not just observe humanity off the island? Jacob speaks of good and bad, yet he has brought hundreds of people to the island to die just to prove a point.

    3. Based on principle, Jacob won’t interfere with people that come to the island, but he’ll appoint Richard to do the same thing? Thats like saying murder is wrong, but i’ll pay a hitman to kill someone for me.

    4. And worst of all – What happens if the man in black leaves the island? Everyone goes to hell. REALLY?

    I certainly hope Jacob and the MIB weren’t being truthful in this weeks episode and that both of them were just using Richards Catholic belief system to manipulate him.

    If the writers of show really expect us to beleive and be satisfied with the explainations they gave us in Ab Aeterno, then Lost has officially “nuked the fridge.”

  10. Seth

    Possible evidence that Jacob’s a big fat liar – it would appear the sideways timeline is one where the island is sunk – the illustrative cork has been popped – and it doesn’t seem like the world is any more evil than the original timeline we’ve seen on the show. So maybe the “Man in Locke” was being truthful when he told Sawyer that the island didn’t need protecting and it’s “just a d@mned island.”

  11. timmyfetchmemytools

    I am partly with Seth on this Episode;

    Despite that we have finally been give the long-awaited Alpert back story, and that Nestor Carbonel acted his socks off – I felt strangely disappointed with this episode – even though I was right in predicting the Black Rock would be swept onto the island by a Tidal Wave!

    Partly it was because I really didn’t really like Tucker Gate’s Directing style at all – that hugely distracted me from the story, but also because I had the impression the writers were doing a ‘Spiderman3’ and trying to cram too much mythology in the episode.(Black Rock lands on Island – Tick. Statue destroyed – Tick. Richard Alpert’s not-ageing origin explained – Tick etc)

    We have learned however;
    Jacob is obviously a very powerful entity; he can bestow immortality on others, he can summon huge storms, he has a healing touch etc.
    I think Jacob made MIB what he is (calling back to my Heiroglyphics translation – the ‘Transfiguration of the Gods’ ), either by intention or accident. In making MIB so powerful, he had to trap him on the island forever, and to protect himself, he also made the ‘rule’ that MIB cannot directly harm Jacob.

    Jacob’s comment that he can’t intefere or intervene in the fate of others, yet he brings people to the Island without so much as a ‘by your leave’ annoys me!
    It’s like kidnapping & dumping someone blindfolded in a maze & then saying ‘sorry I can’t help you, you’ll have to work it out for yourself. It’s for your own good.’ A little unfair I think. But it seems Richard gave him an inkling that maybe someone could do the ‘guiding’ for him.

    I don’t believe there is the MIB/Jacob duality or split single entity. I think we will definitely find out MIB & Jacob are two distinct persons.

    BTW, did anyone else think that dagger looked Roman in design?

  12. I think there’s something about the visions of the deceased. Richard sees his dead wife, when he was in a state of dehydration, Jack saw Christian looking for water, also dehydrated. Hurley sees Dave when hungry. Eko see’s Yemi, almost on his death bed. I think all the visions have come about due to hunger, drunk, dehydration, drug induced hallucinations or any condition that makes us delerious if we look back I think he can see a common link between by delerious and seeing visions.

  13. crackpot

    What do you call a smoke creature that is capable of sometimes taking human form? A genie, AKA a djinn. Is it a coincidence that there is a Korean character named Jin? I think not. It’s an auditory clue that the producers have been giving us all along. Now we’re told the island is a cork confining evil fluid in a bottle.

    So here’s my crackpot theory. Once upon a time there was a good djinn. He encountered a bad man who was named Jacob and who looked like Mark Pellegrino. Jacob had a crazy mommy and a miserable life, so his wish was to become a djinn. The good djinn was capable of fulfilling that wish and thus had no choice but to grant it. He did point out that the new djinn would have to start out imprisoned inside a bottle until a human let him out, and Jacob, figuring he would just need some patience, agreed. The good djinn swapped his own smoky form for Jacob’s body and name.

    So now there was a powerful good man called Jacob and a bad djinn. Jacob, realizing what destruction the bad djinn could wreak upon the world if free, designed a special electromagnetic bottle around an island in the middle of the ocean. He made the island invisible to the outside world and caused it to move through both space and time so no one would ever find it.

    The bad djinn, cognizant that he would never be free, felt tricked and betrayed by Jacob. The two squabbled over human nature. Jacob wanted to prove a point, so he and the djinn made a deal–Jacob would bring people to the island, and if the djinn could get one of them to kill Jacob and all potential replacements for Jacob, the djinn could be free. But if Jacob could find a good person to agree to replace him, the evil djinn would be trapped forever.

  14. crackpot

    I thought of a different way to rewrite my previous theory. Hopefully it will be more comprehensible.

    MIB=Man in Black
    MIW=Man in White
    GIB=Genie in Black
    GIW=Genie in White

    Once upon a time there was a man whose name was Jacob and who looked like Mark Pellegrino and who wore a black shirt indicative of his being bad. One day the man in black (MIB) found a “magic box.” He opened the box and out came a pillar of white smoke that took a human appearance that looked like Titus Welliver wearing a white shirt. This genie in white (GIW) said to MIB, “Here’s the deal. You make a wish. I grant the wish. Then I go free.”

    MIB: “I wish to become a genie as free as you’ll be after you grant my wish.”

    GIW: “That’s clever, but no. A wish that mentions other wishes is not a proper wish but rather a metawish. I can’t grant metawishes. Also, a genie must be trapped until it is freed by a human. I’m not human, so I couldn’t free you anyway. If you want to be a free genie, you’ll have to be patient until a human frees you.”

    MIB: “Agreed.”

    GIW realized that if he turned MIB into GIB and put him back into the same magic box, eventually a human would find the box and free the evil GIB who might wreak havoc upon the world. So GIW created a special new box, bottle, whichever you want to call it, as described in my post above. Since GIB wouldn’t need his prior human form anymore, and to add insult to injury, GIW took MIB’s body and name for himself, resulting in Man in White (MIW) who calls himself Jacob and wears a white shirt, and Genie in Black (GIB) who is either black smoke or formerly Titus Welliver wearing a black shirt or a dead person of his choice or more recently looks like Locke.

  15. Paul Lewes

    Hi Anna.
    Love your podcast. One of the best Lost podcasts (and one of the only 3 i listen to nowadays). We don’t get this episode until Friday in the UK but watched it online.

    OK. I didn’t like this episode. There. I’ve said it. Although I’m feeling like a bad Lost viewer for saying it. I just found the Richard back story so SLOW. Lots of horse-riding and far too long in chains. The whole hour told us nothing new apart from the final few minutes (although all that told us was that Jacob brings people to the island and is trying to keep Smokey on the island, which actually we already know). Nestor Carbonell is a great actor and demonstrated his talent admirably in this episode but it did nothing to further the story and, as we get closer to the final episode, it really did feel like filler. Hoping that next weeks episode will be a new chapter and this episode was an intermission! A sorbet to clear the mind for the next Act of this Play.

    I’m hoping that the final big reveal (what the island is about and what Jacob and Unlocke are really about) are so quick and obvious (perhaps we’ll all slap our foreheads for not guessing sooner) that the creators are holding it all back for the final episode. (and by the way, I want to know what the island is about. I will be annoyed if, after all these years of the island having electro-magnetic properties and jumping through time, the only explanation we get is that it’s just a cork.)

    Will rewatch on Sky on Friday (but on my UK tivo-type box so I can whizz through the 40 minutes of Richard on horseback and in chains to get to the five minutes of wine cork).

    I wasn’t worried about the show spinning it’s wheels until this episode which just seemed so over-indulgent. And I can’t quite work out if it was to indulge fans or the creators but it left me feeling as if I’d just watched a “quirky” one-off, like a musical episode of Buffy or Moonlighting doing Shakespeare.

  16. Steve in Royal Oak

    A lot of things make sense now. Dave was smokey trying to get Hurley to kill himself, thus eliminating a candidate. Ecko was unrepentant, therefore smokey couldn’t control him, therefore he killed him; contrast that with Richard and Ben, who he could control through their desire for forgiveness (really evident upon rewatching “Dead is Dead”).

    Jacob was the protector of the island, as his death wasn’t enough to free the man in black; apparently he has to destroy the island (or whatever it takes to “pop the cork”, as it were) in some as yet unrevealed way, which he apparently can’t do as long as there is a protector. The candidates are for the new protector of the island (the setup seems to be pointing to Jack, though it could very well be Hurley).

    When I rewatched “Dead is Dead”, I noticed that on the wall above the grate that smokey came out of to “judge” Ben, the carving showed smokey and the statue Jacob lived in (obviously representing Jacob) squared off against each. other

  17. Steve in Royal Oak

    To continue the thought above about Ecko, smokey came to him as Yemi, trying to get him to be repentant, which would have given him an avenue to control him.

  18. Steve in Royal Oak

    Up to this point, I’ve yet to understand the flash-sideways; their purpose, their point, etc.

    On your blog there’s a link to another blog entitled “It’s All About Bunnies”. That got me to thinking…what if it is? After all, when Pierre Chang was experimenting with the time-travelling bunnies, it actually generated another bunny (remember how they had to keep them apart?). What if, with all the key-turning, bomb-exploding, time-shifting stuff going on, the flash-sideways isn’t an alternate reality, so to speak, it’s just that duplicate copy of the Losties going about their way? (And then, as a crackpot theory, maybe getting two of them in the same place (i.e., two Jacks) is what “pops the cork” on the island, fereing the man in black?)

  19. Steve in Royal Oak

    That should be “freeing” the man in black.

  20. Seth

    doing some casual reading on lostpedia, i found another continuity error on the show.

    in a previous episode, desmond went to see widmore at an auction for the ledger of the black rocks first mate. the ship set sail in 1845 and went missing shortly thereafter. the ledger was discovered in 1852… so how is it that mangus hanso, the first mate, and the black rock were all “alive and well” in 1867?

    the show employs a number of people whose one and only job is to ensure continuity on the show. it baffles me how they could screw up something so basic. you’d think theyd have some sort of timeline they were working off of.

  21. Seth

    One last thought.

    At the beginning of the episode, we were taken back to the conversation we saw part of in last season’s finale, between jacob and Ilana. I can’t help but wonder why Jacob was dressed in black in that scene.

    I wonder, could that have perhaps been Jacob’s nemesis? or, how about an even more far out theory – The man in black told richard that Jacob had stolen his body… perhaps the man in black IS the real Jacob, and the man we’ve seen has jacob so far is just an imposter.

  22. Jacob

    This show is incoherent and internally inconsistent. I thought it jumped the shark with time travel but now with the stupidity of godlike creatures who can be killed with a magic knife, even thoughh dead can communicate with the living, can be anywhere on the Island at any given time, it is now a jumped the shark blatheringly incoherent show.

    Ricardo lives on the Canary Islands but has taught himself English. This is absoloutely necessary because the gods (Jacob and his Nemesis) only speak English and a modern English at that which would be rather different from the English spoken in the 19th Century. The gods also magically dress in a manner native to the late 20th and early 21st century.

    Taken all together, the second best explanation is the Jacob and Nemesis are time travelling creatures from the future. In their temporal form they may have even been descendants of the people/candidates on the Island making those people immune from death.

    The best explanation, however, is that this is all poorly though through horseshit.

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