Recon podcast: Colin gets more feedback than we do…

Welcome to our regular weekly episode in which we discuss Lost 6×8 “Recon”. After discussing some more thoughts on the episode, we respond to feedback (yes, a few were comments to Colin, who joined us on our special edition initial reaction podcast Tuesday night) and make a few announcements…

Jay and Jack’s 30 hour podcast is coming up this weekend, and we’ll be appearing at 6:45am EST Sunday the 21st.

Alex from Audibly Lost came to town last week and hung out with us – keep an eye on his site in the coming months for updates!

If you’re interested in winning a promo code to receive a free Lost Answers iPhone app designed by Big-O, remember to leave a comment below with your favorite scene or line from season 6 by next Thursday, and we’ll do a random drawing for three winners!

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2 responses to “Recon podcast: Colin gets more feedback than we do…

  1. Hey Guys – enjoying the podcast – writing this as I’m listening so if you cover this later sorry. Sawyer’s – origin in the island time line – his parents were killed in Jasper Alabama but the letter that he carried with him in season 1 had a postmark from TN (we can assume that he didn’t adress it until he was living with his uncle?). Also – in the island timeline (not X), prior to his trip to Sydney Sawyer must have been in California as well – because when Hibbs gives him the info he is with Hugo’s ‘lottery girl’, and Hugo is from California.

  2. Ms. Wright

    Hey there gals,
    Great Podcast as always. I want to clarify that I wasn’t trying to be “dark” with my tweet to Denise. I was just saying that with the statement:”I will take care of you” Didn’t mean that UnLocke was saying he was not going to hurt them, or even kill them. That statement could be taken different ways. He did later tell Kate that he would keep everyone safe including her, but that could have been a direct lie to her. (I just don’t trust him, clearly.)
    I would love Big O’s LOST Answers promo code so here you go….
    My favorite scene is from Dr. Linus & is the one between Ben & Ilana when he repents for killing Jacob & Ilana forgives him.
    My favorite quote is from the same episode & is Jack saying: “Do you want to try another stick?” to Richard. I love that b/c it shows his faith in Jacob!
    Do I get my name in the hat/bowl twice with both a scene & quote submission? 😉

    Thanks, you girls are awesome!

    Ms. Wright

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