“Recon” Initial Reaction – Take me to your leader…

Anna and Denise are joined by Denise’s husband Colin for a special initial reaction podcast on Recon–because it’s Spring Break for us! We instantaneously and spontaneously discuss Lost 6×8.

Don’t forget to comment below, email anna.in.indiana@gmail.com, or call 646-495-9205 to let us know what you thought! Our regular episode will be recorded on Thursday afternoon this week, so get your comments in by about noon EST on Thursday. Thanks!

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11 responses to ““Recon” Initial Reaction – Take me to your leader…

  1. Ms. Wright

    I liked this episode. Here are some of My theories after tonight’s #LOST: Still think that Kate is pregnant! UnLocke is Esau! Sawyer is with UnLocke now, but could still be doing a long con. (At least I hope!) Maybe the real Claire is still in there somewhere?
    I think a lot of the sideways stories are not done yet. They may all wrap up in the final 2 or 3 episodes.
    What was up with James watching Little House on the Prairie? Now that is a stretch!
    That is it for now… Thanks for your hard work on the Podcast girls!

    Ms. Wright

  2. Mark B

    I thought the TV programme was ‘Highway to Heaven’ where Michael Landon played an angel sent down to Earth. It’s been 20+ years so my memory could be playing tricks on me.

  3. Manuel in Ohio

    I thought this episode was largely forgettable…it retained that same terribly slow pacing that made season 1 such a turn off to me. I thought the opening with Sawyer was an interesting twist to a familiar scene, but felt they didn’t explore that idea enough to make it worthwhile. Also, the crying scene with Claire near the end of the episode seemed really out of place. However, I am looking forward to next week’s episode!

  4. Where in the World is..Desmond, David, Hume (set to the tune of Where in the World in Carmen Sandiego?)

    Well gumshoes, it seems our beloved Desmond has been missing for 7 straight episodes, which is quite a layoff. Was he kidnapped by Eartha Brute or Top Grunge? Does he still serve a purpose to the island?

    Hopefully he has stayed clear of Patty Larceny and Vic the Slick, but this dossier is becoming quite empty without the presence of one Desmond Hume. Doesn’t he know all the fun he’s missing in not one, but TWO timelines?

    Its up to you gumshoes (Anna and Denise) to crack the case and solve this caper committed by one Damon and Carlton aka “Double Trouble”.

    Do it Rockapella!

  5. Seth

    My crazy theory of the week:

    I think it was none other than Baby Aaron who was behind the locked door in Widmore’s sub. What’s he doing there? Well, I’m not entirely sure why Widmore brought him, but i think I know where he’ll end up – thousands of years ago on the island, along with his crazy mother, Claire. He’ll grow up to be a grumpy dark haired fellow who can’t get along with his younger, not-yet-born brother, Jacob (not to mention his mother, whom he’ll later punch in the face for trying to kill Kate). I’m not sure how he gets turned into a smoke monster, but that’s my theory and i’m sticking to it (until its shot full of holes by my fellow lost fans, atleast).

  6. Seth

    Just to add to my previous theory, who could Jacobs father be, if Claire is his mother?

    Well look who’s seen here pouring Claire some wine in the second picture…


  7. I still think the Ajira plane can be resurrected. If they take parts from the Oceanic cockpit, which we saw in the pilot episode. I know they can’t salvage anything from the tail or fuselage section, but I believe the cockpit area is in better condition.

  8. Tom M

    I don’t think Locke has any mommy issues, he is just using that to try and manipulate Kate who did have mommy issues. Locke is looking for a way to influence Kate to recruit her to his team because she is a candidate. I think the only reason he let any of the non candidate others live is because he needs as army to combat Widmore. That is why widmore wants to kill everyone, to prevent them from joining locke.

  9. My theories:
    Desmond is in the locked room. That’s how Widmore found the Island.
    Sun is working with Widmore, remember in the last season she met with him.

  10. timmyfetchmemytools

    I liked the fact than Smokey isn’t depicted as a moustache-twirling bad guy; even if he is only telling the truth on the base-level; he wants to get off the Island – any one who comes with him can have his protection as long as they follow his directions but anyone who stands in his way will face the consequences.

    Why does Locke really need the airplane?
    I cannot believe a plane full of hessian-wearing pirate-a-likes could land (in Guam?) & explain everything to authorities. I think he went to the effort of getting the followers from the Temple to help repair & move the plane. If it does actually get airborne, Smokey only needs to get beyond the Islands influence- as he his handily invincible, he can crash into the ocean again & hopefully get picked up. Everyone else is dispensible.

    I think Widmore has a crazy hi-tech anti-smokey weapon in that locked room; that or Pierre Chang.

  11. arturo

    @Seth, I like your theory that those two could be brothers from the same mother (crazy claire) but wouldn’t that make the life difficult for both of them not just Flocke?

    I really liked the Flocke in this episode, he actually made a lot of sense, and thinking about good vs bad, even if he killed all those people he kind of gave them a choice first. But consider Widmore, when he ordered to kill Russoue and her baby, how we are supposed to think that Widmore is a good guy?

    Still lots and lots of questions, can;t wait for next weeks episode about Richard, its gonna be awesome!

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