“Dr. Linus” Discussion

Well, we were so close to learning so much about Richard! What did you think about the little bits and pieces that we did get? Will Ilana ever change her mind about Jacob? I was excited to see one of my favorite books, The Chosen by Chaim Potok, show up this week! Any thoughts on similar themes across the real and parallel timelines? And any suggestions for this week’s character award? Feel free to make nominations!

Miles eats green beans, Denise-style...who knew?

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6 responses to ““Dr. Linus” Discussion

  1. Manuel in Ohio

    I just finished watching this episode. Fantastic! After a largely disappointing previous episode, I thought this one was great. I don’t think Ben has ever had a boring episode. This also marks the 2nd episode this season for me that has made me a little misty-eyed. What info was revealed about Richard pretty much confirms what was theorized for a while about him coming to the island on the Black Rock. However, I do have to say that Jack was either extremely confident or a downright crazy SOB to tempt fate with the dynamite. Awesome episode! Can’t wait for next week’s!

  2. djchau

    Ben Episode = Great Episode.

    Not alot of action but alot of information leading to questions.

    It was pointed out that the touch of Jacob changes a person and that it probably does something in order for that person to complete the path they are meant to. When Jacob meets Illayana in last seasons finale, he is wearing gloves. Wondering if he wanted to make sure to not touch her or they were just pointing out that he’s careful of who he touches.

    The end was bittersweet with the submarine. Maybe Widmore is not on the bad side of things as people may have believed. He was the leader of the others before Ben so we don’t know how much he knew about the island and Jacob. As shown, Dogen knew alot more information than Ben did and had meetings with Jacob before. So Widmore trying to take over the island before with his freighter people maybe was a way to take control of things so the war can be prevented that he mentioned to real Locke in last seasons episode. He probably thinks that Ben is either unsuited or not prepared to prevent the war. Wondering, if at the end of season 3 with Walt telling Locke in the pitt that he has to stop the freighter people was actually the smoke monster because he knew if Widmore gained control of the island again he wouldn’t be able to succeed to where he is right now.

    So I guess they are going to use the plane to leave the island. The whole conversion of Ben and the smoke monster I believe was a setup for Ben to escape and kill Illyana. Its clear that the smoke monster can’t do it maybe because they are a candidates because he was litterly standing right next to them on the beach so why couldn’t he kill them. Maybe the message from that boy in the jungle saying you can’t kill him means the smoke monster can’t kill any of the candidates.

    Best scene for me was when Ben is trying to talk Miles into letting him go he references Nikki and Paolo and the diamonds they had buried with them. And at the end of the episode you see that he actually dug up the diamonds. Miles is classic, people are dying left and right and there is a huge smoke monster out there and he still is looking to get paid.

  3. BeachBuminSC

    I called last week on a magicJack – sorry it was so garbled. I won’t do that again.
    I think that the episodes are getting better and better, if that is even possible, as the season moves toward the finale.
    There were many great scenes last week and more this week. I loved the interchanges this week between: Miles and Illana (and Ben); Ben and Locke; Ben and Illana; and Jack and Richard. We’re finally starting to get answers even though they’re finely strained. Jack has turned to be a man of faith; Ben has been redeemed in both timelines; Hurley was listing off all the reasons why Richard was ageless (too funny). The list goes on. That’s why I think that this is the best show on TV and will never be topped.
    Thanks for all your good work and providing another forum to discuss this amazing show.

  4. arturo

    Great episode!

    I was in shock when Richard said he is going to die while approaching the black rock! I was like, “no!!! you need to explain to us first then die!!!”
    So I was very relieved when he didn’t explode…this episode was great!

    Also in the LAX episode we saw the island underwater, but from Dr. Linus episode we learned that Ben and Roger were on the island. So what caused the island to sink in the parallel reality, and how recent was this event?

  5. This episode didn’t do much for me with Alperts pity party but it had a few moments.
    I will say this the women on this island are crazy crafty with Roussou’s & feral Claires traps, Suns herbal poison & sea Urchin needle for Boones blood trans fusion & now Allana’s makeshift leg trap…well done ladie

  6. Ben is not in a big hurry to dig his own grave, just as I am not in a big hurry for this season to end! Great episode this week.

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