“Sundown” discussion

What did you think of Sundown? The last few minutes were crazy! Reunions, running, revenge… How was Dogen protecting the temple while he was alive? What is up with Sayid–is he seriously evil now? He looked like he would have killed Ben if Ben had been standing a few inches closer. The best part of the flash sideways: Keamy! What will Claire do about Kate? What else is on your mind from this episode? Let us know! Leave a comment below, send an email to anna.in.indiana@gmail.com, or call 646-495-9205 ext. 35382!



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14 responses to ““Sundown” discussion

  1. Am I the only one who found it strange that Dogan was killed in the spring that brings people back to life?

    Also, the French judge (Rousseau) gives Kate an 8.4 on that dismount to evade the Smoke Monster

  2. arturo

    Hi guys,

    This episode should be renamed “showdown” or something! There was pure massacre at the temple. Kate and Claire meet face to face, Sayid stabs 2 people (+1 smoke monster)… some really crazy stuff going on!

    Couple of clues for “Jacob wanted to be murdered theory”:

    – What if Jacob caused Dogen’s son death (and revival?) in order to recruit Dogen to the island?

    -What if Jacob caused Nadia’s death, which left Sayid empty hearted, a heart that could be filled with evil and manipulated by Flocke in order to kill Dogen?

    Thanks for great podcast again and good night!

  3. djchau

    This episode was awesome and WTF at the same time.

    People were dying left and right on the island and in the flash sideways.

    So I’m thinking its not just any ash that keeps old Smokey out. I’m guessing somehow the ash around the temple had something to do with Dogen because after he died it was pretty much was a killer buffet for Smokey.

    One thing I’m not liking is that Ben is like totally out of the loop. Before he was a confident guy who always had a plan even in the worst of times. He’s like Richard going around like a scared chicken who is as helpless as everyone else. You would think two guys who have been on the island that long and knows some secrets would be able to stand their ground and have a cool head on things. Yes, I understand there is a smoke monster going around killing people but come on. Ben knew enough about the smoke monster to summon it to attack Keamy and his men when they killed his daughter and lets not forget the sonic fence can hold him off. I would think hey why don’t we hold ourselves in the barracks with the protection of the sonic fence.

    So it seams Jacob and Smokey have the same gimmick of doing things for people in return for their service like Dogen for Jacob and Sayid for Smokey. There is a debate out there saying is Smokey a really bad guy. Until we see the whole season right now Jacob and Smokey both like to pull strings to get people to do things. Yes, Smokey kills people but bare in mind Jacob is associated with the others who have done some pretty bad things as well including killing people. Wonder if they are two sides of the same coin. It seams both are playing the same game but Smokey wants the game to end while Jacob wants the game to keep going.

  4. JayJay

    Sayid looked like he could kill anyone, and he had his eyes on Ben, who was the one responsible for the killer he was. Claire also had her eyes on Kate to kill. At what point did Sayid all of a sudden become like a hitman.

    This was the best action packed episode of Lost I have ever watched.

  5. Guinevere

    My favorite scene was when Sayid stabbed Flocke and Flocke “Now why’d ya go and do that?!” The look on Sayid’s face was priceless and my husband and I were laughing during the whole break about it.
    It makes me sad that Sayid in either iteration will be allowed to be the man he wants to be.
    I also thought Kate was fascinating in her reactions and non-reactions to what’s going on. For one thing, she actually asked TWO people what’s happening??! The look of joy when she heard that Claire was in the Temple and then when she found her let you know that she’s solely focused on Claire. I think she was in shock after the Temple attack and was just going through the motions even though she picked up the rifle. She didn’t go over and get her backpack though and, to me, that was a signal that she wasn’t thinking clearly. She was only slightly surprised to see Locke standing there when she came out the Temple door. I think the Island and its doings have FINALLY gotten to her.
    I wonder if Dogen will come back to life in another couple of hours in the Pool of Resurrection?
    I look forward to your podcast and can’t wait to hear your reactions.

  6. timmyfetchmemytools

    Welcome to the episode ‘When watch deliveries go bad’!
    How did Jin get into the fridge-locker? Does it mean we are going to get a flash-back for the flash-sideways?

    Despite the progress made in the episode, it was a bit ‘Meh’ to me. Maybe because the two previous episodes were so good & was a hard act to follow. It felt a bit like a rollercoaster clanking up to the top a hill & you can just see over the crest before you get to the top & the exitement begins.
    I did like the full-on action scenes though; Dogon vs Sayid was enjoyable, plus the Smoke monster unleashed was truly frightening.

    A ‘Comedy’ moment if you can call it that was when Sayid actually stabbed Blocke immediately, as Dogon told him to ; Sayid’s facial expression from the result was priceless!
    Miles calling Claire ‘Still Hot,though’ was funny!

    Keamy was definitely channeling Christopher Walken in the scene in the kitchen & it was good to see his bad Karma catching up with him, even in the Alter-verse.

    Has Kate turned to the Darkside?
    I don’t think so – Claire wants to find out where Aaron is & needs Kate alive – for now!

    Does it all mean that, at the end of the episode, (B)Locke is finally the leader of the Others?

  7. JayJay

    In the bible it says Satan took a third of the heavens and was cast out. Has he taken roughly a third, and where are they going?

  8. Good question, JayJay, because I’ve been trying to think if “catch a falling star” being used so often is a hint to anything. Maybe they are fallen stars? I think I remember something in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader about stars being old people sitting on an island somewhere.

  9. Flocke 1 island 0. That was the Pearl Harbour of this island war. Everybody lookout Smokey’s coming through! Also Anna please give Miles your Lasik Dr. No. Because Claire was not looking hot.

  10. Is it a coincidence that Sayid turned dark after Sundown? Uh oh, he’s a vampire just like Claire. After all he’s on the dark side, so it would make sense their abilites manifest at night. Jacob was killed at night, Locke communed in the cabin with a spirit at night, Claire left Aaron and went of with Christian at night. Ben was shot by Sayid at night. Hmm

  11. Ms. Wright

    Great point JayJay! You got me thinking about it & I found this on line that I thought you would want to check out:

    I really feel that Smokey represents Satan & Jacob represents God.
    I was in total shock for the last 15 mins of the show, that part was SO good! I hope Kate isn’t “claimed” as I think Sayid is totally claimed now along with Claire.

  12. Mallory

    rewatching episode 316,
    sun.. doesnt flash,
    i think this is simply because she is not a candidate.
    everyone else who flashed.. is a candidate. jin, was already in the 70s.

  13. charlie from jersey

    Hey Guys

    Sorry i have not put a comment here in a while. After my theories went down in flames last year I figured why bother — but LOST has a way of keeping the imagination alive and maybe no theory is irreversible.
    My feeling is now that the flash sideways we have been seeing has nothing to do with the atom bomb going off, or a world without Jacob’s touch. But it has everything to do a bargain made with MIB and the people who joined him.
    And talk about surrounder monkies I thought the others were made of tougher stuff then this.

    great podcast and thanks for tje hiatus stuff. listened to all of it.

  14. arturo

    I like that idea, that alte-verse is MIB’s bargain timeline. Maybe its not a real timeline, but instead it is whats going on inside smokey’s head, he is creating this timeline based on stuff he scanned.

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