Episode 33: I just lied to a samurai…

In this episode, Anna and Denise discuss 6×5 Lighthouse, focusing on the lighthouse wheel, Jacob influencing people, Jack’s destiny, and cuckoo Claire. We also respond to listener theories and thoughts and play a song called “Anna (Indie Anna) Indiana” by Alphabet Army.

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7 responses to “Episode 33: I just lied to a samurai…

  1. brermike

    Love the podcast, but wanted to mention your comments on Jack’s appendix scar. The scar is on his right side, not his left side. I am looking at it now and the reflection in the mirror shows it is on his right side. Just, fyi.

  2. JJ

    Thanks for sharing our song. It’s a real-life Lost coincidence! Love the podcast, keep up the great work…

  3. @brermike – I rewatched it like 50 times last night and you’re right. Stupid mirror got us all messed up! 🙂

  4. brermike

    Denise, no problem! I, too, had to think hard about it with the mirror and all. Just wanted to ease your mind about that potential mistake 🙂

  5. Jenna

    Enjoy listening to your theories. While I started listening to a few podcasts last season, this is my first posting ever.

    Ever since we saw the Ben and Ilana scene in the foot, I’ve wondered about her statement that Smokey wouldn’t be able to change form again– aka, locked into Locke’s body. My theory is that he got locked into this form because Jacob died, but might have had the freedom to chose other human forms like Alex or Yemi before Jacob was murdered by Ben.

  6. I think there’s a simple explanation for Claire not remembering how Aaron was taken, or what she did with him. It’s that she was taken to the temple for the healing ritual. We don’t know the events of what happened when her cabin blew up, but at some point she might have been shot, then taken to the temple for healing. That is where she lost her innocense and temporary memory loss. Just like what happened to Ben and Sayid. Sayid even woke up saying what happened, and all he could recall was being shot, but nothing after that. Losing her innocense could explain her turning creepy.

  7. Kim

    Just wanted to say that your comments about the others coming to the island, and then forgetting about their past lives, really reminded me of the Odyssey episode ‘The Land of the Lotus Eaters’. In that episode, Odysseus and his men come upon an island where the natives (the Lotus Eaters) eat this strange plant that eases all their worries and makes them no want to/forget about returning home. Several of Odysseus’s crew members also eat the plant, and then don’t want to continue their trek home. (Like Cindy and the kids.) As you said, maybe something in the spring water or a power of Jacob caused an effect similar to this?

    I guess you probably already thought of that, but I just thought I’d mention it…
    Thanks for the great podcast

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