“Lighthouse” discussion

It appears that Claire has built a beaver’s dam for herself. Jacob sends Jack and Hurley on a very round-about mission. Jin holds back the truth, then finally tells the truth, then lies. Do the flash sideways mean anything, even with Dogen in them? Kate didn’t follow Jack for once? Why have we really never seen this lighthouse before? Who would have used 108 degrees to get there? What is going on!? Leave your thoughts below, email us at anna.in.indiana@gmail.com, or call 646-495-9205 ext 35382.



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14 responses to ““Lighthouse” discussion

  1. Mallory

    Ok two things.

    Jacks wife, isss juliet.

    aaand jacks purpose on the island. is to get his son, david to come to the island.

    the shepard on the list is david. not jack.
    david is a musician. music sooths cerberus.
    cerberus is the smoke monster.

  2. Ms. Wright

    What if the person coming to the island is David??? That would be crazy! I like David & would like to see him again. However, I don’t think it is likely.

    I like how they got the mirror image out of the way in the first minute of the show.

    What if the whole sideways thing could be a mirror image that Jacob or someone else is watching on his mirrors?
    I feel like this is too much stuff to process!

    I am looking forward to the podcast on it!

  3. Seems like Claire has been taking some axe lessons – All signs point to Gimli the Dwarf

  4. Richard Webster

    The numbers at the lighthouse seemed to correspond to the numbers signed to the candidates. Was the number 108 on the cave wall with a name?

  5. Becky

    There were LOTS of reflections in this episode. Right away Jack looked in a mirror, then he was looking in the water, the mirrors at the lighthouse.

  6. Dan

    Wallace was 108 in the Lighthouse

    When Jacob said You need to help him find the island. The 1st person I thought of was Charles Widmore. He has been looking for the Island for years and Jacob knows this.

    Maybe Widmore can help Jacob defensed the Island against MIB.

    If Juliet is Jacks wife in the ALT time line my head will explode

  7. djchau

    I thought this episode was great. It didn’t give us alot of answers like the last episode but it was far better than the Kate episode this season we saw.

    Well we can say that Claire has definitely gone cooku for cocoa puffs. Can you imagine what is going on in Jins head right now seeing a skull in the crib and seeing her hack the guy with the axe. Her saying that she would have killed Kate if she had Aaron seems like she would. Good part on Jin to take his word back on it. And the reveal at the end was so sweet especially with Claire saying no he’s not Locke he’s my friend. It’s obvious now that Flocke does have influence over the people that have been claimed. He is clearly the puppet master and he is pulling her strings. With Sawyer on his team now I’m guessing her will next go to Sayid to bring him to his side. Wondering if what happened with Echo and his brother on the island was a example of Flocke trying to recruit him but because Echo was clearly a person who wasn’t going to submit to easily the smoke monster killed him.

    Highlights of the episode were in the flash sideways Jack takes the key of the house from under the white rabbit statue which is then referenced in the island story of them going back to the caves. Hurley telling Dogen that he is a candidate and he can do what he wants really classic with Dogen walking off speaking I’m guessing words not appropriate for TV listeners too bad there were no subtitles but I’m guessing a Japanese fan out there will translate it and put it on the web.

    My best moment was when they saw the light house. In my head I immediately go dude they have never noticed this before. I mean it was larger than the foot statue. And then Jack totally read my mind and said how come we never saw this before. I’m guessing it is like Jacobs Cabin how it can move around but if you need it you can find it.

  8. timmyfetchmemytools

    Hi Anna & Denise,

    Some thoughts & observations from yesterday’s episode
    I haven’t listened to any Podcasts yet, so these are all mine!

    I enjoyed this one a lot; not quite as good as last week’s, but still a lot of interesting developments.

    I surprised myself by actually enjoyed Jack’s alter-verse story, finding him quite sympathetic despite the fact he cried, or at least tear’d up!

    It was impossible to miss the huge amounts of reflection imagery in this episode, with obvious mention to Alice through the looking glass .

    Hurley’s Best Lines;
    ‘I Just Lied To A Samurai’
    ‘He turns up whenever he wants; like Obi-Wan Kenobi’
    ‘Mission Unaccomplished!’
    and Claire’s ‘one thing that will kill you around here is infection’ – definitely more echoes of Rousseau there.

    Quick random observations;

    Now, seeing that every number sequence seems to mean something, can anyone make anything of Jack’s licence plate number 25AO321?

    McCutcheons whisky was in Jack’s mum’s drinks selection.

    Nice view from Jack’s House at night!

    David Shephard’s music was ‘Fantasie Impromptu’ by Chopin. Wikipedia didnt tell me much; Matt from Keys-to-lost will probably have a lot more insightful things to say about this, especially any potential clues in the musical structure!

    On to the Lighthouse Itself,

    That was very interesting, especially the showing of lots more names.
    I like the revelation of how Jacob was able to follow the lives of all the ‘Candidates’ using the mirrors (Anna: it reminded me a bit of that episode of ST:NG when Picard was on an ancient planet & he was in a chamber of ‘gateways’ looking into different spaces & times – can you remember that ep??!)

    On the device itself, the name at 108 degrees was ‘Wallace’ I think.
    Now, I don’t remember hearing that name before. (More Cheese Grommit?) anyone have recollections?
    I chuckled at what looked like the name ‘Friendly’ at 109.
    Austen was at 31 degrees, Kwon at 42.

    That’s me mentally exhausted –

    Thanks & have a good one!


  9. I don’t like the notion that it’s David who’s coming to the island, rather I’d except the theory that David could be MIB.

    I prefer the someone coming to be Widmore.

    Have seen a contrast in lairs for both Jacob & MIB. Jacob’s lair is the lighthouse, and MIB is the cave, hence the reference to light & dark. Maybe MIB was taking names from the lighthouse, and trying to turn them to the darkside, and whoever reject the call, was crossed off the wall.

  10. arturo

    Hey, great podcast and site!

    This episode clearly shows that Jacob wanted to die, because he has a plan to use Hurley as a communication device to finalize his goal. Without Hurley, I don’t think much could be possible after Jacob’s death.

    So why would Jacob want to be killed?

    Perhaps, by killing Jacob and MIB it will put an end to the island timeline, leaving us with a happy sideways reality (which indeed seems to be happy for everyone, even Locke). So why end a happy timeline?

    I think the writers are slowly weaving the end to LOST right before our very eyes!

  11. arturo

    I think I cracked the code!!!

    What if all this time, Jacob was looking for the right candidate, not to replace him but to murder him!

    The right kind of candidate that MIB will use to kill Jacob (explains why he revived Locke after 8 story fall). Locke is a perfect candidate for MIB’s loophole, carefully orchestrated by Jacob. Could Jacob then be the bad guy, because it is him who wants to kill MIB for a very long time, in fact, that is probably why he kept bringing people to the island (potential candidates) but they failed and are left to survive on the island by themselves while Jacob is going to search for new potential candidates.

    This leaves us with one final “battle”, somebody will have to kill MIB to end this whole thing, I suspect it will be Jack.

  12. Seth

    I am becoming increasingly worried than Jin and Sun will not be reunited, atleast while they are still alive. Sun is hanging out with Team Jacob, while Jin is essentially being held hostage by Team Smocke. What if Sun and Jin die in the coming conflict and wind up being Adam and Eve? Perhaps they die apart, but then someone places their bodies next to eachother in the cave, along with the white and black pebbles indicating which side of the conflict they died on?

  13. Seth

    There’s one mystery I want answered and i’m afraid it will just be overlooked –

    Near the end of season 5, when Sun and Lupidus left Hydra island and landed on the docks in the abandoned NewOtherton, they SAW the smoke monster in the trees and we heard it. However, at this time, the “resurrected” Locke, who we now know to be Smoke Monster was still on Hydra Island. So how could the Smoke Monster be in two places at once? And why did “Smocke” conspicuously take off his shoes for the journey from Hydra Island to the main island? Do you guys have any theories to explain this mystery?

  14. Pam Degrate

    I think Juliette is Jack’s ex-wife!
    David had those pretty blue eyes just like his mother! 🙂

    I heard Matt (Keys to Lost) say that Smokie claims the dead bodies….ie Claire, Sayid, Christian, Yemi, Alex (that have NOT been buried) and uses them for HIS purposes.

    They are different than John who has re-surrected and imbodied. It seems that some of John is bleeding through in ol’ Smokie. DONT TELL ME WHAT I CAN’T DO.

    I think Jack will get his mojo back NOW that he realizes that they ALL have been “pawns”!

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