Make some new coffee or suffer Ben’s sarcasm

Thoughts on episode 6×4, The Substitute? So many answers and questions, I don’t know where to start! Richard is all of the sudden scared for his life and running around like a frightened rabbit. Smocke is on the move, and keeps seeing visions of a young blonde boy–who could that be? Jacob? Himself? The numbers!!! The scale with the black and white stones! Recruiting, candidacy! Okay, I can hardly form coherent thoughts, so leave your comments below, call them in to 646-495-9205 ext 35382, or email!



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15 responses to “Make some new coffee or suffer Ben’s sarcasm

  1. whispersoflost

    The young boy — I’m not giving up on Aaron somehow making an impact on the story as it unfolds. Don’t know how to explain the age difference, as he would only be 3 years old, but there’s something there, can’t put my finger on it yet. Or some link to Charles Widmore….I thought tonight was AWESOME. ManInBlack/Smokey/Locke sure is a convincing devil, isn’t he?! It’s all playing out rather biblically, not a surprise. MIB is recruiting…how does that differ from what Richard was doing, visiting John as a young boy? Jacob and MIB are working off the same list….

  2. It was insane. It is apparent that the Kwon has to be Jin because all the other numbers are guys. I am still kinda lost, but it is like a demented Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This is insane.

  3. Becky

    When I saw the blond boy, I thought of Aaron immediately. Not sure how that would work at all, but it’s who I thought it could be.

    Crazy moment–why is John Locke’s father invited to the wedding and John Locke still in the wheelchair? Something must have happened differently in the alternate timeline.

    I am so glad we came back to the numbers. I was really worried we never would see them again. We still don’t know what they mean, but now I have hope that we will eventually.

    The best part? Ben Linus as a European History teacher. That seems perfect.

  4. lostvariables

    I found it interesting that just a scene or two after Sawyer pointed out that he knew Smokey-Locke wasn’t original Locke — because original Locke was scared all the time and Smokey wasn’t — we saw Smokey-Locke become scared. When he ran after the boy, I thought he seemed frightened and he screamed the classic Locke line: don’t tell me what I can’t do.

    My initial reaction is that there’s some kind of alt-timeline bleedover from Locke in the X-time line to Smokey-Locke on the island. But it also makes me think back to the Locke’s line to Jack in the pilot…that they only lost Christian’s body, they don’t have any way of knowing where he really is. Basically, his essence or soul is still out there, still in existence, but outside of human understanding. That makes me think that maybe it’s dead-Locke-on-the-beach’s consciousness that’s bleeding over into Smokey-Locke. Either way, it sets up an interesting internal conflict for this “entity” of MIB. Maybe the war won’t be so straight-forward…even for the characters we’ve come to think of as the “demigods” of the island, the ones who’ve seen it all and know the score, there’s still an internal war to be waged.

  5. djchau


    One of those episodes that leaves you dazed and confused.

    Leave it to a professional con man Sawyer to know that it wasn’t Locke. Locke and Sawyer are two of my best characters on Lost and for this to basically just be almost two of them was awesome.

    I’m thinking that the flash sideways is going to play a bigger picture to the overall ending of Lost. Maybe the flash sideways isn’t showing us the lives of them if they never crashed but showing us the lives of them if Jacob wasn’t part of that timeline to influence them in anyway.

    Cave scene was the highlight. Flocke throwing away the white stone and telling sawyer its a inside joke was priceless. Loved that we got to see the numbers again. Maybe this Flocke character was a candidate brought to the island like everyone else but didn’t believe in what Jacob was doing and turned on him. He keep referring to the fact that he was once a real life person like everyone else. Maybe even Jacob is just a normal person like everyone else because he sure died like a normal person. Remember Walt was capable of doing some weird things as well. It might be interesting to maybe see that both Jacob and Flocke guy was brought to the island as candidates but Jacob was chosen and not him.

  6. The blonde boy: I’m less concerned about whether he is Jacob, Aaron, or someone else. I actually want to know why when we first see him are his arms covered in what appears to be blood?

    Also, if we are to assume that the boy was reminding Smocke that the rules dictate that he cannot kill Sawyer as he is a candidate, I am wondering how this will all come back to my boy, Desmond, since the rules don’t apply to him…nor I 🙂

  7. Carl

    On the scale there was one white stone and one black stone. Just like Adam and Eve. Jacob and Smokey are in the cave.

  8. milagrophile

    OMG…. What an incredible episode.

    My initial reactions:

    1. I loved the scene with Helen and X-Locke. “All I was waiting for was you, John” So touching.

    2. Why wasn’t Kate among the candidates? She was also touched by Jacob, wasn’t she.

    3. Bearing in mind last week’s episode, it seems that claiming and recruiting isn’t the same thing. So who or what is responsible for the claiming? This could tie in with Bad Locke and Sawyer seeing the boy. I am beginning to suspect something even “stronger” than Jacob and MIB to be on the island. Maybe this entity is responsible for the apparitions and the claiming? And it’s that entity that has set up the rules for the “game”.

    5. Anyone notice that Sawyer is the only character to be in all 3 on island episodes so far. This is turning out to be his season.

    6. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw Sawyer fall off “Jacob’s Ladder” (I quote wikipedia: “Jacob’s Ladder is a ladder to heaven, described in the Book of Genesis, which the biblical patriarch Jacob envisions during his flight from his brother Esau.” Could there be a connection here?).

    7. So now we have the cabin, the statue and the cave. It looks like Jacob should’ve gone into the real-estate business.

    I think I need a cold shower to cool down my brain.

    Looking forward to your podcast, ladies.


  9. Dave in Detroit

    I know Richard is having a bad day but he’s not the least bit stunned to see Lafluer in the jungle thirty years later after the “incident”. Also 4 episodes in & once again our Losties are scattered across the island. There’s been alot of crying so far this season for good reason but still it’s bringing me down.

  10. chris cheek

    when john locke was in the job interview, there was a motivational poster behind him that looked like it had a picture of kate and sawyer on it? wtf!

  11. Jason

    Really good episode. We got some answers and or course more questions.
    I guess the most important question that was brought up this episode is:
    Where are Rose and Bernard on the island?

  12. So I’ve been thinking what if the name Kwon written in the cave is for Ji-Yeon & not Sun or Jin? Flocke couldn’t of known she pregnant she wasnt showing & I don’t think Sun ever saw smokie.
    Also after seeing the black & white stones on the scales in the cave I’m wondering if it shines new light on Adam & Eve in the cave from season 1 with black & white stones in their pockets maybe they’re the original bodies of Jacob & Flocke or maybe they were claimed or got the sickness I know Jack said they looked like they’ve been dead for 30 years or so but how would he know.

  13. Seth

    I have been thinking about the white and black rocks that we saw on the scales in Jacobs cave, and wondering what the “inside joke” was which “Smocke” referenced when he threw the white rock into the ocean. what could the joke be? Well, I certainly think its tied to a conversation between Jacob and the Man in Black, and one we won’t see until the opening scene of the season 6 finale, which I’m certain will take place inside Jacob’s cave. Its at this point that I believe we will truly discover who is good and who is evil, who is represented by the white rock, and who is represented by the black rock.

    In all this, I certainly think that its no coincidence that the shipwrecked boat on the island, the one we presumably saw Jacob and the Man in Black observerving in the Season 5 finale, was named The Black Rock. Whoever named that boat (probably Mangus Hanso) knew about the island, understood what the white and black rocks on the scales represented, and was aligned with whomever is represented by the black rock. If this theory is true, then there can be no doubt that Jacob, not “Smocke” represents the black rock, since he admitted to bringing the boat to the Island. This would imply that Jacob, not the Man in Black represents evil. Yes, when we first saw Jacob, he was wearing white, while his nemesis was wearing black, but remember, in that scene Jacob also caught a red herring, so it could have been to mislead us. In any case, every week I grow more and more doubtful that Jacob’s motives in bringing people to the island are as genuine as we’ve been led to believe.

  14. timmyfetchmemytools

    Loved it loved it loved it.
    Gripped me the whole way through; utterly compelling!
    Perhaps because it was essentially a two-hander between who are disputably the best actors in the show, but also ‘the numbers’ reveal & the list of Candidates.
    Also the young boy that so disturbed Blocke & uttered the line – ‘you can’t kill him – its again the rules’ & Blocke’s Locke-like reaction was veeeerry interesting.
    For the ancilliary details, I noted the design on Helens’ shirt (isn’t she the voice of Leela in Futurama?) said ‘peace & KARMA’!

    Peace & Karma to all.

  15. Seth

    This theory conflicts with the one I posted earlier, and I can’t claim the entire thing as being my own, as I “borrowed” the basic premise from a podcast –

    Basically, everything we’ve seen on lost is nothing more than a game being played by Jacob and the MIB. While “Smocke” told Sawyer that Jacob “had a thing for numbers,” and thats why many of our beloved Lost characters had numbers assigned to their last names, he wasn’t telling the entire story.

    The numbers represent point values assigned to each “candidate.” Locke is worth 4 points. Hurley is worth 8. Sawyer is worth 15. Sayid – 16, Jack – 23, Kwon (whomever that ends up being) is worth 42. The game has been played over and over again in the past with different numbers and different “pieces.” as the MIB noted in the season 5 finale, the game “always ends the same” – in a tie.

    What if, it was going to be a tie this time as well? Jack, Sayid, and Sawyer for one player, Locke, Hurley, and Kwon for the other… they would both end up with 54 points. However, this time, the MIB “broke the rules” by setting up a series of events, whereby Locke would be killed and the MIB would assume his identity, taking him out of play and making the tie impossible. Seeing this before he was killed, Jacob recognized that the MIB had found his loophole. It would also explain why he didnt put up a fight when Ben was about to kill him – Since the MIB had broken the rules, he knew the game would be “reset.”

    If this theory is true, it would also imply that Ben and Widmore both knew that it was all a game. If Alex were also on Jacobs list (as either “Linus” or “Russeau” on the wall), it would explain why Ben commented that Widmore had “changed the rules” by (indirectly) having Alex killed.

    If the Jacob and the MIB are both willing participants in this game, then we can’t beleive anything eithe rof them say – they simply pretend that their own motives align with that of the “pieces” in order to manipulate them to take their side. On the flip side, I think its possible that the MIB was being somewhat honest with Sawyer. Jacob trapped him on the island and is forcing him to play this never-ending game. The MIB wants nothing but to leave and stop playing an eternal game with peoples lives. So he found a loophole in the game and exploited it to kill jacob and get off the island.

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