Episode 31: What Kate Does

Join us as we take an in-depth look at What Kate Does, the third episode of season 6! We discuss overall feelings on the episode, being “claimed” and “infected”, and respond to lots of great listener feedback.The Character Award segment also returns this week!

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3 responses to “Episode 31: What Kate Does

  1. Hi Anna and Denise – great first half of the podcast! (I’ll catch the second half when I get home tonight).

    Here’s my thought on ‘claiming’. We saw with Robert and gang (Danielle’s team) that whatever illness they had made them violent (remember Robert pulled the trigger first) – yet he was very loving to Danielle before the temple. I believe all of Robert’s team were ‘infected’ by the smoke monster at that point – but it isn’t the smoke monster himself – the claiming allows smokey to control the actions (or maybe even thoughts) of anyone infected without the need to duplicate their body himself.

    We’ve also gotten a sense from Danielle over the years that this infection is contagious – she says in one ep she would not allow her team to leave with the illness – what if it was unleashed on the world.

    So – perhaps Claire was ‘infected’ by Christian – who was also seemingly dead – and now walking around the island – I don’t believe Smokey is Christian but has ‘infected’ him.

    This contagiousness is why in the note to Dogen, Jacob wrote “if Sayid dies you will all be in trouble”. Sayid did in fact die – and became infected – and once the infection takes him completely – it will spread to others (or Others hehe) which is why all would be in peril.
    I think the what’s are clearly defined putting together all references of ‘the sickness’ – it’s the “How” (As usual!) that we are still asking. Leslie brought up the other big question to me yesterday – not just how – but WHEN?

    Thanks! Keep up the great work and I’ll listen to the rest of your excellent podcast later! 🙂

  2. Beth

    Great podcast! I look forward to listening to it every week. In response to the discussion about Sayid being tortured, I think that the ash & the voltage was the test. After that they knew that he failed and therefore “branded” him with the hot poker (& all the others know that brand is a sign that the individual is infected, just my opinion…).

  3. I think Jack made a very important call there. The whole “What’s in the pill?” / “You have to trust me” argument that lasted so long, reminded me of his argument about pushing the button with Locke where they exchanged the famous “Why do find it so hard to believe?” / “Why do you find it so easy?” lines. There he finally decided to believe, and pushed the button himself. Here, he decided not to. I think he was right. So kudos to Jack; even though he doesn’t always think things through when he’s doing something, he did so here. Maybe the issue being about pills and sickness made it easier for the doctor to get it.

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