“What Kate Does” discussion

What did you all think? I felt the episode started slowly, but the second half was great. Sawyer crying? Lovely. Everyone taking responsibility? Amazing. Jack taking the pill? Way to do something, Jack. Miles making fun of Hurley’s new-found role as leader? Hah. Kate tracking down Sawyer? What else did we expect to see… Leave your thoughts in a comment below, email anna.in.indiana@gmail.com, or call and leave us a voicemail at 646-495-9205 ext. 35382!



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12 responses to ““What Kate Does” discussion

  1. Jason

    The episode started off slowly for me too. And I have to say that I was really annoyed that even now in the final season and after everything the losties have gone through with the others on the island. That these temple others are still NOT TELLING Jack and the gang just exactly what is going on!
    So I was glad to see that by the end of the episode Dogen was starting to open up to Jack.
    Well enough about the bad.
    It was cool to see that even in this new timeline or whatever that Ethan was still playing apart as Claire’s doctor. Since he called himself Dr. Goodspeed, I guess we can assume that Horace and Amy are still his parents?
    The ending with crazy claimed Claire coming out of the jungle to save(?) Jin was great, but I hope Jin doesn’t get claimed as well.
    Josh Holloway gave another great performance, but I have to say that I was more confused than anything with the Kate and Sawyer adventure. Why was Kate crying, did she want to start up something again with Sawyer and realized she couldn’t or what?
    Finally I was surprised how much I enjoyed the Kate and Claire off island story, mainly because they are two of my least favorite characters.
    But I did think it was pretty weak storytelling that Claire would get back in the taxi with Kate, and even more unbelievable that Kate would actually be able to find Claire just sitting at a bus stop.

  2. Now that Ethan has been seen off-island, Vegas is showing the odds of seeing Nikki & Paulo at 7 to 1!

  3. Carl

    It looks like the dark spring did bring Saiyd back from the dead and now he will eventually get the sickness. Claire also has been claimed by Smokey. I think Christian will also have the same story.

    I am starting to think that maybe The Smoke Monster isn’t really as bad as the Others want the losties to believe. If Smokey really is that awful then why wont they come out and tell our guys exactly what is going on and why they need to trust them. I think the Others are afraid that if the losties knew the truth they might not join their side. There is no other reason for their extreme shadiness. The Others have caused the losties a lot more trouble and killed more of them than Smokey ever did.

    Am I the only one who finds this sideways timeline very boring. I’m sure the writers will eventually give me a reason to care about this alternate reality but right now I really don’t.

    Overall this episode was kind of a letdown but zombie Claire is back so hopefully we start getting some answers.

  4. I hear you Carl off island is a snooze fest. So how did Sawyer get a ring on the island? I’m a little confused if it was just Roussou that was infected or was she right in thinking it was the rest of the french team that was infected. Boy Aldo doesn’t know how to let things go huh. Haha

  5. djchau

    Not as mind blowing as the first two episodes and felt kinda like a filler episode. I do have to admit it did pick up to the end with the conversation between Jack and Dogan and the reveal of Claire at the end. With the flash sideways happening I guess probably each week its kinda fun to look forward in seeing how both current and past characters are played out in the new timeline. Ethan popping out as the doctor was great.

    Biggest reveal probably was Dogan talking about the darkness taking over Sayid like Claire. That would explain alot of what happened to her last season and about the appearance of dead people. I guess if thats the case then thats what happened to Christian Shepard when his dead body went to the island. What I don’t get if thats the case in those events like Sayid, Claire, and Christian after they died they were resurrected back in the same body. So how come when Locke came back in the second flight smokey came out in a second Locke and not just resurrect the original body. Or is there two types of resurrection.

    Also, the popup episode before the new episode did explain to my last weeks question of the cabin saying that the ash circle was around the cabin to keep smokey out. So exactly whats so special about that cabin. Its not like jacobs home which I would think its the statue. Was it smokey or jacob asking for help in the episode man behind the curtain.

    MVP of the episode I have to say Jack. From the first episodes it looked liked he was really getting the guilt trip of his life on him and he was like in depression mode but he stepped up. I honestly thought he was going to give Sayid the pill. But he got some balls calling their bluff and taking the pill.

    And Sayid getting the tables turned on him being burned and electrocuted was classic.

  6. john and april

    our theory on why the two timelines: what we see is two timelines not alternate, just one in the present and one in the future, hence claire’s ultrasound marked 10/22/2004. both work together. it’s just like one is trying to catch up to the other. remember when juliet said something about getting a coffee and going dutch? and that “it worked”? we think she never goes to the island and this event happens later on when she meets sawyer off island. somehow she sees this flash and she tells sawyer that “it worked.” easier to explain, Ethan is a doctor off island because he and his mother (maybe horace too) all escaped the sinking of the island because they left on subs before the “incident.” i would assume that charlotte is alive too since she left with her mother, but daniel farraday probably doesn’t exist now because he died on island before the incident. the show ends at episodes LAX 1&2 with the island underwater and we will have watched through the season what happens after they get back to that reality. and we are betting that the little conversation with juliet and sawyer about the coffee happens in the last or second to last episode. now that i see what they are doing it will make the show easier to watch when they go to the off island timeline. PS. this means john locke never dies and perhaps jack can help him walk.

  7. milagrophile

    I just finished watching “What Kate Does” and I have to say that I liked this episode. It started slow, but had plenty of character moments, which I always love. Kudos to Josh Holloway for another great performance. He must be the most underrated actor on the show.

    I think the off island timeline is telling us that “whatever happened, happened”. Not in the details, but the major events stay the same, i.e. Claire having to keep the baby and probably John Locke ending up being able to walk.

    Signs of the two timelines converging or catching up can already be witnessed with now Kate somehow having a recollection of Jack and the name “Aaron”.

    It was interesting to see that the French crew, Claire, Rousseau (?) and probably Christian were all claimed by the dark side of the island. This makes a lot more sense than Sayid being taken over by Jacob. Does this mean that they are all servants to Bad Locke?

    I like the way the show is developing this season and I’m looking forward to see where the writers are taking this.

    Can’t wait to hear what you girls thought of this episode.

  8. Gwimmy

    I’ve been reading and hearing some frustration that the episode was filler and lacked answers. For many of us who don’t care about Kate’s offline adventures, the frustration is understandable. That part of the episode (which took up a lot of time) did seem to drag.

    But on further consideration, I actually think we were given a good basis for answering the question of “the sickness” that Rousseu first talked about back in Season 2. And that, in turn, led to the beginning of an explanation about what happened to Claire. So it wasn’t a big revelation episode but a good set up and I think an important part of the whole. I do think that even though it’s the final season, there’s still some room and time, though diminishing, for set up episodes.

    I also enjoyed the temple scenes a lot. The Others are a bit irritating with their whole mysterious act when we prefer for them to just tell the truth and give us the real story already, but I liked the dilemma that they set up for Jack about whether to give Sayid the pill or not. I also loved Jack’s response, which was to take the pill himself, and Dogen’s subsequent freak out. Apparently, Dogen didn’t realize he was dealing with a suicidal addict on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I always like it when our Losties confound the characters who are trying to befuddle them (and us).

  9. Seth

    I’ve been listening to your podcast for a couple seasons and really enjoy it. I just wanted to share a theory I had regarding the flash-sideways universe we were introduced to this season. So far, the assumption has been that the bomb went off in 1977, creating an alternate timeline, while not destroying the existing timeline, thereby creating two competing realities. However, as the writers often do on Lost, I think this is misdirection. My theory is that the bomb did NOT go off, and the Losties in 1977 were merely transported to 2007. The event which creates the flash-sideways universe and sinks the island is actually something we haven’t seen yet… and an event that we likely won’t see until the last episode.

    If my theory is true, then what we are seeing right now in the sideways universe will not lead to the two realities being somehow merged as many theorized. Instead, what we are witnessing is the final resolution of these character’s story arcs. It’s a way for the writers to “tie up loose ends” and give each character a proper “send-off” without bogging the final episode of the series down with a boring, time consuming “epilogue.”

    As far as the island being underwater goes, what better way to end the show? Could this be “the end” jacob and his nemesis spoke about in the season 5 finale? I think so. And I think the series will end with the two men having a similar conversation on another island. Remember, there are other, similar pockets of exotic energy all over the world.

    Anyway, that’s my theory that I wanted to share. Thanks!

  10. timmyfetchmemytools

    Ethan is a nice guy in the alter-verse – who’d have guessed that!

  11. Ryan

    I can understand some people’s frustration. The Kate escaping storyline is utterly ridiculous and in this day when we think of other shows the way it is handled seems crude and implausible. I would just note that the writers of LOST aren’t just fans of upscale literary material and ideas but also of Tv, B-movies and obvious action pics as well so when they do stuff like this I think you have to take it with a wink in the eye as they use the conventions of the genre.

    It’s like in New Otherton when Keamy attacks and people are being mowed down right and left with one shot but Sawyer gets 100 rounds shot at him and doesn’t get hit. It’s the writer’s using the form of the genre to get the point they want across. Sure you could do a really cool escape with Kate but ultimately what does it get you at the heart of the story she has?

  12. Johnny2432

    My lame theory of the week: What if Sayid was important to Jacob because he wants him to kill MIB? Out of the Losties that went into the temple Sayid is the one that has some fighting experience. Well if Sayid really has the sickness i dont think my theory will be right…

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