Episode 30: Bad Locke = Blocke

In this episode, Anna and Denise further discuss LA X parts 1 and 2, also responding to listener feedback. Due to technical difficulties, the podcast may have more static or background noise than normal, so we apologize in advance.This somehow caused us to focus and concentrate so much that we did not end up with any bloopers, which makes us very sad, but hopefully next week we’ll be silly and make mistakes. No Swedish fish this time….

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5 responses to “Episode 30: Bad Locke = Blocke

  1. Hi Anna and Denise! I like the thought that Anna brought up about Smokey/MIB going home. I can’t remember at the moment if we did discuss it on our Initial Reaction, but I think it is quite plausible that Smokey/MIB’s home is somewhere not reachable by the means of the physical world – be it an alternate time or some ‘alternate place’ that is the ‘origin’ of the island.

    Really like the temple pool theory as well! Neat! I wondered on first and second watch if Sayid is ‘the candidate’ – perhaps to host Jacob – but I’m not as certain now. BTW- The Aslan reference is great. Plus there was the obvious Christ reference (Sayid with his arms extended like on a cross like Christ and of course that Christ rose from the dead).


  2. One other comment – I’m still of the belief that A) it was actually Smokey not Jacob that gave Richard his agelessness (Which is why Richard show no adverse effects of Jacob’s death)
    and B) Richard and MIB have some kind of deal as a result of that – or that MIB misrepresented himself to Richard as Jacob (maybe by name only – not duplicating Jacob’s form) – and that the lists have been from MIB all along.

    Your discussion of what MIB might have to say to Richard brought that up to me.

    Writing these as I’m listening so I just heard you covered the Christ reference too! So sorry for redundancies 🙂

  3. Philip G

    Am confused!!! Are there 2 smoke monsters??

    We saw Blocke say to Ben ‘I’m sorry you had to see me like that’ – leading you to believe that they are the same entity.

    The residents of the temple are part of team Jacob.

    Yet in previous episodes and series of Lost we have seem the smoke monster coming out of, and dragging people into the temple.

    Is there something obvious I am missing? or is there potentially 2 smokies??

    What do you think??

  4. philipg

    Could the loophole be that MIB or Jacob could only be killed by one of their own people, i.e one of their own followers?? hence why MIB didn’t die when shot by one of Jacobs men?? However Ben was lead by Jacob and as such was the loophole??

    Could the same rules apply to Widmore and Ben??? as par their discussions in season 4?

  5. milagrophile

    Hi Anna & Denise,

    LOved your podcast for the excellent, jaw dropping season 6 premiere.

    1/ Looking at the majority of the evidence it seems that Bad Locke is not a 100% equal to the smoke monster. I’ve been trying out several theories to prove that he is, but none of them is 100% waterproof. There are just too many inconsistencies and I am beginning to fear that the writers just messed this up and that they will continue on the “Bad Locke=smokey” path. Of course maybe I’m stupid and they will show how they have fooled us all this time.

    2/I’ve heard various views on the whole” alternative reality” play. (three parallel timelines, layered realities, flash forwards, …) Some of which are extremely complicated. I do believe that the writers will keep it simple and that at on time these two realities will merge. Sometimes all the theorizing can stray us from what the writers are showing us, i.e. Jack seemingly having a déja-vu or recollection of “something”, hinting on a connection between these “realities”. One thing’s for sure, the alternative timeline will serve a purpose. And I’m anxious to see how they are going to handle this.

    I think we’re in for a great season of Lost and the Jacob’s Cabin podcast.


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