Hiatuscast the Fifth

There’s only a little more than two months til Lost returns! Anna and Denise discuss some mysteries that are still puzzling us and ponder a few theories.

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Songs that Anna sang for the Donald is Lost musical:

Looking Glass Killed the Rock N Roll Star

Dharma Lady (Do Re Mi)

Lost Rhapsody



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3 responses to “Hiatuscast the Fifth

  1. Why do The Others learn Latin? Many languages, called Romantic Languages, are rooted in Latin. One can figure out Italian, French, Spanish, and a little over half of English if you have Latin down. The Others are keen to know that knowledge is power. Since we’ve learned that “The Others” are actually a rag tag group of survivors that predate World War Two but weren’t really civilized until after they took over Dharma and Ben became their leader, I’d hazard to theorize that learning Latin was something Ben insisted, because he was brought up among Dharma and you are a product of your culture whether you like it or not.

    Furthermore, we have to accept the more accurate probability that Juliet was kidding. She’s a doctor. She would have taken several years of medical studies, and Latin is pretty much a requirement for researchers. Jack probably knows a little Latin too but may or may not know how to speak it. This never came up because Juliet couldn’t use Latin with Jack as a form of code. Ben knows Latin, so it would have been useless for Juliet and Jack.

    Will Jacob stay dead? No. He’s not limited to temporal linearity. He might not be able to look like Mark Pellegrino in his future. I cite the first season episode “The Moth” as a metaphorical precedent. What we see as Christian Shepherd on the Island may be Jacob reincarnated. Think fourth dimensionally, and it works.

    Is everything going to reboot? No. The writers would not make the past five years of their work irrelevant, as that would cheat their audience. Everything that happened has happened and will happen again. It’s the stuff we haven’t seen yet that the writers will use to work around and explain what we have seen. Flashbacks, flashforwards, etc., all leave gaps of space before and after them in which other events could have taken place. We will never fill in all those gaps. The writers have more wiggle room than one might think, and this is by design.

    Multiple universes? I believe in the possibility, but for purposes of Lost, time is more like a river than a record. Faraday’s theory is not accurate. His mom Hawking is closer to correct. Time can be affected by someone not limited by temporal linearity like Jacob or to a lesser extent Desmond, but it has a way of course correcting. Rivers may flood an area after a rain and create a new tributary, but the water will always eventually make its way out to the sea. Why do I say Faraday is wrong? Because he acted on his theory and died. His mom outlived him, has acted on her interpretation of his findings, and she’s still alive.

    I go into a little more detail about time as it applies to Lost at my blog. http://zachzmind.blogspot.com/2009/07/course-correcting-lost.html might answer more of your questions there, or pose more questions, which is part of the fun of all this.

    Does the Donkey Wheel create a duplicate? I’m not a fan of any theory that would require the writers to induce new stuff this late in the game. As we approach season six, we need to focus more on what is already here. The producers simply don’t have time to introduce this late into the game an additional ability for the Donkey Wheel. What’s more probable is that “UnLocke” aka “Jacob’s Nemesis” has powers that involve death. He can pose as anyone already dead. Jacob however doesn’t have that power. His ability involves temporal distortion. This is why UnLocke had to go a round about way to (try and) kill his enemy, whereas Jacob just popped around time to fix his problems, and had time left to weave a tapestry waiting for his opponent to catch up with him.

    Electromagnetism wouldn’t affect ultrasound. Sound waves are not distorted by magnetic forces, unless the medium used to transport the sound is itself magnetic. Even then, any distortion would be negligible.

    Does the Island move? Yes and no. To understand this one must think of the Earth utilizing Einstein’s theory of relativity. Everything is moving. The Earth is spinning around the sun, and revolving around it, and the Sun is revolving around the center of The Milky Way, which is itself also moving. If you’ve seen the recent Star Trek movie, there’s a point where Scotty looks at a formula Spock said he figures out in the future, and Scotty’s response when viewing it is that he hadn’t previously contemplated that SPACE ITSELF is moving. Current research regarding Dark Matter in space indicates this is entirely plausible.

    The Island has been dislodged from temporal linearity, and given its own temporal linearity, that causes it to appear to move about on the surface of the Earth, but it is only its relative position to the Earth that is moving and not the Island itself. This is why Hawking needed all those computers and that big map on the floor in the Lamppost station to figure out where The Island would be next. Using past coordinates she was plotting a course on its past trajectory to figure out where it would next appear on the surface of the Earth, given where it’s been and where it’s going. I can’t explain further than that in this area, because it would require Calculus and I flunked out of College Algebra.

    Regarding the Freighter’s population, the people that Abaddon collected didn’t know each other. The rest of the crew may or may not have been hired by Abaddon. Beyond that is speculation. I could go on observation that the people not on Abaddon’s list behaved very differently. Keamy had orders that he claimed came directly from Widmore himself. Gault behaved as if Widmore were his boss and not Abaddon. Abaddon worked directly for Widmore as well, but may have also had his own agenda. My guess is that Widmore already had the freighter for his routine business duties. Gault, Keamy and the rest of the crew were probably hired years ago, perhaps by someone else before Abaddon joined the team and perhaps Abaddon hired them. At any rate they were ‘grandfathered’ into this particular mission because Widmore trusted the crew to get the job done. However, Widmore needed Lapitus, Miles, Charlotte, Faraday, and Naomi on the boat too for his own agenda, and asked Abaddon to take care of that for him.

    The fact Ben had Charlotte’s file memorized (or at least was really good at faking that) hints to me that he may have had access to Abaddon’s filing system. This might be where Patchy was getting all his info. Problem is, that’s way speculative. The writers would have to fill in some major gaps in my favor for my theory to be correct.

    My but I’m a vociferous son of a gun.

  2. Oh. And the Numbers were being broadcast from that radio tower. The Dharma Initiative erected it in the 1970s, and it was picked up by Sam Toomey and Lenny Sims in 1988.

    That same year, Danielle’s team picked up the transmission from their boat which is why they were heading towards the Island when they hit the storm. Later Danielle turned the transmission of the Numbers into a distress call. Whether or not Lenny or Sam heard Rousseau recording over the original transmission is not known, but might be part of what caused Lenny to go mad. Sam killed himself after using the Numbers in a game of chance and “cursing” himself, as Hurley believes he has done.

    Lenny never mentioned Rousseau, but if I were writing this, I’d say Lenny heard Danielle but Sam didn’t. I’d also have Hurley figure out that Lenny’s madness is partly because he never knew the fate of Danielle. He’d go back to Lenny and comfort him a bit w/the knowledge that Danielle survived the Numbers and had a kid, leaving out in his story to Lenny all the negative aspects of Danielle’s fate. Make it sound like she lived happily ever after, and Lenny wouldn’t worry about her anymore.

    But then, if I were writing LOST, it would ALL be about Hurley. Cuz he rules. It’s probably best I’m not writing it.

  3. Thanks for the excellent thoughts and comments Zach! I’ll have to read through your site over Christmas break because I really like your ideas!

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