Hiatuscast 4

Well, we forgot to mention the line from “Mysteries of the Universe” about a fleet of submarines, but join us as we discuss the three videos we’ve seen so far, Lord of the Flies, and a diverse offering of feedback emails! Just a few more months left in this hiatus…!

Download the mp3
Runtime 1:05

Here’s a screenshot of the list of questions we tried to answer from one of the Mysteries of the Universe videos. What would your answers be? Do you think the Dharma Initiative would hire you?



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2 responses to “Hiatuscast 4

  1. 1. Large, Father, Zed
    2. Zonkey
    3. Where’d She Go?
    4. Mrs. Lil Momma Dez
    5. My Yellow Haz-Mat Suit
    6. Rainy Days and Mondays
    7. Quite honestly, they had it coming

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