Anna visits Losties with Jed and Cara!

Recently I had the opportunity to record a vidcast with Jed and Cara, the Lost Podcasting Network’s one and only regular vidcast! To watch the vidcast, check out their blog or subscribe to Losties with Jed and Cara in itunes! A big thanks to Jed and Cara for inviting me onto their show–it was tons of fun!




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5 responses to “Anna visits Losties with Jed and Cara!

  1. Kevin s.

    Hi anna. I am the kevin who sent the email jed read in Losties vid. Like you, I found lost late. It was when everyone was losing interest because of the schedule, that mine was born. I write now to suggest a topic of discussion: course correction. This is the most fascinating part of lost for me. What has happened that was cc’d? Were all the chance meetings (Charlie saving nadia etc) coincidental? And what purpose do they serve? Is it only to show it is a small world? Tks for bringing IN closer to ME

  2. Great show for you and Jed and Cara! Nice choicesfor top 5 moments of season 3! Keep up the great work!

  3. annainindiana

    Kevin, that is a really great topic! We will definitely keep it in mind. Especially looking back from season 5…what was fate, what was coincidence, what was course corrected but had the potential to be different? Hmmm…

  4. Sia

    Donald’s was funnier.

  5. Your writing keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!

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