Jacob’s Keys to Alex’s Lost Hiatus Cabin podcast

Hopefully you can tell from the title of this post…this episode was a joint effort between myself (Anna), Matt from Keys to Lost, and Alex from Alex’s Hiatus Cast! We spent almost two hours discussing the questions that we would most like to see answered in season 6 and making (spoiler free) predictions for the upcoming season.

Download the mp3 (part 1)

Download the mp3 (part 2)



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2 responses to “Jacob’s Keys to Alex’s Lost Hiatus Cabin podcast

  1. Rachel-used-2-b-n-indiana

    Hi Anna,

    I was listening to your podcast with Alex and Matt today on my way home to Wisconsin from (my previous home town in) Indiana. One of your questions you wanted answered (and it’s a great question) was “what Ben knows” or “what Ben doesn’t know”. I think you used an example that Ben went to the temple to be judged, but that Locke had to show him the way to enter. I think that (not)Locke showed Ben the entrance that (not)Locke WANTED Ben to use. So that (not)Lock could then have Ben experience what he wanted Ben to experience. I still don’t know the complete answer to what Ben does or does not know, but I think that (not)Locke is calling the shots. I was confused about that whole idea of “being judged” and I think that every thing that happened in that scene was engineered by (not)Lock.
    Thanks for the great podcast! I don’t know how I’d get through this hiatus without the LOST podcasts. What will we do when it’s all over! 😦

  2. annainindiana

    Hi Rachel! Sorry to hear you’ve left Indiana…this has been the nicest summer ever! 🙂 Good thoughts on what Ben may have known. He knew about the temple from giving Alex the map and telling her to go there…but maybe he had never been there himself? Maybe he thought it was protected or guarded in some way, but had never had a reason to go there himself? It does seem that everything turned *very conveniently* for not-Locke, giving Ben instructions to follow himself and all!

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