Hiatuscast 3

In our third podcast of the hiatus, Denise and I react to what we’ve heard from Comic Con, respond to listener feedback, and run through some clips from a Michael Emerson interview.

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Feel free to send in your comments and theories anytime! We will be looking forward to our next hiatuscast.
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4 responses to “Hiatuscast 3

  1. Listened to you latest podcast – nice job!

    Ajira? I’m unware that there was an Ajira thing. I only heard the Oceanic Air 30 year safety and wasn’t under the impression that Oceanic and Ajira were one in the same. Could you enlighten me?

    As far as the Comic Con commercials in relation to Kate and Hugo – I think Hugo and Kate were both born post 1977 – so their lives could have been completely changed if the energy was neutralized before their birth. (this is of course only if the reset truly worked – Adam and Eddie did say that everything was written for comic con to raise questions)


  2. annainindiana

    Oh, crud! You are absolutely right, Matt–we mixed up Oceanic and Ajira somehow! Oh no! 😦 Sorry about that…sometimes it all gets jumbled in our brains! Hmm, now I don’t know what to think about that commercial…

  3. ‘Tis minor Anna! I was actually worried that I had missed something REALLY important! Thanks! 🙂

  4. I’m really starting to like this theory that the Losties did reset things. This would allow Jacob to be alive, and thus defeat not-Jacob in his intent to kill him. Perhaps this is the cause of the war which is coming, as this surely would infuriate not-Jacob.

    Jacob defeated the attempt of not-Jacob to kill him by bringing all of the Losties to the island. Having all of the centuries of previous examples before him, he could rightly anticipate what they would do during their time on the island, which may be hinted at in the words of not-Jacob, “It always ends the same; they come…” Anticipating that not-Jacob found his loophole, Jacob had one of his own up his sleeve. This could explain why he said to Ben, “What about you.” He didn’t really care if he died, because he was sure the Losties would reset time.

    Seeing as all of the things from the previous times (the fifties, seventies, etc.) already happened, the Others would have knowledge of the Losties, even though having reset time, the Losties would have no knowledge of the them or the island. As the Losties have to be present for the war, the Others, and possibly Ilana’s people, would have to fetch them from back in the real world.

    All of this would certainly take up a season.

    Just a thought.

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